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  1. Hello Everyone, I had to reformat my hard drive a few days ago. I have reinstalled FSX but now the problem is it keeps crashing mid flight. I know thier was a UIAutomation.dll file that you had to download then install within FSX root folder. Does any one know where I can find that file an updated version of it or website I need to go to to download it. And if so can you send me a link to the website or Microsoft webpage where I can find it..Also does anyone have a good youtube tutorial on best settings for FSX using Orbx products.. Thank you kindly.. Edwin
  2. I know it’s hard to rid of FSX as well because I have so many FSX addon thousands of dollars worth ...and a lot of those addon the developer never moved over to prepar v4 and some of them said they are not planning on porting those over from FSX..plus most of Orbx newer products are for either Xplane or Prepar 4 and v5 so that’s my dilemma .
  3. Ok looks like uninstall won FSX funeral will be tomorrow
  4. Hi everyone, I have FSX installed and also preparv4 is it worth keeping FSX is FSX dead .should I quit using FSX and I install it ..is it worth keeping ...any thoughts...
  5. hi can someone lead me in the right direction on where the default aircraft lights can be found in preparv4 thanks is it in the effects folder....
  6. Thank you Nick this was helpful. This was actually more of an answer then feelthere gave me you actually spelled it out for me and I am thankful for that..
  7. Hi Everyone, I know that this is not an Orbx question but more of a light issue with the ERJ 145 Beacon Lights Strobe Lights Not working on this aircraft from Feelthere. A while back Feelthere ported over the ERJ 145 to preapr3dv4.5. I bought this aircraft about 8 months ago and have went around and around and around with Feelthere are how to fix this issue. They are not helpful at all and do not seem to careabout fixing the issue. I am not the only customer having issues with this alot of people on their forum are having issues and feelthere is not helping but sending vague responses like you have to test and retest and test so MORE..... what does that mean? they wont answer. So I decided to post here and since Orbx people are talented and awesome Maybe you guys could help me figure this light issue out because i have tried everythingand Feelthere doesnt seem to care... Does anyone have this ERJ 145from feelthere and have had those issues and have fixed it any tips would be great.. Some say its because of the default lights in Preparv4 not working with the ERJ so I have no clue and dont even know where to start. I hope I am not stepping out of bounds here and that someone can help me find a solution to this problem and knows how to deal with aircraft lights not working at all none of becaon nav and strobe are not working at alll Thanks. Below is what the aircraft looks like when flying in air no lights working...Thanks Edwin
  8. Unfortunately I have given up on his hope they find a fix ....
  9. I need a full blown tutorial on how to make a folder and how all this works because I am clueless at this point
  10. Nick I have done that several times still have the same issues...
  11. Ok nick when I am ask to enable it on preparv4.5 it says Enable add-on Orbx Obeject Flow 2 why is it saying 2 I think that’s the problem as far as making a folder I have no clue how to even to that...I give up I have never had any issues with this airport until now ..this is quite strange ....I can live without this airport until someone at Orbx fixes this issues I have kids to attend to and can’t sit here all day trying to fix this issue...not upset at you just frustrated at the situation...
  12. Nick where do I find the app data folder because I can’t find it
  13. I just installed it into the main library because in Orbx Central that’s the only options it gives you...
  14. No I don’t own any European or Aussie products just American only
  15. Ok so what’s next because object flow is installed and I have installed uninstalled and still the same issues ...
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