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  1. I came here to ask a similar question. Are no parking spots/gates defined? For a practical example, if you use GSX the only options are runways 31, 13, 40, and 41. No parking spots or gates at all.
  2. Hi Taph, Interested to see the list, but when I click on the link I get the "Oops! Something went wrong!" page. I see it has been downloaded 149 times already but doesn't seem to be working any longer.
  3. And now you know what my mission will be upon release...... Thanks for the quick answer and for all the hard work, you'll recognize number 6 on this list: http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/25/travel/most-scenic-touchdowns/index.html?hpt=hp_c3
  4. Hey Gordon, Quick question, will you be including any helipads like at the Squamish General Hospital? Looking great so far!
  5. Hey Misha, Any chance of releasing this as a quick hotfix?
  6. Let the F5 mashing begin! Can't wait for this one!
  7. From the FAQ: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/69851-duplicate-region-or-global-icons-in-ftx-central-check-here/
  8. This might help you out: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/64222-orbxopenlc-xxx-correct-locations/?p=652294
  9. FAQ: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/69851-duplicate-region-or-global-icons-in-ftx-central-check-here/
  10. Looks great Gordon, thank you! Can only echo the others in saying it looks top notch for a debut scenery!
  11. Indeed. Thank you for at least taking the time to give some feedback on where everything is at. I will still look forward to the future service packs for any improvements that may come about. If we can get this one nailed, you can count me and I'm sure others in on picking up some of the new airports you have planned for England.
  12. The only thing about this is we are talking about the rest of the FSX world. Not just FTX areas. Of course we all know how FTX works in that respect, and are perfectly fine with that. We are talking about going on a flight from England to France, or France to England, or Italy to Greece, or Taiwan to Singapore. None of those are FTX areas, they are FSX areas, with nothing else than FSX default textures and autogen, and they are what is affected. Like I pointed out above, I can leave PNW active all day long everyday, and fly wherever in FSX my heart desires, and I have no autogen problems, no blurs, no issues at all. Based on that experience, I expected England to be the exact same. Why would you change that? Even if you consider what any of us say as being a minority, it doesn't change the fact that we are paying customers, and the product that we paid for doesn't work the way your previous products work. You also never made claims that England would not work with default FSX, anywhere in the world. Also, it was very obvious to everyone what was covered, we knew just England, that was stated plainly and was seen in the GE file you provide on the product page. If anyone missed that part, I'd be surprised lol. In regards to misleading, the only way I could say that you misled anyone is if you knew before release that England did not act like every other FTX product, and screwed around with FSX's default autogen and texturing, and did not disclose that information. I was not a part of the beta, but I would not be surprised if no one tested this (a flight to/fro England, or just any flight outside of England), as your tester's concentration would probably have been only inside England itself. But like I said, I would not point that finger unless you knew and did not tell us. Based on the responses we got during support of this, I'd say you didn't know. That's fine, it happens. But, all we can ask for now is help in fixing this. FTX England is an outstanding product, I don't think anyone could argue about that. I don't care about it being compatible with other FTX areas, like I said before I fully understand how FTX works and why, and I have no problem with that. We all want to use it. So, we are only asking to please make the attempt to make it compatible with everywhere else in the default FSX world.
  13. Hi JV, I have to agree with chaders, this stance takes me completely off guard as well. I too have had PNW always active since the day I installed it and never ran into any issues. I could go to it, from it, or not even go near it and never had a problem. When England was announced it seemed to be a sure-fire purchase for me. But now, by your statements here, it is not compatible with anything but itself or an over-$200 product not released yet. Hopefully the clear path forward is that you can make some changes to have England be as compatible with the rest of the FSX world just like the great PNW is. I would really like to keep using England, I absolutely love it and would really like to start purchasing the airports that you come out with for it, but I can't justify it if some solution, other than spending more than 4 times what I originally spent, will not come about.
  14. Thank you for the update John, really really looking forward to it!
  15. Paul, thank you for the update, really looking forward to the fix!
  16. Just to clarify, this issue also happens without GEX or UTX installed. Those are not even on my system right now. Another screenshot and coordinates, this time near Hong Kong. Issue not present when PNW is active and England is not active in FTX Central. Thanks again for looking into it.
  17. Hi gents. This issue is still present. I've tried some things since my last post: 1) I tried disabling Orbx trees in FTX Central, just in case that might have been the cause, since it's one of the few variables I know I can actively change. That did not work. 2) Maxed sliders, as well as put sliders exactly how the FTX EU ENG .pdf manual shows, both made no difference. 3) Tested with PNW active and not England active. I did this to see if any common new library may make a difference. I did a flight in the US and then a flight in Europe, and the issue was not present. I then activated England and flew from Leeds Bradford, EGNM, to Barcelona El Prat, LEBL, and with England enabled the issue appeared again. To give you a screenshot and coordinates, here is a screenshot from the EGNM-LEBL flight, showing the issue again with FTX England activated: The only active addons at the time of this shot were FTX England and AS2012. I am using the PMDG NGX during this shot. Other shots I've posted previously are with AS2012 deactivated, so that can be ruled out as a cause. If there is any way I can more actively test this for you so we can get it resolved I would be more than happy to. Thank you for the help.
  18. Hi Steve! At the time of that shot it was set that way to comply with another scenery, although that scenery was deactivated. I have since the changed the settings to match the screenshots shown in the FTX England manual, and will be testing further today. More screenshots and feedback to come either way.
  19. Another thank you to you guys for looking into this. As for the system specs, I included them in my OP but for sake of brevity I'll gladly put them here: FSX Gold, SP2 + Accel installed, SDK as well Win 7 64-bit i7-2600 3.4ghz Nvidia GT545 1gb 8gb RAM FSX Display Settings: Addons: Weather: ActiveSky 2012 Scenery: almost all Aerosoft airports, FSDreamteam airports, FlyTampa airports, and Orbx PNW with KCMW. Aircraft: PMDG NGX, Airbus X Extended (beta), Airbus X, QW 757, Aerosoft Katana 4X, Aerosoft DHC-6, 8 Carenado, 4 Nemeth, CS C-130, F1/Virtavia BN-2, A2A P-40, and more. (all tests done testing this issue have been in the NGX, default CRJ 700, and the Airbus X Extended on separate flights) Miscellaneous: FSUIPC current, but non-registered version, FSDT GSX, AES Further testing confirms what was said here. Test flights ran in this order: 1. Enable FTX Europe in FTX Central 2. Open FSX 3. Select aircraft 4. Select airport 5. Select time/day 6. Fly now After seeing issue: 1. End flight 2. Close FSX 3. Open FTX Central, disable FTX Europe and select Default, close Central 4. Open FSX 5. Order now remains the same, and issue disappears. I also tried deleting the FSX.cfg, and not added the two tweaks I had in there, which were the HIGHMEMFIX=1 and affinitymask tweak (for multi-core). The issue was present on both the old FSX.cfg and on the freshly made, untouched FSX.cfg. Lastly, I went into my scenery library and unchecked each addon down the line minus the files for anything FTX, which were FTX England and FTX PNW entries. The issue was still present. Here are two screenshots of my task manager during this event when it happens. Maybe this might help shed some light on what is happening: I will do another set of tests tomorrow, and get some more screenshots showing coordinates. If there are any other parameters that you would like me to test out, or any hotfixes to try, please feel free to let me know, I'd be glad to help with whatever I can to help get this resolved. Hope this all of this information helps.Thanks again.
  20. Hi rogera, no, if you see above my flight was from EDDF-LOWW, I wasn't even in FTX England. Agreed Howard, it is. It's a sure-fire deal though, I can reproduce the issue every time I fly in Europe with FTX England enabled.
  21. Hi Paul, I too have this issue. I have done several flights, and encounter this issue with England activated, and when England is deactivated, it is not present. I tested without any addons activated, I do not have GEX, UTX, or any other landclass/texturing addon, and my system is Win 7 64-bit, i7-2600 3.4ghz, Nvidia 545 1gb, 8gb RAM. Here are some screenshots with my latest test flight, including coordinates like you requested. This flight was from EDDF-LOWW, well away from England. Thank you very much for looking into this for us. I really love FTX England and really looked forward to it since it was announced. Any additional information or testing that you might need, please feel free to ask!
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