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  1. Yeah I will wait for Greg jones to fix this issues/ I dont have the time and patience to try and figure this out. I am not a tech person and not very tech savvy so i hope Nick gets a rsponse fron Mr Jones in how to fix this issue. I will only do this if i have a step to step tutorial telling me how to fix this issue....Thanks for the help...
  2. I dont have LittleNavmap never heard of it but willing to work with you to get this fixed
  3. Yeah I notice there are 2 aiports in montana with the same airport name but different ICAO....
  4. Thank you nick. I also uninstalled it and reinstalled it still the same issue just a heads up
  5. Nick ae you going to contact him or do you want me to and if so how do i contact him on this issues thanks. This is really weird I have never seen this happened at this airport ....
  6. hi need some help glacier park airport textures look bad pictures are attached of the problem...
  7. Hi guys was trying to rest my password on Orbx central and I am not getting a link to my email to reset my password its been 5 minutes and still no link...
  8. Boulder City is an awesome piece of Gem purchase it you wont be sorry you did..
  9. I notice something really weird that’s been happening. I don’t know if this is an Orbx issue or a preparv4 issue. I notice when I get closer to the autogen when I am landing at the airports I notice the autogen coming up slowly from the ground ..instead of it just being there it’s looks like the housed and building are underground until you get to that section and all of the sudden the autogen slowly comes up to ground level .this is very perplexing to me.... Edwin
  10. Hi Guys I was trying to install a product within Orbx Central looks like the server just went down...And I can't install anything....
  11. no i want to do a full uninstall how do i do that
  12. Hi guys I need to unistall vector how is the right way to do that without any issues thanks...i am using preparv4
  13. I am assuming Keywest is not coming to preparv4 just asking ....
  14. I highly doubt it just my opinion it seems they are pushing more towards XPlane 11...I think they are waiting on FS2020 to see what direction they should go ....again just my opinion..
  15. I had to reformat my hardrive reinstalled Orbx Global and Vector...I notice when i am flying looking down I am seeing brown tecture in different areas what is causing this issue.thanks an pics are below
  16. I have a quick question. I had to upgrade my computer and I am having to re-install all of my orbx products ...I am using Global and Vector do i need to install object flow as well. thanks...and Also if i am installing and do i need to install libaries first before i install Global and vector... I have heard some people having black squares in thier ground scenery because of this not being installed correctly.. Thanks this Central upgrade can be a little confusing when you go to install Global and it says do you want to install liberies first and you say yes and it brings up a box that says ei
  17. Hello, I have a quick question so the new FTX Central is a little confusing . I went to reinstall FTX Global and something pop up saying that I need to install the libary first before I can install Global. When i hit I want to install library another box pops up asking me where would you like for me to install this product? Simulator Prepar3Dv4 or to Library Main Library. Which one do I chose thank you for any tips.. Edwin
  18. still having issues with any aircraft vering to the lefti have tried everything.
  19. Mattdee I have had the same issues even GSX does not work correctly I have talked to nick about it and I have done everything I finally gave up and uninstalled it. looking forward to FS2020 maybe it will be fixed and work better we shall see....
  20. Hello Everyone, I have a quick question. I notice in PreparV4.5 that when I go to take off down the run way my Aircraft seems to want to go left off the runway. I notice it does this with all of my Aircrafts even the ones that come free with PreparV4.5. And as I climb when I become stable at 30,000 ft. I notice my plane is getting blown around in the air like I am in some sort of constant turbulence...The question I have is thier a way within Preparv4.5 that this can be unticked or unchecked with Prepar...If you have the answer to this I would be more then greatful to have that inform
  21. Thanks guys I get excited when they release something new then I realize it’s for X-Plane 11 thanks for the tips....I will just stick with preparV4 for right now.......
  22. Hello all, I was just wondering I am seeing a lot of X-plane stuff being put out by Orbx.. I am not complaining but just confused. I stopped using FSX because preparV4 was the latest and greatest and the 64 bit was the talk of the town. I watched an interview with JV and some of his staff on FSelite interview at one of the recent flightsim ex-po.. I have been seeing a lot of X-plane stuff being released I do no t use X-plane and actually have never used it but here lately a lot of X-plane stuff is popping on Orbx website .. I also think I heard JV say that the X-plane market
  23. i guess i misunderstood your comment thanks for clearing that up greatly appreciated.
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