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  1. I could care less about openlc asia to be honest. When is BUR coming, Ill bet ya sell a hell of a lot more copies of BUR then OpenLc
  2. I think P3D and Xplane will be a thing of the past for MOST people.
  3. When 2020 comes out will you guys just be focusing on Airports?
  4. Is KBUR still development or has it been cancelled? Also what about Spokane Wash?
  5. Is Burbank still be developed? It won't require SOCAL will it?
  6. Hey guys, Im looking for an updated version of the kmz file with all of the ORBX freeware airports on it, anyone know where i can find such a thing?
  7. There are so many payware airports that are outdated, why don't you guys want to redo them or touch them up?
  8. Again, will ORBX update any of the current ORBX Payware Airports to match there current real-world status (rwys, gates etc)?
  9. What about all the real life changes at the payware airports...will they be updated. So many ORBX airports are way out of date.
  10. any word on SODE jetways for the exisiting P3D airport?
  11. this is a question that should be answered, a lot of people are wondering Im sure of it.
  12. Will is take a long time to switch all of the NA Airports to SODE jetways? I really really want to take advantage of the sale going right now, however; I can't stand static jetways.
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