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  1. United States New Jersey, USA Trenton, NJ (Home of the steel to make golden gate bridge) KTTN
  2. Thanks! I ended up finding latest satellite imagery with a simple google search that could've been used to showcase the runway expansion. Hopefully soon it'll be updated to newer configs to save our NGX brakes! IMAGE \/ http://transportationfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Website-Aviation-Sonoma.jpg
  3. @Ian, Where is the new Runway extension that was just added to STS. It's not modeled in here!
  4. Any Word on the San Francisco Freeware from 6 Months back? This looks amazing too!
  5. How about STS? That's an important gateway airport for Sanoma Flyers that love to see the vineyards and rolling hills. Plus, STS has the newly updated terminal and the "many" T Hangars. The people Flow out of STS would be amazing, especially if you make an option for when the Airshow comes around there in the Summer months - or you can leave it as a normal airport too This airport isn't 'too big' either!
  6. AWESOME guys! Hopefully you can add a higher variety of Corporate Traffic in this pack. It always gets funky seeing the same Learjet AI over and over Will a AI Helicopter be added?
  7. Yes I do. Case #: 14830. Here is my original email to you guys: """Hi guys. I accidently SUBMITTED to a bank transfer payment I tried putting it on my debit card. But it kept denying it. Can you guys try it and see and delete the bank transfer? (Other classified information listed in email) Other Info below. Account No.: 248398 BSB Number: 032-605(Routing Number) Account Name: The FlightSim Store Bank Name: Westpac Banking Corporation Swift Code: WPACAU2S (For International Orders) Reference: Please use the Order Number printed at the top of your confirmation email. Hopefully you gu
  8. Hi all. Fantastic Job on NCA! One problem is I can't experience it myself. I tried using 3 different Credit Cards and I keep getting the same error "Not Hounered" I contacted the Flightsimstore. They couldn't even help (Well, they tried too) Can the system be overloaded or something? Heres the Error I see.... Purchase Amount $40.95($AUD)Name on Card Deniece DePriester Card Number 444796XXXXXX0779 Transaction ID 104516800 Transaction Status DeclinedError Code D4405 Do Not Honour
  9. Finally My dream is coming true! Would it be possible if you can show KSTS - Santa Rosa and it's surrounding area? I have family there and your ORBX developer Neil Hill said he would design STS to todays modelling. Also, If you don't mind showing lake Sonoma up there too?
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