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  1. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, the problem does not go away when I uninstall Open LC NA. Also, unfortunately, I do see trees at both CYQQ and CYZF. Should, at some point, someone at Orbx find out what is causing this for me and the others who have posted the same issue, please let me know. "Nuff said. R
  2. Good Day: Over two weeks ago I posted a support request titled: "Trees on Taxiways" to try to clear up an issue I have had for quite some time. For a couple of days I exchanged posts with the forum moderator but nothing was resolved. His last post was July 3rd, and despite my asking for additional assistance or at least an acknowledgement to my further posts he has been silent. I have been an Orbx user since 2012 and have tried everything I can think of to clear this up and was hoping to get some help from Orbx. Since there has been no further response I would like to know if I
  3. Good Day Sir: Since it has been a week since your last post, I am left wondering if I have said or done something to cause you to stop trying to help me resolve my issue. Following your last response, I have two submitted two additional posts in an attempt to get some idea where the issue is and have had no response. I must ask, and this is in no way intended to be sarcastic or rude, if your non response should be taken as an indication that you have decided to leave me on my own to resolve this from here on?? I would just like to know where I stand. Thank you. R.
  4. ....and in an attempt to narrow the problem down, I uninstalled the Airport Pack and opened CYZF and the trees were gone. However, when I moved to CYQQ the trees are still there. I wonder if the fact that CYZF is outside the range of the Orbex PNW sceneries and CYQQ is in the midst of it might be a factor?? Here's hoping!
  5. Since you indicated that," your scenery library now seems not to have any entries for Global base or openLC. It also does not seem to have the Orbx Libraries" I uninstalled all my Global,NALClass, PNW and all west sceneries. I also took all files out of the Orbx folder in P3D. The trees were gone! I reinstalled(in Orbx Library Folder), Global Base, NALand Class, PNW then all the western Orbx sceries and the trees are back. Am attaching an updated .cfg file along with a screen shot of my Library and P3D scenery folders. And to confirm, a shot of trees at CYQQ. Hope this
  6. Disabled ALL of my many airport sceneries, all 76 of them,to now avail. Re abled them and now am getting scener.cfg errors....Trees still there. Regarding Missing Global Vas and Open LC and Libraries, I can only assume the problem is at your end since I am only using your Central installers with no modification nor interference. Apparently IT is not installing properly from what I see here.
  7. Yes, I do have Global Base installed along with all the PNW,CRM,NRM,SA and PF.(all active) R. scenery.cfg
  8. If I have seemingly "cherry picked" I have no idea how I might have done so. Therefore, I have uninstalled the European LC and reinstalled it in hopes of fixing that issue. In the meantime, as you can see from the attached screenshot, I adjusted the insertion point for Global LC; the Airport Pack I had already set below CA1E Bathy to avoid a conflict with that. However, unfortunately, I still have trees on my taxiway at CYZF and CYQQ.
  9. I shall do so. In the meantime, we seem to have a communication gap between us since I am totally ignorant of the meaning or inference of the term "cherry picking". I am not sure I can respond to that comment without knowing what it it is. Could you please enlighten me. Thank you, R.
  10. Sorry I didn't send the P3D .cfg in the first place but I assumed that this is an Orbx issue that you would want the Orbx scenery cfg. R.
  11. Here it is as requested. Do you have any comments on my questions in my post? scenery.cfg
  12. Here is my file, however, most of my Orbx sceneries have been migrated to the library. Also am attaching a screen shot of my Library and P3DOrbx folders. Seem to be repeats for several of them. Not sure if that should be the case. Orbx Central indicates that the Airport Pack is not installed however, it is showing in my Library. Should it ? Couldn't get the Config folder to attach so have sent the contents. I think you should know this has been a long standing problem and has not arisen during the migration process. Hope this helps. cac8-config.json cag8-config.json cax6-config.j
  13. Sure, CYZF,CYQQ,CYXX,K,KHLN, just to name a few. There are more.
  14. For some time now I have been bothered by trees on taxiways at regional airports. I have unstalled most all my Orbx sceneries and finally uninstalled Global Airport Pack and BINGO, the trees were gone! I reinstalled the GAPack and BINGO, the trees were back! How do I get rid of trees on taxiways shy of leaving the airport pack uninstalled. Running P3D v4.5HFixed.
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