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  1. I did say 'Maurice' but can't find it on here so I'm having another go. By the way, its nice to see you all.
  2. I've got the lot. Does one have any advantage over the other, or could I dispense with the separate countries? Thanks. John
  3. Thanks for that info Nick. Where on earth did I get that wrong info from I wonder?!!
  4. I get the impression, probably wrongly, that EGGD Bristol for X-plane can be used by P3D customers if they have True Earth installed. Is this right? John
  5. As a little in recompense, after all the help and support Australia has given us in the past, I just hope my my own Country can find the means and the way to help.
  6. These are all damn good ideas and I've made notes. I've just installed True Earth Gt.Britain so I'll be having another look around my own Country in something approaching accurate looking scenery for a change from the flatness that comes with photographic. Happy Christmas and New year to everyone..
  7. I had it once while on a business trip to Glasgow. The ingredients are a bit off putting but it tasted real good.
  8. Thanks fellers. Lawrence, perhaps you're going the wrong way round?
  9. Thanks chaps. Sorry i haven't replied before. Your suggestions and comments thank you are keeping me busy!
  10. Hi Teecee. Thanks for the reply. I'm like you with P3D but what are the new 'fancy' sims you're talking about?
  11. No more coughing but everyone else has 'gorn orf' except you, Lawrence and me. Was it something we said?
  12. Last post ....mine.....23rd October. Where have you all gone?
  13. Always been a Ford man myself and always will be. My old Escort is eighteen years old now, is really comfy and still drives like a new car. It'll see me out.
  14. Sorry to learn of your PC difficulties Roger. I went through similar frustrations with FSX a few years ago and learned those problems are enough to pull your hair out. In then end I solved mine by throwing money at it and getting a new PC built for me. I explained the problems to the tec guy, he gave me details of how to overcome them. I got a new PC with everything he suggested doubled! Cost a bomb and took forever to get everything back on even though most of it was on back-up discs but did the trick! Hope you get over yours soon mate.
  15. Whiskey. Ugh. Can't stand the stuff! Taking cough mixture. Love the taste...doesn't do much for the cough though. Cough still hanging around and kept us awake last night. I'd suggest I sleep in the spare bedroom but the last time (years ago) I suggested that I was threatened with the meat knife!
  16. I wish I could get rid of my cough. Any ideas?
  17. Just shows how ignorant I am Nick....about virtually anything! I must say though that in my case ignorance is definitely bliss.
  18. At first I thought you lot were getting confused. To us in England a 'block' usually means a building containing flats-apartments to you. Mind you, I suspect you could contain one of our flats in one of your big cars!!!
  19. Thanks for the heads-up Rodger. As you know I don't read war stories about WW1 or 2 and you are aware of the reasons for that but in view of your support of reading my books I'll certainly be obtaining yours as soon as I see it on Amazon if only for Keif & Kev'! A 'heads up' would be nice. Rob, the nice thing about the Kindle Oasis is the handling is so much easier. With the regular Paperwhite the on/off button is at the bottom so as soon as it rests or even touches your clothing it turns itself off! Mind you, the Oasis is so much more expensive and the one thing negative I
  20. Thanks Nick. The one I'm reading at the moment is by William Black. I also read all the C J Petit novels, Etta Foster, Cassidy Hanton, Katie Wyatt etc., etc. Too numerous to mention really. Also if course Louis L'Amour. Going to readers I'm an Amazon man, so virtually all my purchases except food are from them. All the best mate and happy reading.
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