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  1. I'm with you dexthorm. I've got to go to the hospital later this morning. They've called me in. Don't know why. I've got to take all my pills with me which makes me suspicious. D'you think they're going to 'put me down'?
  2. What qualifies as vintage? I know I am but I mean how old does the car have to be?
  3. I remember a holiday in Yorkshire Sheila and I once had. We stayed in Harrogate and set ourselves a walking challenge to visit and walk over every bridge on the moors. Of course we failed because there are hundreds of them but we did have a fabulous holiday and saw some truly beautiful scenery. The food was good too, especially at 'Betty's'. We liked the city too. York is really oldie worldie and a very pleasant place. Bloody cold though!
  4. I just call mine 'bitch' when it needs a seeing to. It's an 18 year old Ford Escort I bought from new. Just past the 60,000 miles and works like it did when brand new. I wouldn't swap it for the world. So comfortable to sit in and drive. When I worked I had a top of the range mercedes company car. Couldn't stand the rotten thing. The seats were like sitting on sheet metal and it was so unwieldy to drive I wonder I never crashed the thing. It wouldn't have been so bad if It was simply for show but I used to have to drive 22 - 24000 miles in it every year on business. After a couple of years putting up with this I persuaded the Transport Dept., to allocate a Ford to me. They happily provided a top of the range at the time Ford for me that was so comfortable and an absolute delight to drive. When I retired I had to reluctantly hand the one I had back to them. They wouldn't let me buy it, so I bought another Ford. Can't remember what that was. It was big. Sheila thought too big. Didn't have it that long. A lorry crashed into it when it was parked in the road. I then bought the then Escort and Sheila had the Fiesta. It was daft having two cars then but she wouldn't drive the Escort and hasn't driven since. Shame really but she said she never liked driving anyway.
  5. That's a disappointment Lawrence. You have destroyed an impossible image I have always had of America. In the back of my mind I've always thought of everything there as being shiny and new.
  6. Got the latest version now Smudger. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Yes Ken, my trouble is I have all of U.S. Orbx airports but don't know where they are! What I've yet to do I think is place them on a decently detailed map. I've got a fair idea of European geography but my knowledge of the United States is limited to the main towns and cities. So, KHFY Greenwood Municipal could have been in Timbuctoo for all I knew! I've been looking for a big map which shows the whole of the U.S. The trouble is, they are available but then you find they don't detail the smaller places. I have Plan G but find that's not as good as it used to be. My version no longer shows the range rings etc. I'll have to have a look see if Tim has produced an update. Thanks for the suggested journey Oldendirt. Sounds interesting. I've taken a note of it and may well embark on it but will choose my own route, probably flying the 'Duke' (still my favourite aircraft) most of the way. Thanks for the good laugh Adambar. My wife enjoys these stories too!
  8. Just flown into KIND Indianapolis from KCMH Port Columbus. Only a short flight but what lovely countryside it was all the way. Absolutely beautiful.
  9. Brilliant. My wife and I are loving these.
  10. You fellers are cracking me and my wife up. Keep them coming.
  11. There's no way I could persuade my wife to camp out. Had enough of that! Hotels and room service for us these days wherever we might go!
  12. Well Jack, even if you haven't suggested a flight, that is such a good idea about pinpointing your Orbx areas and airports on a map. I never know where they are so I'll have a go at that. The Congo Rodger? Wher on earth is the Orbx scenery for that?
  13. It rarely, if ever happens but if it does we have torches and our Kindle Paperwhites and Kindle Fire to keep us occupied. Then, of course, there's always moonlight and bed and an early night!
  14. That sounds an interesting flight Ken. Thank you. I've made a note and will certainly try it.
  15. All in shortish hops I've transposed Australia & New Zealand left to right and north to south and gone round the perimeteres. The same holds true of the USA, Canada, GB and Europe. Presently, I'm flying in America trying to follow some of the epic journeys of the original pioneers. However, I would be interested to know how you fellers decide where to fly to and where from?
  16. Some idiot I suspect Rodger. Back on subject, I don't know what history they're taught in schools these days. I suspect few teachers know history as it affects humanity. Certainly in my case, they were more concerned with dates events took place rather than what and why they happened and the results. Crazy, but I put it down to the inadequacy of the teachers teaching them. My own knowledge came about from an uncle who served and survived in the trenches of the so called first world war and, of course, my own experiences during the second world war. I personally think history is an important subject only in the hope that it might help to prevent such events happening in the future. I suspect my hopes are doomed to failure though. I'm glad to record though that it doesn't look as if my children will experience or be involved in any sort of conflict during their lives. I hope that's the case. Sorry if I've transgressed into dangerous territory Nick but it got it off my chest. Hello John, just the last sentence.(The one that's missing)
  17. I'm suffering with a bit of nostalgia. This conversation has taken me back to the days just after the second world war before I met my wife. A whole gang of us very young teenagers (14-17) from the local YMCA used to go to the local town halls on Saturday evenings where they had various dance and jazz bands playing. Ted Heath was popular and various small groups who had formed dance bands, so was Humphrey Lyttleton (spelling?). But he was Dixieland Jazz and was only really suitable for Jiving and for me, jumping around! Being trained in ballroom dancing I could never get the tempo right for jazz. On Sunday evenings we went to the local cinema. During one of these evenings we saw Jane Russel showing her big chest in 'The Outlaw' which caused quite a stir, and a bit of sleeplessness after. Many a couple got together at these do's with marriage as a result later on. What is surprising is that this all took place in East London, a crime centre according to the journalists, but there were never ever any problems. And for safety, we took the girls home to their front doors, usually with a brief chaste kiss of thanks as reward. Courtesy at all times was the norm' and expected in those days. Bad behaviour, especially with the girls, was punishable by ostracism. Or rarely, by fists. Then, at seventeen, I met Sheila and it all stopped. And I didn't miss it, or my friends a bit! We were mostly split up by then anyway due to gradually being called up for National Service, usually in the army, or sometimes, the air force. The navy didn't seem to take, or need, National Servicemen. Well, I got that off my chest!
  18. Rodger said; 'it's a wise man who obeys those rules' He's right....if you want to eat!
  19. Thick fog at KPIT Atkins. Just had to trust ILS. In hate to do that.
  20. Well, everybody knows this Flyingleaf. There are rules about how fast you drive, when you are allowed to put the dishwasher on and when you can change you shirt, underwear and pants. My wife hasn't quite cottoned on to the trousers and slippers yet, but give her time.
  21. Thanks for that info' robespierre. I'll avoid it.
  22. Please don't talk about rashes and itches Rodger unless you have a cure. If so, I would like to know it instead of having to smother myself in various creams that may or may not do the job on any one day or night.
  23. I think I left them under bed. Rodger. No point in my replying to your comment Oldendirt. It would just be scrubbed by Nick. But I agree.
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