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  1. I'm suffering with a bit of nostalgia. This conversation has taken me back to the days just after the second world war before I met my wife. A whole gang of us very young teenagers (14-17) from the local YMCA used to go to the local town halls on Saturday evenings where they had various dance and jazz bands playing. Ted Heath was popular and various small groups who had formed dance bands, so was Humphrey Lyttleton (spelling?). But he was Dixieland Jazz and was only really suitable for Jiving and for me, jumping around! Being trained in ballroom dancing I could never get the t
  2. Rodger said; 'it's a wise man who obeys those rules' He's right....if you want to eat!
  3. Thick fog at KPIT Atkins. Just had to trust ILS. In hate to do that.
  4. Well, everybody knows this Flyingleaf. There are rules about how fast you drive, when you are allowed to put the dishwasher on and when you can change you shirt, underwear and pants. My wife hasn't quite cottoned on to the trousers and slippers yet, but give her time.
  5. Thanks for that info' robespierre. I'll avoid it.
  6. Please don't talk about rashes and itches Rodger unless you have a cure. If so, I would like to know it instead of having to smother myself in various creams that may or may not do the job on any one day or night.
  7. I think I left them under bed. Rodger. No point in my replying to your comment Oldendirt. It would just be scrubbed by Nick. But I agree.
  8. I have just flown from Frankfurt to Southampton. What a flight. What scenery! Full of interest and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Orbx. Now I'm going back to America for a little while to fly between, some of towns mentioned on the Westerns I've become addicted to.
  9. Thanks for that info' Nick. I'm going to give France especially and Spain a miss from now on. Well, until we get some decent Orbx Scenery for them. I don't learn, I've been flying there for the last couple of days and everything has ended in failure. I've noticed before that the French traffic controllers just don't know where you are and even misplace their own airports. Also they bring you down to 1000' over hills that are 3000'. Idiots! Well that got that off my chest. I'm now going to read my latest Western on my Kindle which is what I should have
  10. After all this time of flying, I never thought I would have to give up on a flight but I've had to today. I thought I would do the short flight from LEBB Bilbao to LEAS Asturias. Because it was short I decided to fly VFR - my first mistake. Half way I had to transfer to IFR and descend to 8000'. Don't know why. I think its possibly a Spanish Military controlled zone. Anyway, that was alright I got on to IFR and obeyed the instructions, got on to 'approach' but couldn't see the airport. let alone the runway. Despite 'Go-arounds' I couldn't find it. The IFR became u
  11. Well, I'm already 86 and feel like...well.....old!
  12. Yep, Orbx is special and I have practically everything it has to offer but I do wish that they'd get on with America. I know its vast and a challenge but my photoscenery and landscapes appear flat and lack contrast compared to Orbx offerings.
  13. Ah well. Its back to the UK2000 Bristol Extreme for me then. I don't want to have to cross the Channel every time I'm flying from home.
  14. This is the major airport for the West Country in England. Are there any moves affoot to develop it soon please?
  15. I've got two additional hard drives actually installed in my computer. Gives me plenty of space. I've recently migrated some of the Orbx scenery to them to give my C drive a bit of a rest. Works well.
  16. Yes. I'm not saying it's not compatible Jack. It works. It's just horrible to fly! I'm pretty sure there are others about other than Carenado. I'll have a look around. John
  17. Hi Jack First of all I would like to thank you for giving me guidance on migrating stuff to a disc other than the 'C'. Orbx have made it much easier now. Once you have the program, they have a section in Central that sllows for just that. The Cessna 172 Skyhawk I've got is made by Carenado. Caleb, all my FSX stuff is long gone mate.
  18. Briliant. Keep 'em coming guys. They give both my wife and me a lot of laughs.
  19. It doesn't matter what I do I can't get my bloody Cessna 172 to fly in P3D4 the way it did in FS9 & X. Truth is, I'm not even sure I've got the same one anymore now I've got P3Dv4.
  20. I had all this, and it was good, but have since got rid of all my photo scenery and landscapes and converted everything one type or another to Orbx.
  21. Yes. I heard of someone else going to xplane. What's the advantage of it over P3D? JohnY
  22. My wife at 85 is working harder and walking faster than either of us ever did! She tires me out just watching her.
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