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  1. Can anyone help I have a bunch of Orbx addons at the bottom of the Scenery Library but then also have them at the top. i have tried Sync and moving the libraries etc nothing seems to work!
  2. I have glacier park at the bottom of the library but all the other Orbx airports are above it.
  3. Im talking about turblent designs airports i purchase from Orbx
  4. So no v5 installers from Orbx either ? I purchased them from Orbx
  5. Yeah Glacier, Idaho and MBS for P3D v5. Turbulent designs forun seens dead and they're not answeing emails.
  6. So I own 3 airports that I purchased through Orbx, I wanted to know if you guys are planning on providing V5 installers or do I need to go to Turbulent and ask them? thanks!
  7. Will be ever get an installer for EGNX in P3D v5?
  8. Why do you guys always do airports right before they go under construction? Theyre soon to start extending the runway here last i heard
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