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  1. I've disabled Global Vector because it made so many Airports appear to be below ground. I now don't have that problem and can't say I've noticed any difference to my sim'...well except I don't have sunken airports any more! Can someone please explain to me what Global Vector is for? John
  2. I like the Krankies and hope they don't find somewhere else to live in their retirement.
  3. Geographically, they line up pretty well but there's noticeable a colour difference with Orbx being more vibrant. Personally, I wish Orbx would get a move on and do the whole of the US and Canada. If that were to happen, I would get rid of Megascenery and Landscapes altogether despite those two giving a slightly more accurate representation of what is really there.
  4. London City? Well I suppose it does look better when flying the sim' but in actual fact and being an East Ender (Cockney) it sure ain't pretty in real life!
  5. Well, Somerset is a really nice County to live in. Taunton is the County Town. It has a nice compact place centre and has a variety of easily accessed property around the town. If you like sea views, I can thoroughly recommend the villages and little towns along the North Coast and there's a variety of property including bungalows. There are regular bus services to Taunton and a privately run railway from Minehead to Bishops Lidyard just outside Taunton. There is a Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead which might wrongly put some people off but there're never any problems and the lincs golf course is always in excellent condition and open all the year round. Minehead also has a good cricket and football teams. Running along the North side of the Bristol Channel coast, there are various small towns and villages. All very pleasant with the largest towns northwards Western Super Mare, and southwards Lynmouth with Watchett and Minehead between them. Personally, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but it can be a bit of a bind to visit people who live in say, Birmingham and northwards, or London and eastwards. Oh, and I should remind your that this area was the seat of the Monmouth Rebellion and the area of Blackoor's Lorna Doone! Blimey, I should join an Estate Agency!
  6. Told yer. Got it wrong again! Thanks for the correction Nick but how the dickens did you know that? You should be ashamed of yourself Rodger. Lawrence is quite right. That'll teach you not to fight the girls.
  7. 'Westbury' Gumby - that's a big shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, South London. We've been there a couple of times. Bought the watch I'm wearing now there. Or, come to think of it. Have I got it all wrong as usual?
  8. Just flown into EDDL Dusseldorf. Very impressed with the German scenery. Plenty to look at which keeps the flight interesting. Thank you Orbx. JohnY
  9. 'Evictions'. Now that would be interesting Lawrence! Here's a not very interesting start. I was in my mid twenties and the company I worked for in Sussex was planning to downsize and without me, move to Scotland. My brother in law noticed there was an empty shop in Basingstoke which was expanding into a large town at the time. He encouraged us to take it on as a hardware business. What we failed to realise was that the people coming in to the new town had spent most of their cash in getting there and setting up home! After two years of struggling to find enough customers we were nearly bankrupt and were evicted for non payment of rent. Luckily we were just able to avoid bankrupcy and being in a newly developed town, there were plenty of job openings. So we quickly got employment. In my case, I started as a Sales Office Clerk and was promoted regularly over the twenty-five years I worked there finishing as the Property Manager of the firm which entailed travelling thousands of miles visiting the firms various properties from the Channel Isles to the North of Scotland. During this time, we had children (a boy and a girl) and my wife worked part-time in various offices. I stayed there for 25 years and retired a early at 55 to come and live in the West Country where we are now.
  10. Glad to see there's someone older than me here hwh86
  11. Mac, Mac?? Is it raining? Am I a Sassanack?
  12. I'm hooked on Westerns and read C.J. Petit a lot. I quite like Louis D'lamour and some of the others but always seem to gravitate back to Petit. I think its because his stories are more romances but in a Western setting.
  13. That's a coincidence. When I was at school I had a friend who came from Scotland. We did our homework together for a while. The problem was, he was much cleverer than me so it wasn't an equal partnership. After a while while still friendly, we developed different friendships. He went on to University and I went out to work!
  14. Just installed Orbx North and South Germany. Haven't flown there yet but I wanted to ask: 'Does anyone know if there's going to be an East and West Germany soon'?
  15. 'mishmaclaver'? That should appear in the dictionary.
  16. I think it was probably my comment on a matter of actual history that was unfortunate rather than the history itself? John
  17. It was me. I couldn't resist it. Sorry Nick.
  18. That's a coincidence Dale, but that size of 9 x 12 is the same size as the room I'm in now and spend most of my time in. I suspect your room is in metres? Whereas mine's in feet and inches. It also comes equipped with a bed in case my wife chucks me out! Now find something to disagree with me about Rodger. 'I am a bit of a mongrel actually!' 'Woof woof' Fizelle. But I want to be a Labrador/Retriever.
  19. Had a look at Skyrim Terry and you're right. The scenery is really good but in my opinion the plastic looking figures let it down.
  20. Thank goodness. I was worried and had begun to think I had outlived everyone here. Come on someone. Think of something to say, even if its only something we can all have an argument, err, discussion about!
  21. I read while my wife watches TV. Admittedly nowadays my books come in Kindle format but If I wished and wasn't so lazy, I could go down to the local library and get stuff to read. Personally, at present I'd rather read than fly. But I suppose that's just a passing phase. Although neither of us can play any more, we also go down the the local Golf club twice a week for a few hours, have a coffee and chat to the other members. There's also swimming. I know quite a few people who go swimming most days. We also often go out to the local Chinese, Indian and English food restaraunts. Also, we go to London to meet our family or they come here. Lots and lots of things still to do and see. We're never bored. So you're right Lawrence. All it needs is a bit of imagination and concentration on what we can still do rather than what we can't.
  22. OK. So who have I managed to upset now?!!!
  23. Thanks fellers. Don't know about the prosper bit though JMBIII. I've been thinking about what I miss because of being old. The main thing I can think of is playing golf. I still go to the golf club twice a week for coffee and a banter but must admit when they start going out I do envy them. Well, not always. With our English weather especially where I live on the coast I'm sometimes relieved not to be playing! The payback, and there always is one of course, is while they're risking pneumonia and battling the elements, I'm sitting in the warm and dry reading my latest Western and being royally waited on by my wife. Sometimes, I even fly but I do wish there was some decent scenery for Eastern Europe and Asia. I once tried flying in China using the P3D default. What a joke. I could have been flying in downtown chicago! John
  24. Rodger said; ' I don't want t live to 200! ' Well, I do Rodger. 86 today and as long as I can read, eat and be without too much pain and visit you lot from time to time, I want to stay where I am. Life is great. We don't know what the other place is like and I'd rather not find out!
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