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  1. Doug you were right on the money. I do hope they find a patch for this soon. Thank you again it was a pleasure. Regards Edwin R
  2. Hello Everyone, I recently installed FTX global, FTX Global Vector, And Open LC Nort America and also North Central Rockies. As I take off out of Abbottfords Airport in Canada. I notice that their are some square snow patches that look really strange on the ground. I have no clue why this snow patches are showing. I need some help in trying to figure out why this is happening. I have attached a picture showing the issues. Thanks you kindly. Regards Edwin R 2018-2-15_20-32-42-459.BMP
  3. Hi guys was looking through your products on orbx website is palm springs no longer available
  4. Thanks for trying to help Jack. The Raw input did not work you mention something else what was that something else.
  5. Hi everyone I recently went to PD V4 the problem is the aircraft in PD V4 won’t work with my joystick which Is a Logitech Attack 3 I should say everything on the joystick works but it’s the roller ball on the joystick when I push it up no acceleration for the aircraft. I have put a picture of the joystick on here. Does anyone know how to fix this in PDV4 thanks
  6. I think it's going to take years and years before anyone leaves FSX but then again remember their will be other developers who will continue to develope for FSX hell they are sill some developers that are still doing FS 9 FSX is a good plate form I just believe people do not have a lot of money to upgrade thier systems. I can honestly say I have never once experienced OOM and any sort of issues with FSX.
  7. Thank you Sir Lincoln I totally forgot all about the Vector elevation system. I got it to work thank you kindly, and awesome support. Have yourself a great evening.
  8. Hi guys need some help I have FTX global and ftx vector and opel L North american and so cal as well picture is attched 2017-5-30_18-51-58-983.BMP
  9. Well I just purchased the TITAN I am excited thank you guys for the help now am broke LOL GTXTITANZ-12GD5 ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN Z 12GB GDDR5 768-Bit PCI Express 3.0 DVI/HDMI/ DisplayPort/ HDCP Support Video Graphics Card
  10. Good morning everyone. I wanted to ask JV included is to what graphics card should I update to. I am running an invidia ge force 700 series but what to go higher like maybe a 900 or switch over to a redeon any suggestions anyone. Thanks
  11. all the updates are done still having the same issues my set up is FSX I only have the PNW scenry installed no other scenry or third party aircarft.
  12. Hi guys not sure wwhat went wrong here I installed CAX6 freeware airport and now I have floating cars could someone help[ thank you picture is attacvhed. 2017-5-13_14-13-15-250.BMP
  13. Just buy them you don't need permission from your wife your the Alpha Male LOL
  14. HI Nick where do I go to uninstall FTX Central V3 I am kinda lost here LOL
  15. Thank you Mr Cooper I will go that direction. You also mentioned re-installing FTX Central V3 after I download my disc is this recommended or can we do this at our discretion
  16. Good morning to all, okay so I just need some help here. I am sure I am probably in the wrong place, but will ask anyway. I have disc series from Orbx. Now withthe new FTX Central system how do I download or install the disc that I have without it causing an issue with FTX Central. The disc I have are as follows. The Central Rockies, The Northern Rockies etc. So basically how do I get the disc to work without screwing something up. Thank you so much and if I have gone to the wrong area please advise me and lead me to the right location. Thank you kindly.
  17. Good morning. I do not know if I am in the right place I recently install FTX Global through Central it shows that it's install went to the FSX scenery addon page and I am not seeing FTX global in scenery library within FSX is that normal.
  18. hi guys forgot to ask where in fsx do you turn this off as I am not using P3D
  19. Hi guys thanks for the help I am not running PD V3 only fsx
  20. hi guys went to go flying today and saw this crazy spiral color ion my flight sim is this a graphic card issues picture is attached
  21. let me know when you guys hit the united states again so that i can purchase.
  22. I am up for the Bahamas as long as they have flamingos walking around lol
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