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  1. any word on SODE jetways for the exisiting P3D airport?
  2. this is a question that should be answered, a lot of people are wondering Im sure of it.
  3. Will is take a long time to switch all of the NA Airports to SODE jetways? I really really want to take advantage of the sale going right now, however; I can't stand static jetways.
  4. Will the current OZ Payware airports be updated? A lot of changes to YBBN and a few others...? thanks!
  5. are you guys ever going to do it. it would literally be perfect and I think you'd sell so many copies.
  6. I wish ORBX would update the runways to its current extension.
  7. I know these two field where on the Roadmap for 2018 but I wanted to know if they had been cancelled or not? Thank you!
  8. Yeah only 200' off but I wanted to buy it for q400 flights but I refuse to buy anything thats out of date.
  9. Any chance Sonoma would get an update to include the rwy extension? thanks
  10. How do I get the update. FTX Centeral says everything is up too date?
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