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  1. I like Torquay. My wife and I have had quite a few holidays there over the years. Now we live in Minehead. That started simply because of my fascination with 'Lorna Doone' and I wanted to follow the story and see the places mentioned in it.. I'm glad to say that the Doone Valley and other places remain largely unchanged and are still a delight to visit. For reading, I'm still hooked on 'Westerns'. The people who populated the American west in the late 1800's were strong and I really admire their resilience, especially the women folk.
  2. Hm. My first was in 1947 in a field with a girlfriend who I found out later was anybody's. It didn't go well. It was my wife who really educated me. Not because of her experience so much as her patience.
  3. There are no new posts to look at. Come on chaps, use your imagination. Or, have we all died. If so, and this is what its like, I'm going back!
  4. Just to add my tuppence worth. Rodger is right, Orbx is just about the best company to deal with if you have a problem. All you have to do is get on to the right section and voice your problem and it'll be quickly answered.
  5. Don't you just love 'em? My bank of twenty, thirty years or more sent me a letter that didn't make sense to me. They gave an address at the top pf the letter and a telephone number, so I 'phoned them. Guess what, the girl on the end told me they could not talk to me about it because I wasn't registered for telephone banking and that I should visit my local branch some 30 miles away! I'm now in the process of changing to a bank that has a branch local to me!
  6. That is so old flyingleaf that we told it to one another in school!
  7. What I hate most about landclass is the way the roads cut through buildings and over the top of everything else. Perth has them all so until something is done specifically for Perth as an area to alter it I'll not be visiting there again!
  8. I wrote a poem some time ago you may find amusing; The Chair The chair I’ve sat in for three years past I’ve decided will no longer last Oh my, oh dear, the deed is done and my chair is replaced with another one My old chair was fine when I was stood but when I was sat it was doing my back no good The new chair is clad in leather so my bum won’t sweat whatever the weather I’ve sat in it all the afternoon and my back and rear tell me it’s quite a boon so I’ll not be changing this one quite so soon
  9. Plow Rodger, you'll get there in the end and there's nothing like the satisfaction you feel when your story finally gets published.
  10. Ah. Thanks for that. I know boules. My wife and I together with her parents used to spend many happy hours playing the Chinese gambling game mahjong. Good job we only played using pennies. Thousands of pounds would have changed hands otherwise. There was a road near where I lived called Pennyfields and it was where many of the Chinese families in London lived. We would go there shopping for Chinese food ingredients and during the summer the old men would be sitting on the pavements in their fours playing the game. I dread to think of the amount of money that changed hands. The Chinese, it always seemed to me, were/are great gamblers. That area was all cleared out for redevelopment years ago and the Chinese community moved lock stock and barrel to the eastern end of Soho, now rightly renamed Chinatown. The Chinese keep the area spotless, very colourful and crime free. Its where my wife and I go to meet our family for a meal when we travel to London about four times a year. There's a similar area in Manchester though not as large. They do have a massive underground Chinise restaurant there though and the food was always superb when I used to visit while on business in the city.
  11. Yes, Doug. Golf is a game that's bound to give anyone a medical problem. In the brain! The most frustrating game I know and you always think you're better than you really are. Even the distance you can hit the damn thing. You always think you can hit it further than you can and then spend the rest of the time trying to get yourself out of the trouble you've put yourself in! You get so you hate it but always come back for more. Daft. I got down to 11 and spent the rest of my golfing life trying to better it. I could occasionally play to it, but I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I bettered it. Certainly not enough to come down any further.
  12. Yes, I've just installed Australia 2 and agree that Perth is pretty damn bad. I'm hoping the rest of Australia will show an improvement.
  13. 'I played golf for over 54 years.' I used to play too. In fact, my regular partner in the Sunday morning four-ball when he was a young lad was Justin Rose. All over now of course. I borrowed a club from the Pro' the other day just to have a swing. I did one swing and the pro' had to come out and half carry me to a chair and sit me down with a glass of water. My wife nearly had a fit when she heard what I had been up to and called me a silly old fool. She's probably right. Taught me a lesson though. I can't do anything physical any more!
  14. Sorry to have to tell you Tim but I think you've posted this on the wrong forum. We're a group of oldies just chewing the cud and have nothing to do with product development and have no influence whatever on what Orbx produces. Sorry mate. Get on to the main forum. There's bound to be an appropriate subject on there. John
  15. Glad to hear there's another like me. I forgot to add that I don't go anywhere without my Kindle Paperwhite. What a gift Amazon is for those who read ! What's petanque?
  16. Just wondered what most of you do in your spare time between flying. Being 86 I can't do anything physical now but my favourite and longest lasting pastime has always been and still is reading fiction. My Mother taught me to read at a very early age and that gave me a love of story books . The war came when I was six. The schools were closed for most of it. My Dad was away in the army. Due to possible raids, shopping for the rations was a very quick affair but still afforded a chance to re-supply our reading matter. By the time the war ended they were having to hide newspapers from me because I was well and truly hooked on reading...anything! I loved the strip cartoons, especially Jane, who managed to lose her clothes every day it seemed! So, I've been an avid reader all my life and still spend more hours in the day at it than anything else.
  17. Thanks for that news about Sue fellers. Glad to hear she's still around and active.
  18. 'when not exploring the Orbx world' Don't you have Orbx New Zealand then? Shame on you Roger. Your own Country too. Or is it your wording that has sent my awry? John
  19. Are you one of those that has been reading my books lately then? I noticed I seemed to be getting more royalties from Amazon than usual. They're peanuts really but it does keep me in touch with the fact they're being read. 'if I had your ability, I'd write a book'. Anyone with a decent command of English and an interesting story to tell can write books . It sounds as if your biography would be interesting oldendirt. Why not give it a go? Just remembered, Hotsper (spelling?) was a decent comic too. Lots of good stories and an annual to look forward to as a Christmas present. Strange how times change. The libraries in England didn't have the Richmel Crompton books while I was growing up. We had to buy them from the local bookshops but they were quite inexpensive and easily affordable from my pocket money. Mind you, the war was on so I suppose that shortages etc., restricted the libraries on what they could stock. Also, Richmel Crompton was busy writing them then too. She, or he had competition too. What about the girls series of 'Katy' books? Don't know who wrote them but they seemed popular among the girls at school...when it was open that is! That reminds me. I've been meaning to ask. We used to have a couple of women cotributing to the forums. One was called 'Sue'. What happened to them I wonder? Anyone know?
  20. I tend to repeat flights I enjoy. Mainly because of the geography but sometimes because the the length suits me. Do any of you do this and what are they? I'll start. I like to fly from EGCD Manchester to LGMN Nice Cote d'Azur. The scenery changes so much on this flight along with the weather. You can never tell what you're going to get and the landing can be quite tricky. I usually use my little Phenom Embraer or, for a slower flight, the old Real Air Duke for these flights. Then, to return, I fly back to my home aiorport EGGD Bristol, or sometimes back to EGTE Exeter. I live on the coast approximately between the two.
  21. Yes, all those, specially Dick Barton. Do you remember the 'William' books by Richmel Crompton? My daughter still has the full set I gave her. Oh, and what about Al Barley Dell (spelling?)the newsman and Mickey Mouse and Champion comics. Incidentally, I am a true Cockney born in Bow Maternity Hospital and therefore within the sound of Bow bells......just.....and discounting traffic noise! More importantly, how on earth did you end up in Rochester,WA?
  22. Correction. Yes you're right, it is faster loading. Sorry about that. I did something wrong. Don't know what! I was expecting problems with my real world weather but I see there was an update for it already, got that and everything is hunky-dory again.
  23. Can't say I've noticed that much difference in loading. Maybe its not P3D but because I've got so much more on it what with real world scenery, live weather, traffic and so on. I suppose they each take their time.
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