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  1. At 86 I'm like that ALL the time. Half the time I'm in the wrong room and can't find my b...y joystick let alone the throttle. Then I find I'm in the car and it doesn't fly anyway!
  2. Nice to see you back Landon. All the best to you.
  3. I've vome to the conclusion that some of you are just plain greedy. 3 cars? Must be quite a dilemma when going to the shops to decide which one to get in!
  4. I envy you Americans being able to make such exciting movies expecially those dramatizing the old west. I suppose the only thing we've got here close to that is The Legend of Robin Hood. Unless someone knows better.
  5. Goodness me. I thought I was the only one Ian. I can get it down on the runway. Stopping it is the problem! The thing is its nice to fly and the all practically unlimited vision is great.
  6. Thanks Rodger. For me emoji's represent a dilemma. They shouldn't really be necessary but I have to admit they do save words in expressing feelings. By the way I tried that and it really wasn't successful. They ended up with a black background. I do know that Matthew but for me it packed up working long ago. Like me!
  7. Trust you to make a joke of it Matthew! (Laughing) - cos' I can't get the emoji's to work on my posts here)
  8. I'm with you Karoly. I don't like them either because I have to waste my time and energy travelling to London to treat my family to a meal. At 76 myself I find the 18 hour day this entails absolutely exhausting. Mind you, the Chinese meal we have is usually wonderful. Anyway, happy birthday Torchy.
  9. On your next flight Gumby, try starting the 'plane without 'CtrlE'. Handbrake on, a little throttle, a little mixture and a press on the starter will usually do it. If you've got multiple engines, usually you will have to start each one but the system remains the same. Its only a small thing but I find it adds to the immersion. John
  10. I'll start off. I have an 18 year old Ford Escort with all the trimmings that I bought when we still had some money. Apart from a few rust bubbles here and there its still very comfortable and works and drives perfectly. Mind you, we've only done just over 60,000 miles in it so I'm reckoning it'll see us out. Worries me a bit when my son comes to visit though. He always gives it a thorough look over so I make sure I keep the keys safely away in my pocket!
  11. There's no way have of knowing the 'correct' altitude of a mountain if I don't even know its there Reecemj. What was so annoying was that the airport is in the centre of a quite wide valley with the runway running paralell to it but instead of directing me along it they had me coming across the mountain to make a right turn on final down to the runway. Damn stupid! Thanks lawrence. At least you've given me a giggle.
  12. Yes. Its a different language now-a-days. Is it the same for people, well kids, of other nationalities who speak their own language I wonder? And I'm not talking about the strangulated English we're having to get used to now. e.g. starting every sentence with the word, 'So'.......
  13. Don't you just love it when having flown five hundred enjoyable miles the Air Traffic Controller directs you into the side of a mountain on Final Approach?!!!
  14. Well Rodger, having read my books you know I'm one. There are six of my books published on Amazon; The Man Who Never Did, Keif & Kev', When Paul Came Home, Ilena, The National Serviceman and Teenagers. And I've already written this to you privately, but I wish you all the luck in the world with finally getting your book ROORD published.
  15. Hm. Not sure about the cigarette. Some people didn't smoke even in 1977.
  16. Back to Germany. I just flew from Dusseldorf to Stuttgart in my old Real Air Duke. Lovely flight and I noticed quite a lot of smoke stacks and steam towers but no wind turbines. Just wanted to know if any of you know if that's simply my old FSX Power Projects showing up or if its that the Orbx developers have cottoned on to them? I'm a bit disturbed by the lack of birds too. They would add some movement to the scenery.
  17. 'If you mean Donald Campbell's jet powered boat, that was Coniston Water in England.' No wonder they didn't find the monster had tampered with Donald Campbells boat in Loch Ness then Christoper....err...I think. I know I'm a confused 86 year old but I know I don't think 'Nessie' exists anywhere except in the minds of romantics.
  18. Yep. They arrested them, no doubt slapped their wrists and told them not to be so naughty.
  19. 'so I don't see most of the gaffs, flaws, and mistakes'. Blimey Rodger. Now I know why you liked my books! ' leave the house occasionally without trousers '?. You lot must live in very tolerant societies. We'd get arrested for that here Jeff no matter how old we are. Anyway, its too bloody cold in Britain for those sort of larks.
  20. Me to myself; 'Be careful here John, I could get up Nick's nose. Anyway, you're all wrong, I think we're all in a Commonwealth now. And I'm not sure if we're still in the EU!
  21. Now that is a work of art Triplane! Congratulations.
  22. Goodness me Lawrence. You are so bloodthirsty. I used to have a mate once who was curator of the Loch Ness Monster museum up there and he's never seen it either. And if there was such a thing, I'd be surprised if they could get Donald Campbells car in near pristine condition out of the water the way they did last year or the year before?
  23. Let's face it, you're probably just a rotten driver! lol
  24. OK - I think I can do without . I've certainly still got roads and traffic and now my airports are perfect....well those I've used since turning Vector off. I haven't noticed any problems with shorelines and railway lines are damn near invisible anyway from about 2000' and upwards. And blow disabling individual airports, there are not only thousands of them but how do I know which one's would be affected and those not?! Disregard this question. Don't know about boats but in Minehead Bay I can still see the pleasure craft and occasional steamer cargo vessel going up to the docks. So, for me, its a waste of time and I'm leaving it off. I'll see how I go and I may eventually save a bit of disc space by uninstalling it completely. Thanks for your help fellers. John
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