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  1. Nick it looks like the same issue that you have as well. I really don’t understand why Orbx or tubulent designers would release this with that kind of problem. But unfortunately I will have to live with it because it looks like this is not going to be fixed anytime in the future. I know that things from time to time are not going to be perfect because technology never is and I totally understand that but for this to look this way takes the cake. I can’t even use GSX In this scenery because GSX vehicle sink into the ground at start up. I hope this can be reported to Tubulent because it needs so
  2. I fixed the issue I did not install my Orbx libraries now it’s not crashing anymore or least I hope that what it was.
  3. Hi everyone can anyone help me out after a few minutes of flying preparv3 it freezes a then it crashes is there a fix for this
  4. Does anyone know how to turn of the dynamic 3D Autogen Vegatation within PreparV3 or does it even have one some of the trees are looking like plastic trees Thanks...
  5. Hey guys can i install preparv3 on the same hard drive as preparv4 is installed on or will that cause issues thanks you
  6. yes its set to 5m but here is another problem everytime i go all the way down to ground level i sink in to the scenery i don't understand these problems as i am only running global and Cental rockies pictures are below one is normal picture the other one is when i go all the way to ground level i go below the scenery..
  7. hi doug yes its enabaled below is the order they are in because i have other add ons and i dont know if this makes a difference flytampa -libraries flytampa las vegas orbx objectflow 2 flightbEAM kDEN ORBX ksun SUN VALLey
  8. Doug as i am a little tech savy what do you mean by activated in your P3Dv4 Scenario screen add-ons window and how do i find that
  9. ok am i going to get a response to this its been 2 days and yet other people who have posted a help question within 7 hours ago got help is my comment being lost or not seen somehow
  10. Hi Guys i am having issues with KSUN Friedman. I only have Global and NA central Rockies installed I am not using vector. I noticed around the outside of the airport terrain issues could some please help me fix this issue or lead me in the right direction Thanks pictures are attached.
  11. You can find tutorials on YouTube
  12. I did the first one directly into FSX now thier are 2 other folder in their as well their is a their is one called a system32 and one called sysWOW64 do i need to take the UIAutomationCore.dll and put those in System32 and SYSWOW64 as well I am really confused because i tried to put it in SYStem32 and it wouldnt let me do that need some help//
  13. Hi, all I recently had to reinstall FSX on Windows 10. When I was flying all of the sudden FSX crashed and has done that a few times. I heard thier is a fix for this but can’t find this information this is what most people are saying this can fix it but it but it has to be the correct one can someone lead me in the correct location to fix the crash issue thank you kindly....-uiautomationcore-dll
  14. Just thought I would share a couple of beautiful shots of landing into palm springs I thought they were great Thank you orbx for such fine scenery especially now that I have bought a nice graphics Cardcard..Enjoy
  15. Ok so now I have a right to voice my concern is to why I did not get support on my issue by the way I am using preparv4. I sent this comment on February the 16th 2019 here we are in April and still no response on my issue. This is kind of frustrating!! I notice that when using my button on my joystick to get to ground level the scenery keeps sinking as you can see in the picture. I am only using Global and Central Rockies and nothing else. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything brand new and still the same issues. I am quite frustrated and ready to move on from this. After a month of no
  16. Hi guy does anyone know where I can get a list of the default airport upgrades that Orbx did is Mesquite Nevada Municipal airport part of the upgrades thanks...
  17. Hi Guys fsdreamteam vehicles are sunk into the ground at KSUN hailey airport. I took to pictures one picture is when I go down to ground level with my joystick I sink all the way down where the GSX products are at next I pictures are below its just GSX being swallowed up by the airport. I have tried other airports and everything is fine its just this airport that is causing this problem.any help thanks I also noticing the my aircarft on the runway and taxi ways at certain points my aircraft wheels looks like its hitting potholes but only in certain spots thanks.
  18. Hi guys it looks like the san diesgo default buildings are showing I have souther california installed dont know why I am getting sandiego default terminal....as I have KSAN installed but I am getting default building instead. thanks
  19. Hi Nick am I in the right area to try to get help with the request from above if not could you lead me in the right direction thank you...
  20. Hi Everyone, I have experience some issues with a small airport in the Bahamas. The airport is called Bimini South. Now I notice at the end of the runway their are some issues. The first picture I took was PreParv4.4 default scenery. Then I installed Global and then I installed Vector with global nothing changed but then when I installed Vector everything at the end of the runway changed. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue, Pictures are below thanks
  21. You guys are just to much fun I can’t handle all this fun anymore that remind me I better find my Orbx credit card I bet my wife hid it.
  22. Hi guys I am not for sure but is FSX not compatible with windows 10 anymore I keep getting this code error code 1722 and wont finish installing off the second disc. I have tried everything to get this to install but I keep getting that 1722 code. I did go on youtbe to find answers but everything seems to be in either spanish or arabic etc etc and microsoft and follow the steps but I got no where does anyone have the answers to instal fsx is this is not for FSx steam its the regular fsx Thanks
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