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  1. Thank you to all who helped me with this I figure it out finally thanks for such wonderful support....
  2. Hi Guys. I am going to take a leep and hopefully I wont get in trouble. I have FTX global ands vector installed I recently bought FSDG ST Lucia airport scenry I installed it but when I am on the taxi way its seems that I am running over gravel like if I am in the grassy area can someone tell me what the problem might beand how to fix this issue pictures of the problem are below and thanks Edwin
  3. Hi guys, I know this isn’t a SODE forum to get help, but I have tried to log on to Sode Forum and thier website gets going down when I try to log in. So it’s a simple question on windows 10 they have 2 program files one directory says program files x86 and then their is just a program files directory. Now when I installed preparv4 in went directly into program files not into the program files x86. Now when I go to install Sode it’s directory automatically goes in program file x86 Is that where it’s suppose to go or does it go into program files where I have preparev4 at thanks do I need
  4. John thanks for the reply read the manual Unchecked Orlando and KORL still having the same issue in preparV4 I forgot to mention I also have REX soft clouds installed as well I dont know if that has anything to do with it but still having the same issues.
  5. Hi guys Just purchased Orlando yesterday and already thier is some issues with the Orlando executive terrain issues. I have FTX global and Vector installed also I have GSX from fsdreamteam. I have attached some pictures to see what isgoing on need some assitance thanks Edwin
  6. HI Guys I have FSX and PreparV4 installed. I do not have FSX steam installed at all but I didnt know where to get the answer to my question at. I was flying in FSX and my flight half way through crashed it went directly back to the FSX splash screen at start up. all Of the sudden I get this meassge that pops up and says Another SODE process is still running in the background please kill the process in task mamager and restart the sim. I went to the task manager but what am I actually looking for can someone please explain this to me. Thanks
  7. Looks Great!!!! wish you guys would do the whole state of Florida including doing the Bahamas and Miami now that would be awesome.....Orlando is looking really good.....
  8. Hello, I recently installed FSdreamteams Las Vegas into preparV4. I am having terrain issues as well as sighs hovering in the sky. I have FTX global and FTX vector including Southern california installed. I have tried the airport elevation correction tool within FTX vector it did not fix the issue then I tried to use the Disable tool for KLas and it keeps askin me for a ICAO code I already put KLAS in there to try and disable it but it keeps asking me for an ICAO code which I have already put KLAS in that section to try and disable it it doest work as it keeps asking me for an ICAO c
  9. Just had a thought maybe someone can answer for me. For some time I have been rather perplexed as to why third party addons suffer with elevation issues about 80% of the time with Orbx . Maybe I just dont understand how a lot of Orbx scenery works. I have Orbx FTX global plus, Vector plus, LC North america. With all those combine the scenery is AMAZING!!!!! But her is the pros and the cons of course all Orbx airports work wonderfully but even when you buy a third party addon airport I think must of us have issues mostly with elevation problems. Even though Orbx has this wonderful tool with in
  10. Hello I don’t know what is going on. I recently reformatted my hard drive for windows 10. I have high speed internet so I know my install speeds are not the problem. I recently reinstalled FSX I went to reinstall FTX global and about a quarter or the way through it stops downloading it just sits there while the timer is telling me in 2 hours and 35 minutes this will finish installing. Well the problem is that time has expired and still it still sitting in the same place with no movement. Very frustrating need to receive some assistance on what is going on. Do I need to install the libraries f
  11. Hello Everyone, I am trying to reinstall my Orbx products into FSX. FTX global installed great, Orbx libraries installed finally, FTX Global starts to install and then it stays in the same place and will not finish installing not sure why it’s doing this. Thanks for your help. Edwin
  12. Hi guys I don't know if I am at the right area. My question is I bought 2 sceneries from tubulent before they came over to orbx the question is how do I transfer my sceneries over from tubulent to orbx central. Thank you so much
  13. I wanted to switch to Xplane11 but I downloaded the demo and played around with it not my cup of tee flight plans are very cumbersome and also the platform is nothing like FSX or prepar I like things easy hopefully lerimar research will do a new Xplane11 and set it up like FSX or prepa4 it does have great graphics but just a little complicated to get running a lot of moving parts.. .
  14. Ok could someone please lead me in the right direction then thank you very much
  15. Hi Guys, I need to uninstall Prepar3V4. My question is how do I uninstall everything including third party addons from Prepar such as Orbx products and other third party addons. If someone can lead me to a tutorial or a list that would be awesome. I need to reinstall Prepar but want to make sure I do it correctly. Thank you much. Edwin
  16. Hi guys just a quick question. I use preparV4 is it okay to use a wireless mouse and keyboard. Thank you for a response.
  17. never mind I fixed the issue uninstalled vector and that fixed the problem I guess for now I will be retiring vector to many issues with vector wit third party addons LOL
  18. Hi All, I just need to get some feedback on what is going on. So I have FTX global, FTX Vector, and NA Southern Alaska Installed. I bought 2 Airport from aerosoft. The airport designer is of course a comapny called Sim-wings they did the Achorage Airport and Fairbanks. It look like the Anchoraged airport installed perfectly but Fairbanks did not. Sim Wings claims it is compatible with FTX Vector. So the problem is I have houses in the water and trees. Below is a picture can anyone help me figure out what is wrong or how this can be fixed. I have tried everything. Picture is at
  19. I just wanted to thank everyone for an answer here. 37 looks but not one reply it was easily a rather quick question to my comment. Yes Edwin thier is a traffic AI add on or No not one available at this time for Preparv4. Again thank you. Regards Edwin R
  20. HI Guys, I have been looking for a good AI Traffic ad-don for Prepar-V4. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find such a package. Someone told me that Orbx had a package but realize its only for Europe or Australia so that was a bummer because I only fly USA. If anyone knows of a package let me know freeware or payware either one will do. Thank you kindly. Regards Edwin R
  21. Thanks for the move. I hope you guys will eventually do the stare of Utah with St George Airport. Beautiful red Rock mountains.
  22. Hi Guys I just bought this scenery from tropical sim. I am stump I went into fsx and tried to find this airport I tried provo center fist than I tried Providenciales International AirportProvidenciales, Turks & Caicos and nothing listed under this segmant in fsx can someone tell me where this airport is located because i cannot find it anywhere in FSX thanksProvidenciales International Airport
  23. Hello, I just installed meigs Field and as I was taking off I notice that thier are some buildings or scenery missing in some sections of the scenery. Below I have attached some pics in two areas where there are not any buildings. I am running this in PreparV4 and my setting are to the max so I am not for sure what is going on here. any help would be greatly appreciated. Pics are attached. Edwin R
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