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  1. Hi guys was just wondering does orbx Southern California cover Yuma Arizona area thank you
  2. Even when I switch to a default aircraft it does the same thing.
  3. Well I hope we find a solution the funny thing is this a fresh FSX install and I am still having this issue
  4. Hi guys I am trying to figure out why is it when I click to change to a different aircraft it freezes the picture of the last aircraft on the left hand upper side. I recetly uninstalled fsx and reinstalled it because I was having the same issues before I uninstalled FSX. Now its doing the same thing again and this is a fresh install of FSX. Can anyone let me know what might be causing this. Thank you I posted a picture of the problem.
  5. You would think with how beautiful Utah is especially st George orbx would have already done that scenery but they haven't done much in Idaho either as far as airports so I guess maybe we won't see that in our life time lol
  6. Very nice for sure but will have to pass on this one as well. But it looks very nice.
  7. Mike you also have to be careful with other third party airports sometimes the scenery does not mesh well with orbx FTX global. if those issues arise just ask orbx for support they will help you at most you might have to change some BGL files to make it work or to blend in. Hope this helps. Hopefully other developers well catch on to orbx beautiful FTX global and make it compatible so that we do not have to keep changing files lol.
  8. thanks that answers my question and what direction I will be going in thanks again.
  9. Alright so I am putting a picture of st george utah in here just to make a quick point with the new LCNC being put out there is st george going to look like this with the open LCNC scenery just asking. because they are red mountains. just curious.
  10. Can someone tell me what the LC Of NC is all about is it an upgrade to the USA from FTX global.
  11. I wish you guys would put some more airports in the state of Idaho like boise gowen field we have one airport for the region and that region has been out for about 4 or 5 years now.
  12. HI Guys had my hardrive go out on me so I am having to install orbx again. I am actually going to purchase Prepar3 do I need to install that first before I install all my orbx products again. Thank you
  13. ok Thanks for the feedback great info as far as inflation I totally understand thanks.
  14. yep better enjoy the sale because prices are going up on all orbx prices according to john. just curious does anybody know why their raising prices on the items. Is it because their not building airports that customers really want and they are know losing money and intrest from orbx fans.
  15. HI Guys I am thinking about going to PD3 where do I start with this is there a cost involved if yes could someone lead to the right place thanks.
  16. Well I wasn't complaining about it iwas actually quite happy that they were doing larger airports. But you are right things can always change.
  17. Hi All hope everyone is doing well. Have a quick question went to the orbx website this morning and to my surprise I saw the stokholm Arlanda airport. I thought a while back John the Ceo of orbx said they will not be doing big airports. Is this the new norm are we going to see larger airports. Thanks.
  18. Stewart I found it but it'd not the airport it only land class. Thank you for the info
  19. Thanks Stewart had no idea about these airports will check those out.
  20. Alex Bonner Ferry is very Nice. I think I will purchase that tonight I must have totally missed that one lol. Thanks although I would like to see some more for Idaho that would be great.
  21. I just wanted to write an article in here to the Orbx Family. I have bought a lot of scenery from orbx in the recent years and I mean a lot just purchsed meigs field very nicely done since I am from there but now live in the state of Idaho. I have been very concerned about the roadmap that Orbx has taken. This is not to start a battle so please be nice and do not try to pick a fight I am only trying to figure out if I will stay with Orbx or just go away and go back to Ground Enviroment. I am trying to find answers thats all I am trying to do. I purchased orbx products so that they can continu
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