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  1. Hm. This reminds me of when I was a young man. That's the Egypt I know. It actually looks nice here. It hasn't got the dust, the heat and cold, the squalor, or the beggars or the poor people. When I travelled through Suez we stopped at Port Said. It was terrible. Never had any yen to go there again. A friend of mine had to go to Cairo quite regularly on business and he found as I did, you can't actually do business there unless you are prepared to bribe the people you're dealing with. It may have changed from those times but I doubt it. Sorry to put a downer on it. The pyramids, by the way, were were built using slave labour from Africa and designed by the very clever architects they had in those days using the law of opposing forces to stop the blocks falling down. You all probably knew all this anyway so I'm just wasting everybody's time!
  2. I'll never understand computers. The problem has rectified itself!
  3. I'm afraid no matter how many times I hit it, hitting the 'B' key has made no difference at all. It was also the solution suggested by my ATC forum. Any other ideas please? John
  4. Well flyingleaf, it wouldn't would it? It hasn't occurred again yet!
  5. My goodness Matthew, that sounds bitter.
  6. All this is very interesting but what's intrigued me is what you were all doing in these places?
  7. I've just landed at Brindisi, the scene of some bloody battles during the 2nd.World War. Brings back some bad memories.
  8. I take my Kindle wherever I go. I'm adicted to Westerns and, much to my embarrassment, Romance!
  9. I didn't know that at all flyingleaf. I'll try that. Thank you. Even after all these years of simulated flying , I didn't realise that the B key was that useful. The only time I've ever pressed it was when Active Sky changed the baro' and before taking off! Thanks again. John
  10. 'Malaya sounds pretty exotic to me! I'be only ever lived in the UK' It might sound that way now Steve but it was in the two years 1951/52 when the communist uprising and terrorism was at its highest! I was bloody glad to get home!
  11. Having lived only in England and Malaya, I'm not very interesting. Now my wife was a real travellor. Born in Hainan, lived in Xewen, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chifeng, London and now Minehead and, in case you're wondering, she's half and half Chinese and English. Her temper is all Chinese though! Don't get on the wrong side of her!!!
  12. Hm. Perhaps due to history. I'll never miss my food....or, even delay it. So, I fit my flying in around my regular meal times. No way will I miss my wife's cooking whatever the meal is! John
  13. Yes, Vincent. A special welcome to one who served.
  14. I know this isn't a support forum but my question here is too do with the defunct Real Air Duke which I fly a lot and I know some of you fellers fly it too. I'm sorry to say mine after so many years of excellent service has developed a fault. Its to do with the altitude settings. For example, if I want to fly at 8000' I have to get to 8,500 to stop ATC moaning at me to climb to it. Strangely, when on approach and have to come down to 3000', I don't have to add anything to achieve that steady altitude. Its irritating, so can anyone offer some advice on how this can be corrected please. Thanks and all the best to those like me who rue the day Real Air packed up. John
  15. The way you lot at Orbx are producing, I'll have to ask the Government for a bigger pension rise than usual! It looks beautiful. John
  16. I only fly a few depending on distance and landing surface; Real Air Duke, Phenom 300, Quest Kodiak or the Carenado 172. I have a few others but rarely fly them. For me its not the actual flying that counts. Its seeing parts of the world I have no hope of ever seeing in real life. For that reason I favour photographic scenery with all the terrain enhancements I can find. I do use Real World Weather and UT live Traffic, but that means I often see less of the world than I would like and do get held up occasionally by other aircraft but I suppose that's part of the hobby! Anyway, happy new year to you all. Have a good one.
  17. Yes, Tommy Cooper was a very funny man but I've a feeling that if I was watching him now I would be thinking; 'For goodness sake, get on with it man!'. I think its to do with being old and short on patience these days.
  18. Not sure about that Ian. Having served in Malaya; hot (120 in shade), humid, wet, I think I could put up with the heat and certainly the cold. No , I supect the only real problem would be money. Isn't it always?!
  19. Yes, that's right Macca. Sheep too. But, more interestingly, what's in Queensland? Is it sheep country like here?
  20. That is a good reply Paddler. All the best for the new year. To Everyone!
  21. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be published for Kindle. Having given all my hard cover (dust collectors) books to my daughter years ago its the only way I read now.
  22. No. But I'll look for it on my way out.
  23. Just landed a CYSE Squamish r/w 14. Anyone who lives in this beautiful part of Canada must be both an isolationist and mad. Definitely a place for masochists! I expect it's nicer in the summer when its not snowing and freezing cold. Oh, and by the way, will someone please shoot that dog!
  24. Thanks for the tip Rodger. I'll have a look.
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