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  1. pgreenwo

    Life is too short isn't it ?

    Stunning shot Filou!!!
  2. pgreenwo

    Barton to Liverpool XP11.

    That’s odd. I have Barton and central and the Trafford centre and a couple of other buildings are generic. I will open a support thread
  3. pgreenwo

    Barton to Liverpool XP11.

    Great shots Iain. The Trafford centre is missing on my system. I have the object slider maxed too. Is it a beta copy you’re using?
  4. Well its downloaded and installed - I just tried the control xml on the release page to turn off the default roads - The file link is broken
  5. Lovely collection Iain. Great to see the finals arrive!!
  6. I can smell the fish n chips on those. Wow
  7. Fantastic news JV - Can't wait to explore the home turf. F5 pressing time....
  8. How rude John Great shots and really can't wait to fly around my neck of the woods. P3d really is becoming a distant memory since you guys got involved with XP
  9. You'll be right at home there Emsie - Even got the Barrow BAE building just for you in case you get lost
  10. Thanks Filou - I live on the hillside near to the wind turbines in shot 3- really looks like superb and 100% accurate. Can't wait for this release....
  11. pgreenwo


    Stunning capture! the lighting is fantastic
  12. pgreenwo

    Just one from EDDH

    Hi Mate - Good to see your still around. Been a while indeed. Still simming and up to date but I really don't get the time I used to on here. 2 kids and a major promotion later leaves time limited! Always time for a screenshot though
  13. pgreenwo

    Just one from EDDH

    Playing with PTA and reshade this weekend. pleased with the results so far and really bring something to the mix with P3d
  14. pgreenwo

    3 From YBAS 4K.

    Emsie in glorious high definition - Stellar shots Iain!