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  1. Hi doing a full fSX- SE reinstall. I believe I need to download central first? However a pop up saying select simulator appears and the only option is to hit close and then Central shuts down The path to fsx is F:\FSX-SE\steamapps\common\FSX Transaction ID: 596c01732b7e8
  2. good point that GPU will struggle even in fsx with ASN heavy overcast will be a slide show. Forget about the others for now
  3. Current xplane is great unless you fly PMDG which isn't supported. If I was starting out again it would be X plane for sure and save several thousand dollars due to all the top quality free ware ORBX are on board as well
  4. keep in mind that loading multiple flights over and over without quitting fsx can build up to an oom. Can you test again as the wrong information may cost ORBX money in lost FSX sales via your postings. Nobody including me will buy scenery that instantly OOMS
  5. Highly unlikely they would release this for FSX if it runs out of memory straight up. You mention 16gb of memory so are you saying that FSX runs out of RAM? or you talking VAS?
  6. I think to be fair there were problems for many during the transition to the new FTXC and especially the migration but we got there in the end. Its so simple now im sure ORBX is seeing a high level of customer retention and increased sales as well
  7. +1 Just discovered XPLANE and will be slowly switching full time as I continue to build up the sim in scenery etc. I dont think I can mention competitors but another very major dev has already released CORFU so give it a year and I think Most will be on board How will ORBX release airports without regions? FSX and P3D need OZ regions so how about XPLANE?
  8. Great idea about NZ. Tailor made for TE! Dont know why the full fat failed to take off, such a beautiful landscape
  9. Hope Not if the Netherlands needed 240gb approx all up free space for installation..Australia gonna need ...... "Netherlands is about 186 times smaller than Australia. Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while Netherlands is approximately 41,543 sq km."
  10. Gold coast is my home town so very excited.Looks stunning! Its a busy little international airport so those that like the the heavy metal will love it.
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