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  1. Hi Orbx is there anything in the works for Utah. I was reading an article about Wendover Aiport it was the place were the training took place for the bombming training during world war II I fly there a lot but with orbx scenry it just isn't the same there a lot of casinos there as well it would be a great scenry if it is ever produce. THanks for all you do....
  2. HI guys silly question Inside the cover of the Northern rockies cd case there is a picture of a resort or hotel building off the water can someone tell me where that is located would like to see that building and what airport is it next too thanks.
  3. Hi guys Just wanted to ask are you guys planning on doing more in the United States I know Europe deserve scenry as well but this is just a question thanks guys and keep up the great work .
  4. Here is the question? Cardiff is simply amazing scenry and hope everyone in wales will be happy with this scenry EGFF Cardiff International Airport . Now the big question is a while back I had ask the question why is Boise,Idaho Aiport not being done someone responded with we decided not to do big Airport. I can live with that due to issues with bigger airport. Now looking at Cardiff that airport is just as big as Boise Airport so why is that Airport being done and not Boise just a thought. Great Job with Cardiff.
  5. HI Guys Spokane is looking good. I just had one question there is a spokane Intl airport as well are any of those airports going to be done as well. I am not really a bush pilot but more commercial. I have bought your scenery but thought that if you have already done airports for the australia scenery that you would also do it for us as well is this going to happen or not. You guys do a great job on these smaller airports but any chance for a nice spokane Int one. Anyway great job and awesome work.. Edwin
  6. Hi Guys just wanted to know if there is any plans in the furture for more of canada like halifax ontario and other areas of canada. I went there on vacation and looking down from the airplane it was some wondeful scenry that I thought would be awesome. I hope to get a response thanks guys. Edwin
  7. john maybe you can help bought jackson hole airport from the flightsimshop there servers are the worst five hrs to download KJAC on ly to open up the file for it to say it is corrupted. This is so annoying if I knew it was this much troble I would have bought the box edition instead can you please advise what i should do. I know this is not the support section but this forum is really confusing tryingt to find the area to have my question answered Regards Edwin Rivera
  8. I recently bought The PNW scenry I downloaded the bowerman freeware airport the only issue is I alread installed the libaries that it ask me to install after I had already installed bowerman. On the run way both side it has grass coming up on the runway when I go to take down the runway the grass on bothsides of the runway are following me at the end the traffic is driving on the grass can any one give me some guidience on how to fix that thaNKS Edwin
  9. THanks for the update Guys lets keep them in business they are a truly wonderful company Happy Flying. By the way don't forget about the grat sate of utah it had plenty of great spots to do flying around.Peace
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