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  1. Nick: Previous post and this post are using runway 15 at KBUR with PBR disabled. Previous post Dynamic texture streaming was disabled. This post: Dynamic texture streaming is enabled. I can fly just beyond the Griffith Park area and then the "Abort" and CTD situation occurs. BTW: I have the other 4 USA TEarth programs sans any issues.
  2. Nick: Using the P3D Cessna 177 at a standstill on the runway at KBUR I get 4.3 VRAM usage just after starting P3D. If I use my joy stick to look left it jumps to 4.7 and a CTD.
  3. Nick: Thank-you for replying. Shadows are already disabled. I wonder if the PBR disable switch is not functional?
  4. Using P3Dv5 HF2, TEarth SoCal, and Nivida 1060 (6GB). If I Use KBUR or fly near Griffith Park I get a CTD when VRAM usage approaches 4.8 GB of VRAM out of 5.2 GB available. This is with all of Hollywood-Burbank config settings at off/disabled. And Dynamic texture streaming is off or on If I depart Van Nuys and turn toward the problem area I get a CTD. If I depart Van Nuys and turn away from the problem area I do not get a CTD.
  5. I just bought two Orbx items for my P3D v5 setup, and will continue to buy for P3D v5 as it is very stable, full featured, and very enjoyable. I do not have MSFS yet, and IMHO it will be more than a year before MSFS is a stable and full (?) featured product and at that point I will run MSFS on XBox X.
  6. Jason: I have both and now only use TE, and Orbx airports are fine. TE is much more enjoyable. If there are significant problems, I expect that Orbx will create updates for the airports. I just bought TE SoCal and Orbx has already updated 5 or 6 airports in that area.
  7. Website says: "The download size of this product is 5.81 GB. It uses 9.30 GB when installed. " Is that correct as some of the TE downloads are about 70GB? Take care
  8. Tony: Any word on TE So California release for P3D v5? Take care
  9. John: There seem to be so many issues & omissions with MSFS that I plan to stay with P3D v5 HF2 with the True Earth series for about a year, and then evaluate MSFS.
  10. Nick: Would leaving Fastlane take me back to an earlier version of Central that does not have this problem? This started with v 4.1.21. Thanks
  11. Nick: I can expand the width of the left hand window, but not reduce it beyond that shown in the pic. Take care
  12. Ben: Enlarging the Orbx Central window does not solve the problem. Take care
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