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    Aviation! Also a Sergeant in local Air Training Corps Sqn. First time Dad, love BTCC, snowboarding, have Air Traffic experience and did I mention ... I really like planes! By day I'm a professional search engine marketer.I'm also currently doing my NPPL in a C42 Ikarus.


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  1. Doogles and Maurice_King - many, many thanks for the feedback - I'll definitely be in touch on build time - the mobo arrived yesterday (the heat sink is GIANT), just waiting for ebuyer to send their bits through. Reckon it will be the weekend by the time I get a chance to get stuck in - will definitely post on here or PM you guys if I need a helping hand. I owe several chaps a beer ... Thanks again Dave
  2. Just an update for anyone interested. I've spent about £150 less and taken the advice of several people. I've gone with home build and purchased the following for around £700: Gigabyte Z87 Mobo with Overclocked Intel i5 @ 4.2Ghz (Gaming Bundle from Overclockers.co.uk) with 8GB Elite RAM and a Alpenfohn Brocken Cooler From eBuyer.co.uk I then purchased: GTX 760 2GB Graphics card 128GB SSD HDD to host the OS Corsair CX 750W PSU Front and rear fans (will probably buy one or two more 80mm ones) Windows 7 Home Currently have a brand new 1TB HDD and an ATX gaming case which I'm predicting it should all fit into! Thanks again for everyone's help - you're right; I got more for my money buying individually and I actually got a more powerful rig in the end too with exactly what I wanted - thanks again chaps, cross fingers the build goes well! Dave
  3. Huge thanks for all the feedback guys. From what you've said I think it may be wise to look into building the parts myself ... having said that I attempted that last time and it didn't go well. I'll also think about the SSD/HDD situation, redundancy and making sure I have more than just one HDD that everything goes on ... sensible advice. Many thanks again chaps!
  4. Good evening everyone! Been a while since posting ... my PC fell on its face just before Christmas and with so many other things to deal with I have only just got around to sorting it. Anyway, Chillblast. I'm in the market for a new PC, with P3D V2.2 in mind. I'm on the edge of pressing the 'buy' button for around £800 on a Chillblast Hurricane 2 - awarded by PC Pilot. Has anyone got one? If so, is it any good? The specs are: Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus Case Intel Core i5 4670K Processor overclocked to 4.3GHz Akasa Nero 3 CPU Cooler Asus Z87-K Motherboard GeForce GTX 760 2GB Graphics Card 8GB PC3-10666 DDR3 Memory 24x Sony DVD-RW Drive 1000GB SATA 7200rpm Hard Disk 600watt Corsair PSU Onboard High Definition Audio Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM I do want to run Panel Builder on a seperate screen, 2 Saitek panels, throttle, Track IR, REX, rudder pedals and stick. Plus a ton of addons and P3D 2.2 - including ORBX obviously! Thanks again everyone! £800 is a lot of hard earned cash to commit, having read some good reviews I thought the best place to get feedback was you guys! Dave
  5. Hi everyone! I've got a Saitek radio panel and switch panel. With a vast majority of models they work straight out of the box. However, I've been recently trying to get it to work with Aerosoft's DA20 4X (a superb add-on). I've completely cracked the switch panel, its working wonderfully, what I can't crack is the radio panel - specifically the XPDR settings. Without going into too much detail, the settings I have in SPAD work great. Once I open FSX, load up the aircraft, changing the bottom knobs (both inner and outer) then start doing funny things like changing two digits rather than one and making the digits in the line above blink when you move the knobs on the line below. I can only deduce that it's either something I'm doing wrong in FSUIPC or perhaps its because I also have the Saitek drivers and software still installed. The obvious solution is to remove the Saitek drivers - however, will this not render all other aircraft that don't use SPAD (unless they use it by default?) useless with the panel? Can someone please help, otherwise I'm not going to be in need of a haircut because I would've pulled it all out!!! Thanks very much in advance! Dave
  6. Apologies for my delayed reply - but thanks massively for the feedback! Andrew 737 - perfect! I'll look into that. Frank - shame you're not in the UK! Would love to bring the cadets over for a play!
  7. Evening all! Hope everyone's well! I have an interesting issue and following the extraordinary adventures of people like Frank who build your own home cockpits I thought I'd reach out to you talented folk for some direction. I'm a Sergeant at my local Air Training Corps Squadron, Bognor Regis UK, and we've got a flight simulator set up with a projector onto a wall, some CH products and a nice surround sound system configured. The aircraft we typically fly in the real world is the Grob 109 Vigilant, which for those who don't know (or don't remember!) is a powered glider. I've recently made a purchase of one with the ATC colours from a FSX aircraft developer so the cadets can fly in what they will be effectively be flying for real in. With that in mind, we're on a mission this year to raise some funds to really get the flight sim going in terms of the gear it has. We're looking at Saitek's instrument products, panels and all sorts. Anyway, the Grob 109 has airbrakes operated from the left with a blue handled lever. At home, I operate this with a spare throttle arm from my Joystick. However, I really really want to model this more accurately with some sort of mechanical handle in a similar position for the sake of realism for the cadets. The problem is, I'm really struggling with figuring out how to achieve this, let alone where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly received and taken on board. Huge thanks again! Dave
  8. I think that's one the greatest thing about these UK products, getting feedback from people who really fly the airfields, make comparisons and let us know that they're pretty true to life! Means a lot to those of us who crave to get their feet off the ground but just can't yet!
  9. Love this video, I'd really like it if the director made another. Interesting video of the making:
  10. Ollie - great stuff - I'll get in touch and see if he can answer my questions. Thanks again Ryan - Didn't even know "Emuteq" existed until about 5 mins ago - that GPS (as well as the other products) do look awesome. Rather tempted to budget in that GPS now I've seen it ... darn these awesome hardware sites that keep popping up on me!
  11. This brings back memories. I went solo and did about 4 hours solo on passing thanks to a bursary I was awarded some years ago at the Southdowns Gliding Club, West Sussex in the UK. I completely envy you looking at the skies in those pictures, it looks absolutely wonderful. I can remember climbing (from memory) to about 4500' on a great day and being right on the edge of controlled airspace for Gatwick and seeing the airliners fly over head I felt like I could touch them. That particular day I had to use the airbrakes to get back down to the ground there were so many thermals! I have condor - great sim for soaring and completely agree that it's an entirely different experience to FSX. I have it at our ATC Squadron too and often have the cadets doing boxes around the tug to practice flight manoeuvres and control co-ordination. Thoroughly enjoying reading these, bringing back some great memories and really keeps getting my feet off the ground again at the forefront of my mind. Dave
  12. I didn't think my luck would be in. I didn't actually think of looking on that! Thanks for looking though Bruce, much appreciated
  13. Hi all - bizarre title I know! Happy New year by the way I recently posted about my plans for a home cockpit in the Pilot's Lounge. Although a way off actually coming to fruition (I've got to order the £1,300 PC to run it first) I've been researching ideas for the instrument panel. I've come across a chap on YouTube called Steve. His username is 1970ste - I love his home-built cockpit and would like to interrogate him about it. I don't suppose anyone knows him, who he is, where his website is? I've hunted high and low on Google - I make a living from the search engine so I know quite well and I still can't find him!! If so, please let me know! I'd really like to have a chat! Thanks again all! Dave
  14. Howard, A video would be ideal! Cover it all in one swoop! I was actually referring to the joystick. I can see you've 'embedded' it in the desk. The FLY 5 Joystick also comes with the ability to unscrew at the base, so just wondering how you achieved that? Perhaps something else for the video?! Looking forward to it if you can put one together! Thanks again Dave
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