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  1. Caribean and Hawaii is a must But Madagascar is a little bit forgot for developers. Maldives and Seicheles too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivato_International_Airport
  2. this one? Blend of "Dutch" waters Norwegian Hills Italian Coastline I can pass all day long taking pictures.... but, i´ll enjoy the landscape. Very nice Job, guys!!! Well Done!!!
  3. Sorry for later aswer, i didn´t see till now. This is a major problem, LOD radius and VAS. Depends of any particular machine, cause, is affected by particular configs, and usage of FSX cache. Happy to help you, i tested, LOD_Radius=5.5 is the best costs X benefits according my specs.
  4. Stefaan, instean 6.5, test 5.5 LOD Radius A tip, reduce traffic (Cars/Trains/Boats) to 10 or less. So, after, tell us (try to do the same trip "PANC" regards
  5. i had LIMC yesterday (final leg F1WT IVAO 13' ) no issues at all, andy, and i´m use Playsims Ultimate Milan.
  6. Great year was 13´, aham!!! and blended with avicii its a awesome!!! congrats
  7. You´re welcome 1th of all, monitor your VAS
  8. a good tip to monitor VAS usage into P3Dv2 or FSX is (source: http://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/fsx-oom-and-addon-vas-usage/) Ahmet says: 21/11/2013 at 04:02 "Here is the solution to VAS Usage display through FUSiPC. Thanks to Canada Avsim member Here is the instruction: 1-Open the FSUIPC setup screen. Go to the “logging†tab, and in one of the “specific value checks†enter the value 024C (first character is zero, not the letterâ€Oâ€). 2-Change the “type†for that value from S8 to S32. 3-Click on the checkboxes to display the value either at the upper window bar, or within th
  9. Very, very nice pics.... where can i get this paint model? so nice!!! tks for sharing
  10. Far from "oldiest grandma bag" i laught a lot..... guess whe played this song, i had 9~11y... good memories.... Now...almost 40y!!!
  11. Oh ... my fault... FTX Global instead FSX Global (kkkkkkk). FSX Default... never more!
  12. there is 2 different produts. FTX Global puts texture and autogen. FS Global (example: 2010 from pilots) inserts scenery, also called MESH how is the difference? please check here -> http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61929-ftx-global-what-is-it-all-about/ hope that i can help your question!
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