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  1. Had a look at Skyrim Terry and you're right. The scenery is really good but in my opinion the plastic looking figures let it down.
  2. Thank goodness. I was worried and had begun to think I had outlived everyone here. Come on someone. Think of something to say, even if its only something we can all have an argument, err, discussion about!
  3. I read while my wife watches TV. Admittedly nowadays my books come in Kindle format but If I wished and wasn't so lazy, I could go down to the local library and get stuff to read. Personally, at present I'd rather read than fly. But I suppose that's just a passing phase. Although neither of us can play any more, we also go down the the local Golf club twice a week for a few hours, have a coffee and chat to the other members. There's also swimming. I know quite a few people who go swimming most days. We also often go out to the local Chinese, Indian and English food restaraunts. Also, we go to London to meet our family or they come here. Lots and lots of things still to do and see. We're never bored. So you're right Lawrence. All it needs is a bit of imagination and concentration on what we can still do rather than what we can't.
  4. OK. So who have I managed to upset now?!!!
  5. Thanks fellers. Don't know about the prosper bit though JMBIII. I've been thinking about what I miss because of being old. The main thing I can think of is playing golf. I still go to the golf club twice a week for coffee and a banter but must admit when they start going out I do envy them. Well, not always. With our English weather especially where I live on the coast I'm sometimes relieved not to be playing! The payback, and there always is one of course, is while they're risking pneumonia and battling the elements, I'm sitting in the warm and dry reading my latest Western and being royally waited on by my wife. Sometimes, I even fly but I do wish there was some decent scenery for Eastern Europe and Asia. I once tried flying in China using the P3D default. What a joke. I could have been flying in downtown chicago! John
  6. Rodger said; ' I don't want t live to 200! ' Well, I do Rodger. 86 today and as long as I can read, eat and be without too much pain and visit you lot from time to time, I want to stay where I am. Life is great. We don't know what the other place is like and I'd rather not find out!
  7. Do you fellers remember the Comet passenger aircraft? We were living in Crawley, Sussex at the time and I worked for a firm specialising in the manufacture of miniature balls and bearings and clean air products. Anyway, the firm making the Comet was at the top of Manor Royal (the industrial estate) and they had a full size Comet simulator there. I was invited to have a go. With an instructor sitting in the passenger seat, I managed to take off, fly a circuit and, in a haphazard way, land it! He told me I failed! I must say though, having never been in a real cockpit before or since, it seemed to me to be very realistic and I enjoyed the experience. The scenery used for flying by the way, was local and very realistic. I don't know how they did it because I don't think there was anything like flight simulated scenery at the time. John
  8. Yes, well, I've made a decision. I'm sorry about this fellers but I've decided I'm not going. I'm enjoying life too much for all that 'rest in peace' malarky!
  9. Do stop bragging! I had a second, or third, perhaps 4th or 5th hand 1939 Ford Prefect I bought for £100. I was robbed and I hated that car. Many's the time the damn thing tried to kill me. It had wipers that only worked properly if you pressed hard on the accelerator. And brakes that only worked when they were pumped on and off. Yeah, go figure! About two years later I had saved enough for the deposit and was earning just enough for a rent to buy new Morris Mini. We loved that car and having paid all the instalments kept it for about five years. Then we got our dream car, one of the first Ford Fiesta's. Brilliant car and we've been with Fords ever since, except of a short six months rusty disaster of a second hand ex reps' Vauxhall Victor. Later, for my Company car, I even chose the top of the range at the time the Ford instead of a Merc'. My boss had Merc's but I always found the seats too hard. I was doing a lot of mileage at the time so comfort was the premium concern. Sheila stayed with the fiesta's though until we retired. We now have a really nice Ford Escort that we've had for fifteen years and its still good! I'm 86 next week so I don't s'pose we'll change it now.
  10. I'm with you Terry, P3Dv4 suits me just fine. Its the scenery I'm flying over that interests me, but I'm done with downloading that now too. Perhaps if Orbx were to bring out more for the U.S., I could be tempted, or some of the Eastern European or Asiatic Countries. I would like to fly in the Far East but the default P3D for China is laughable, as I suspect it is for all those Countries. I very rarely now go to the Support section but its nice to know its there to help if and when I need it. I do enjoy reading what you lot are doing, or, not doing. In my case I still get satisfaction from flying short hops, perhaps 100 to t50 miles, and having traversed the each sides of the U.S right to left and left to right and south to north, I'm just finishing the north to south. All this without taking off or landing at the same airport twice, its been interesting to say the least. I did the same with Australia and New Zealand and Western Europe. Perhaps I should explain that where Orbx isn't available, I have photo scenery overlaid with 'Landscapes' and as many Orbx airports as I can find. Its surprisig how very nicely it all matches together. Perhaps, when in the next week or so, I've finished all that, I'll be looking around for some different flights. I'm presently hooked on reading westerns, mainly by C.J Petit, and I'm going to start flying some of the journeys he describes where the characters travelled by horse. Some of them taking weeks! John
  11. Do my two M&S cotton cardies (one brown, one blue) qualify?
  12. I've still got the old FSX Power Projects installed in my P3D4 Orbx scenery and photo scenery and the sails are still turning and the steam pumping out of the towers, and there're hundreds of Pylons. I find it adds a lot to the interest and realism of the flights. John
  13. Some time ago, teecee wrote; 'In truth, I love being old and being able to do whatever I want whenever I want to'. I think I agreed with that at the time and I still want to be old but not this old! I'll be 86 in a week or so and frankly, I'm now getting worried! Its all passing far to quickly for my liking.
  14. I'm with you W2DR, I was no good at running at all and I was too small anyway so for every step the others took I had to take two! I wasn't bad at games and was keen on football, cricket and table tennis. But although I trained and practiced hard I was never good enough to actually win anything much. Plenty of seconds and thirds but hardly ever the winner. I enjoyed it all though and that story about Roy Winston certainly struck a chord Rodger except that no-one ever rewarded me for being a loser. Although I felt like it sometimes I was never in such a state as I thought I was dying let alone actually doing it! The most exhausted I ever felt in my whole life was when we had finished a particularly demanding jungle patrol in Malaya. By the time we got out I was on the point of collapsing and if the lorry hadn't come to pick us up equipped with plenty of water I've no doubt I would soon have. Years later I had got myself to nearly that state on the golf course. Luckily, they got the pro' out with a buggy and he took me to the clubhouse, sat me down and poured water all over me and into my mouth. That was the end of my golfing activities and sport for me. I was 75. What a sorry tale!
  15. When I was sixteen or so, I was a left hander and played cricket for Barking Town. opening the batting most games. My highest score was 54. When out of the army and married my wife and I started playing golf. We played until I was 75 or so and I managed to win one monthly mug in all that time. In our lounge, my wife has a trophy cabinet full up with all the stuff she won! I still maintain I was the better golfer!
  16. Thanks Nick. I think I've got it now. Needs another look but it seems to be there. All the best. John
  17. Well, that didn't work. The only nomenclature that seems to work is KFCA but that certainly doesn't give me an Orbx airport! If I tap in the Orbx 'KGPI' I get nothing! John
  18. Thinking about it, peace, my wife, central heating and comfort. For me, I think they are the two most important improvements to my life from what I call the 'olden' days.
  19. Thanks Nick. I've changed it over in the Control Panel as you suggested. Goodness knows where I ended up! It sure wasn't the Orbx airport. We'll see when I fly out of there for the next part of my journey North to South in short hops hopefully between Orbx airports. All the best. John
  20. I just purchased this among others but find Glacier Park Intl. is in fact KFCA. No idea what KGPI is! Can you sort this out please? John
  21. We don't get snow down on the coast in Minehead where I live but there's plenty up on Exmoor behind us. The South of England has a strange geography, Some places like Basingstoke in Hampshire where I lived and worked fo about 30 years always had snow in the winter because it was on high ground (622') I suppose. Mostly around the southern coasts and going up to South Wales though which are only just above sea level we hardly ever get any. So its all dependent on altitude really. Once above The Wash though its always cold winter and summer! York is a fabulous city though Terry. What sent you to America?
  22. Not yet Rodger. My wording was a bit awry. I missed out a couple of words. I should have said; 'I've been ''thinking of' flying some....... Sorry. I've got to look them up because some of the places may well have become ghost towns or are still too small to supposrt an airport. I'll keep you all informed. John
  23. I've been reading a lot of Westerns lately and some of those people travelled prodigious distances by horse begfore the trains came along. Not having much inspiration as to where to fly, I've been flying the journeys these people make, usually 200 miles or so which is ideal for me and takes me over some very interesting country.
  24. Its bloody freezing here. We even had snow last week! Don't laugh but its the first time in about 20 years. Some of the guys are still getting out on the golf course though and coming back wishing they hadn't. Me? I'm a stay at home reader........until that is my wife wants to go shopping; Why can't we get it delivered I ask? She looks at me as if I'm mad; 'Because I want to see what I'm buying and you to get up off your bottom for a change. Besides it'll do you good.' Grumble, grumble I've got to go.!!!
  25. Obviously no-one can beat this. Come on fellers I need a laugh!
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