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  1. Ok. Thanks fellers. Jack. I haven't split my discs. I have 3 entirely separate individual discs. Thanks Nick. I had a feeling that was the case but couldn't damn well find a way in Central to do it. I'll have another look. John
  2. I had my computer built for me way back when. Because in those days(before Orbx) I intended it for use as a general workhorse with photography mainly on mind. I therefore got a decent 1TB 'C' disc but large capacity 3TB 'D' & 'E' discs. This was fine and accomodated all my photography work and later FS9 and a gradually expanding world of flight simulation photo scenery. It all worked well until Orbx came on the scene when I discovered it would only work from my 'C' disc. That disc is now decidedly getting overworked and I would really like to get all the Orbx scenery, if not the operating part, on to my 'D' and 'E' discs but I can't damn well work out a way of doing it! Any ideas anybody please?
  3. I'm quite happy with my simulator but would be happier to see scenery being finished. The USA is a good example, so is Europe. I realise they are huge projects but with those two complete, think of the benefits for us Europeans who will never actually see America and similarly vice versa. For example, it wasn't until I recently flew from Chicago to the west coast (all in photographic scenery because Orbx hasn't expanded that far yet) that I realised the sheer amount of what I was expecting to see as prarie has been turned into cultivated farmland. No wonder that the US can not only be self supporting in food but also export loads of it for people to eat elsewhere. Incidentally, I would have expected to see more American scenery available. What's holding it up?
  4. Hi Nick, Now I'm trying to work on the American version of English to see if I can upset them too! All the best.
  5. That's the beauty (or bain, whichever way you look at it) of English and, I must say England, that there is such a variety of of accents here. If you want to hear English spoken properly, the the more educated parts of Scotland is the place to be.
  6. The big, big problem with doing the Far East is, of course, imigery. That's available for Malaya and Singapore but I suspect it would be practically impossible to get it for the two most interesting places i.e. Russia and China. I'm not sure if it was finally created for Thailand.
  7. I was going to dispense with my old British scenery (only just compatible with P3D) for Orbx scenery. But I find the True Earth is only available for the South of the Country? Yet it seems to be available for the whole of the Netherlands. Can someone advise me on what I should get please?
  8. Oceans 11 brings back memories but I can't rank well remember what the are/were!
  9. I see. Thank you. I was thinking I might be a broach to give to someone but couldn't imagine why anyone would give jewellery to Nick.
  10. Is that English they speak? Sounds more like Cockney to me! Oh....and who's crowing now?!!
  11. Err, Been pondering this. I give up. What's a 'cameo' Jack?
  13. Ok- I've had a look at Air Haulers 2 and it really doesn't do the same job as FS Passengers. From other forums I gather the developer of FS Passengers is ill so it looks as if it'll stagnate for the time being.
  14. I hope this is allowed Nick. Does anyone know where I can get a version similar to FS Passengers that works with P3Dv4? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the info Ken and the kind offer to fly together. I've had a look at Pilot Edge and have decided to give it a miss for the time being. As I said I fly mostly in Western Europe. If it was available for the whole world rather than for a relatively small part of the US, I would be tempted but as it is I don't want to feel restricted to the one area. Thanks again.
  16. Ok - thanks. I've decided I'm going to stay. I'm having too much fun here to want to leave. I think I like it better than the other place sounds like!
  17. Thanks for that Ken. I'll take a look and let you know how I get on. However, I like variety and never know in the Western World where I am going to fly next so I need a wide ranging ATC that'll cover that. The truth is I spend most of my flying time over Europe and don't spend a lot of time flying in America.
  18. I've got another moan now. I've just had a most enjoyable flight from Cheyenne Regl to Jackson Hole. Unfortunately, the flight was spoiled at the end because the b....y.controller didn't know the level of the surrounding land or the airfield! She addled my brains with her ridiculous nagging to descend to 7000' when the mountainous ground I was flying over was 9000'! The airport itself was at 7,500' or thereabouts! If traffic controllers don't know the terrain and altitude of the ground, why on earth do they presume to give us altitude instructions at all especially when we are landing. I don't know, but I'm assuming this doesn't happen in real life so why have they built such stupid commands into the sim'?! I think I'll go and read my Kindle. John
  19. Carenado Phenom 350 Ken. I like it because its quite quick and has an impressive auto pilot!
  20. There is a program called something like Passenger something or other. I had it with FSX and it wasn't bad. Doesn't seem to be available any more.
  21. In the sim' wolfko. Goodness me, Rodger. I dread to think! Can you imagine it?!! Keif'& Kev' would have managed to crash it!
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