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  1. All current ports are being migrated I believe. I'm sure that LOWI was mentioned in the 2019 roadmap too.
  2. There is no better aircraft for some UK mountain flying. Great captures
  3. pgreenwo

    One over Ireland.

    That's a stunner Mark - Perfect settings....
  4. I get both sides of this. Once you give SODE a go you see it’s benefits. for those struggling with certain aircraft. Use the aircraft vendor forum and the will almost certainly be a SODE config for your aircraft. give it a go and you won’t be without it soon.
  5. Great News. The releases are on a roll this week. Cheers Iain
  6. Beautiful captures Iain. The scenery looks amazing
  7. pgreenwo

    Hop through Snowdonia

    Thanks fellas
  8. pgreenwo

    Hop through Snowdonia

    A beautiful flight over Snowdonia. This scenery really is breathtaking
  9. pgreenwo

    Peak District National Partk.

    A great set of shots. Camphill is Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club
  10. pgreenwo

    EGTF Fairoaks is coming to X-Plane!

    Looking forward to Fairoaks. One of my favorite turbo prop bases. TBM will be perfect here
  11. Stunning shots - the lighting looks superb!!.
  12. Stunning shot. The settings look perfect with the lighting
  13. pgreenwo

    Cumbria fly over

    Thanks fellas
  14. pgreenwo

    Cumbria fly over

    A leisurely stroll over the lake district
  15. Great video - Really looking forward to crosland moor being released. I live about 10 mins away