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  1. Thanks Dave & Tim I'll have a look for Instant Scenery Dave and yes, I did enjoy the flight Tim. The thing about Australia I'm finding, even with the OZx airports all over the place, is that the distances are vast, which leads to longer flights than I'm used to, and this one was not only interesting, but for once quite short, which is a nice change. All the best to you both. Have a good one. John
  2. Thank you Iain. Have a good one! John
  3. Exciting 'plane and shots tailgunner but you do realise you're ruining the environment don't you? John
  4. I don't often fly this version of the Cessna 172 but I must admit, it's not half bad for short flights; Not another storm coming in please. I could have this weather in England! Cleared a bit. That must be Groote Eylandt This is a pretty place by the look of it That's right. You tell 'im. He's piched my parking space You know? My parking gets worse. You should see me in the car! Glad the mechanic isn't watching! I do like these touches. I mean, having the people and birds, although there could be a few more of them. Brings life into the sim. John
  5. Hi Norman Somewhere in Windows there's a panel that tells what memory is actually reserved for what and the settings can be altered. As I remember, there is often far too much memory devoted to some background applications and those can be tweaked down slightly to provide more memory for general use. This then helps to reduce OOM errors elsewhere, such as FSX. I did it myself last year but for the life of me I can't remember how! John
  6. Looks like a Pyramid for an infant to me. Be careful around it Sue, it could carry an old Egyptian curse! John
  7. Brilliant. Just Brilliant Iain. Keep 'em coming. John
  8. Yep, well done as usual Iain. You know, I sometimes wonder if you get any sleep at all?!! John
  9. Super shots and merry Christmas to you too Aces. The FEX/REX discussion is going on in Horizon's forum too. Its difficult. From what I understand, the weather engine in REX isn't very good at all and its non existant still in FEX. The clouds in FEX are superior to those in REX which apparently is rather limited on adjustments. However, the water animation, and maybe the colours of the water in REX are somewhat better than the FEX/FSWC combination. Apparently at the moment there are one or two fixes needed in REX too. So, its a dilemma. I've got FEX, and because I'm now familiar wi
  10. Another phsycho... well, that word I cannot spell. I don't like those paint jobs. Reminds me of the weird young men of the sixties all hair, unclean and bad behaviour. Ugh. On the other hand it's a good exciting pic Dogdor. John
  11. Yes, well the pics are certainly good Alain. And there doesn't seem much that you have to put right either......hm...except the Country that is! I flew from Vegas in real world weather yesterday. No sign of snow! It's all a con! John
  12. Fabulous Paul. Thanks for the laugh. John
  13. Excellent. Did the guy in the boat survive? John
  14. Very impressive but I don't think I would want to fly in a 'plane like that. The pilot must be a 'hippy'. John
  15. Excellent shots jankees. Liked 'em. Season's Greetings. John
  16. Yes, but as has been said earlier, unless you save the setting, each time you change a scenery setting or maybe something else it will revert to 4.5, especially if you do it on the fly. John
  17. Lovely shots Iain. About Rex - I'm sticking with FEX. From what I've seen, I still think its better overall. The clouds seem softer and more subtle somehow. But I do like the REX water. John
  18. Very nice pictures. I bet your heart was in your mouth as you just cleared those trees! John
  19. I really like that last one. Smashing! John
  20. That's great and Season's Greetings to you too. Well done. John
  21. He's not going to post shots of losing his virginity is he? John
  22. Just wish to add my best wishes to you and especially your wife John. Let's hope its the better news you hope for after Chrismas. John
  23. Yes that's it Norman. In the end, it becomes part of the set-up for FSX because you just click 'load' on the first page, navigate to your saved settings cfg, click open and there you go, you have those particular settings logged in the FSX for you. John
  24. Thank goodness for that! What a wonderful solution. John
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