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  1. You can find tutorials on YouTube
  2. Just thought I would share a couple of beautiful shots of landing into palm springs I thought they were great Thank you orbx for such fine scenery especially now that I have bought a nice graphics Cardcard..Enjoy
  3. Hi guy does anyone know where I can get a list of the default airport upgrades that Orbx did is Mesquite Nevada Municipal airport part of the upgrades thanks...
  4. You guys are just to much fun I can’t handle all this fun anymore that remind me I better find my Orbx credit card I bet my wife hid it.
  5. Looks Great!!!! wish you guys would do the whole state of Florida including doing the Bahamas and Miami now that would be awesome.....Orlando is looking really good.....
  6. Just had a thought maybe someone can answer for me. For some time I have been rather perplexed as to why third party addons suffer with elevation issues about 80% of the time with Orbx . Maybe I just dont understand how a lot of Orbx scenery works. I have Orbx FTX global plus, Vector plus, LC North america. With all those combine the scenery is AMAZING!!!!! But her is the pros and the cons of course all Orbx airports work wonderfully but even when you buy a third party addon airport I think must of us have issues mostly with elevation problems. Even though Orbx has this wonderful tool with in Vector that fixes those issues sometimes it doesn"t fix those elevation problems. So we are left with removing files just to make the darn thing work and I am not that tech savy so it makes it very frustrating sometimes to fix issues with third party addon Airports. But I am not really blamimg Orbx for these issues its not their fault they make wonderful scenery among other things. so why doesn"t other developers make there Airports compatible with Orbx I mean Orbx has been around for a while so its not like Orbx is a new company that just came on the seen. But you take a company like tubulent who just joined Orbx but before joining with Orbx their Airports were always compatible with orbx FTX global and Vector. I will be honest I am getting to the point where I will buy my Aiports from Orbx and not buy from another airport developers just because of this reason of elevation issues. Here lately I have only installed FTX global and have stated away from Vector and LC north America because I hate dealing with these elavation issues with third party airport issues. If anyone can educate me on how to make these third party Airports work with orbx vector and North america feel free to educate me on these matters I am always up for learning and very teachable.. Thanks Edwin
  7. Hi guys just a quick question. I use preparV4 is it okay to use a wireless mouse and keyboard. Thank you for a response.
  8. I just wanted to thank everyone for an answer here. 37 looks but not one reply it was easily a rather quick question to my comment. Yes Edwin thier is a traffic AI add on or No not one available at this time for Preparv4. Again thank you. Regards Edwin R
  9. HI Guys, I have been looking for a good AI Traffic ad-don for Prepar-V4. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find such a package. Someone told me that Orbx had a package but realize its only for Europe or Australia so that was a bummer because I only fly USA. If anyone knows of a package let me know freeware or payware either one will do. Thank you kindly. Regards Edwin R
  10. Thanks for the move. I hope you guys will eventually do the stare of Utah with St George Airport. Beautiful red Rock mountains.
  11. Hi Guys I just bought this scenery from tropical sim. I am stump I went into fsx and tried to find this airport I tried provo center fist than I tried Providenciales International AirportProvidenciales, Turks & Caicos and nothing listed under this segmant in fsx can someone tell me where this airport is located because i cannot find it anywhere in FSX thanksProvidenciales International Airport
  12. Hi guys was looking through your products on orbx website is palm springs no longer available
  13. Thanks for trying to help Jack. The Raw input did not work you mention something else what was that something else.
  14. Hi everyone I recently went to PD V4 the problem is the aircraft in PD V4 won’t work with my joystick which Is a Logitech Attack 3 I should say everything on the joystick works but it’s the roller ball on the joystick when I push it up no acceleration for the aircraft. I have put a picture of the joystick on here. Does anyone know how to fix this in PDV4 thanks
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