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  1. Sorry to disagree, but I'm reading the description and it sure looks different than OpenLC NA, OpenLC Europe, etc. Updated airports, high-definition Melbourne cityscape, photoreal points of interest, etc. So, it's closer to the full fat regions than OpenLC. The reason for a wish for LC only is that I'm a FSX flyer, so impact from scenery I only see in passing from 30,000 feet up is a concern to me.
  2. Just sad that Orbx won't be offering a OpenLC Australian/New Zealand product for those of us who don't do full fat.
  3. By full fat, do you mean similar to PNW, SoCal, etc.?
  4. Any chance that Orbx will do an OpenLC for Australia?
  5. I sent FSS an email because I didn't get mine either. Got what I considered a reasonable reply. "Since the discount applied was greater than the seniors discount, then you only receive the highest discount. that is why the seniors discount was not applied in this case"
  6. I fly most of my local stuff in the NW Chicago area, so I am forever plagued by repeating tiles. My compliments to the team, because while the repeating tiles haven't been completely eliminated they appear to have been reduced and masked somewhat by the change in pattern. So much so, that I had to look for them to see if they still existed. Great job!
  7. Alright, some incentive to buy an airport. Being a Midwest boy I've never had much interest in the west coast.
  8. As long as you stay on the west coast of the US, then you gain nothing by purchasing OpenLC NA. However, at some point you're going to want venture east and during those moments you might appreciate OpenLC.
  9. I agree that UTX is the better product, but I eventually realized that I wasn't paying enough attention to the differences to warrant keeping both. In the end, FTX Vector won out because it blended better with FTX Global.
  10. I hope this isn't off topic, but will OpenLC get rid of those repeating triangular ground patterns I see when I'm flying from my home of Elgin, IL to Rockford, IL?
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