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  1. I just got two updates for these airports in Orbx app, can any one find out what the changelog says?
  2. Do we have a list of what products will make it over to MSFS and what ones wont?
  3. How do i get ftx central to reset the order for me ?
  4. So i unistalled vector and the problem is gone. What the hell gives?
  5. This forum is limiting the pics for some reason.
  6. They where at the top now I moved them down, but the problem still exists!
  7. AMAZING! Man I wish Orbx did more of these types of US Airports.
  8. The entire library You mean in P3D? Like take more screenshots ?
  9. Also, after a reinstall I have terrain problems all over the place Here is a shot of KEWR (Newark), its missing all of the rivers on the east side. Could my library order be screwed up? here is some pics
  10. I had this last night but it was much worse. I tried uninstalling everything (Orbx) and reinstalling but nothing is work. Mesh is set to 5m as required. Can any one help me ? I am on the latest version of P3d V5.
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