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  1. Thanks for the tip Rodger. I'll have a look.
  2. Hi Paddler I 've just gone up to Calgary. Thought I should buy some Canadian airports. Turns out these are in a short supply. None of the major airports are featured but I managed to get four and I'm hoping Global will see to the rest. I'll be up in Alaska to join you soon.
  3. That's right scottb. I'll just have to do more homework before statrting my flights!
  4. I already have those unchecked Rob and I have the Global Airport Pack Dave. But, unlike everywhere else, I have nothing that specifically relates to Canada. Never mind. Thanks everyone for trying to help. John
  5. Sorry fellers. I've opened the links you kindly gave but can find no way to open them so I can download the airports!
  6. Thanks for the links for canada fellers. Why, on earth doesn't Orbx have them listed in FTX Central? I though that was the only place to get Orbx from! I suppose I had better get busy! Incidentally. yes I do have the two packages you mention Stewart.
  7. In my opinion, It's the best Dadtom65, even though, like all the ATC's you have to watch them in regards to altitude instructions and they are usually spot on, but like them all I think, when it comes to descending on approach over mountains you have to watch it in case they give the descent instructions too soon. Incidentally, default P3Dv3.4 is no better! Incidentally, PF3 has a 'try before you buy' scheme so why not give it a go. Just don't pinch my lady co-pilot Sue who has a lovely well educated English voice.
  8. I've looked and looked and can find no reference to Canada. We have some good scenery in America and some good scenery in Alaska. But none in Canada apart from 'Global' which frankly, isn't a scenery that does it justice. So what we need is some good detailed scenery for Canada so we can land in airports there on our way to Alaska and vice versa. Is there anything in the pipeline to address this issue please? John
  9. I didn't know that Olderndirt. Thank you. The problem is ATC. It keeps nagging you to come down to an altitude that's below the mountains! I can't believe they do that in real life?
  10. Flying into KBZN Gallatin Boseman from KEGE Eagle Co Regional as you get closer you have to go over quite high mountains which are in fact some 20 miles from the airport approach. Don't you just love it when ATC manages to give altitude orders but fails to take into account of how high the bloody mountains are! If you take notice of these orders, you crash into the sides of them, or worse, have to fly along the valley's ignoring the instructions. And yet, I always fall for it. Retaining my altitude of 16000' would get me over all of them and still enable to get down for a reasonably easy approach! Will I ever learn?!!!
  11. Fly the final wilderness frontier Sounds like our visits to London flyingleaf!
  12. Hm. Thanks for the suggestion flyingleaf. It is, I must admit a long time since I've ventured into Alaska. Sounds cold to me. However, I'll work my way up there as I'm coming this way anyway through Canada.
  13. Flown from Palm Springs toKeGB Eagle Co Regional this afternoon. Nice flight over some magnificent scenery in decent weather for a change. I was hoping for an ILS landing. No such luck. Got Runway 7 and flying the Phenom 300 doesn't make for easy manual landings over the hills and into the valley. Got it down ok and was given a parking spot but, as usual, couldn't find it so I just parked near some cars to the right of the terminal. Luckily, with the flight simulator there's no-one there to give you a rollicking! Its a lovely place though. Wouldn't want to live there. Too isolated for me.
  14. Got all of these. Can't honestly say I've flown to and from them all though. Must try harder and not get diverted to Europe!
  15. I've just flown into Palm Springs. What a fabulous place. Absolutely beautiful. The buildings are out of theis world and the general scenery around well, phew! I wanna live there! Please? John
  16. Yes, well, Yamba 1. I understand but I'm 85 and still spending on this hobby especially now as I can't get round the golf course! Australia and New Zealand have been well done by Orbx. However, I do like exploring and improving my scenery everywhere to be as realistic as possible. Currently, I'm flying in the USA which is all covered by photo scenery plus Landscapes textures. On top of that, I have trying to get have a look at all the Orbx airports and their surrounds. So I do get a good idea of what the places look like and the scenery in the Western states is absolutely amazing even in the desert areas. I envy the Americans sometimes. However, I also have all of Western Europe covered in photo scenery and textured scenery of one sort or another. Its a real mish mash but the whole is very worthwhile flying over especially as I can recognise many of the places I've actually visited. So, forget the kids on this. Be selfish on this one. Explore and enjoy. Now where can I get Eastern Europe and Asia????!!! John
  17. OK - I've got Redding now. Can't have a look yet cos' I'm getting rid of a load of files on a couple of old backup discs and its taking forever!
  18. Oh, I see. Its the one where Rob lives, Sorry to be a bit thick. I don't think Orbx has done that one though. Oops. Yes they have. I just haven't got it. Frankly, from what Rob writes, I don't think I want it either. John
  19. Yep. The old ones are always the best.
  20. Ok - but what's the name of the airport you were writing about?
  21. Yes Rob but is the name KRDD Redding? John
  22. Hm. I read Nick's 'work around', decided I couldn't understand much of it at all and decided to keep Orbx where its is on my 1TB SSD 'C' disc! It is backed up so I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world if it failed...just expensive to replace. Thanks for responding though Stewart. John
  23. Is there any likelihood of us ever being able to change the location of Orbx products from the 'C' disc to other hard discs? The reason I ask is that in general I have always kept all my operating stuff on the 1TB 'C' disc and all my other flight sim' stuff, scenery, photography etc on my two 2TB hard discs. All of it is backed up to external discs of course but if the 1TB 'C' disc fails it is a damn sight more expensive to replace than the 2-2TB hard disc put together! John
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