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  1. And, here's another thing. I've wasted the whole afternoon so far struggling to scan and print a document for my wife. Top page - perfectly simple - Reverse side bloody near impossible! Sorry chaps, although I've finally done it using the scanner software rather than the computer, it leaves me completely astonished that they ever got anything up in the air using bloody computers!!!
  2. I have a really fabulous co-pilot named Sue. Her voice is like silk and her face and body well....wow. I wonder if one day I'll meet her?!
  3. It was my replacement hip that finally stopped me playing. It was just too painful and it got embarrassing when the Pro's had to come out in a buggy to fetch me in cos' the pain was too great and anyway, I had lost all my puff anyway by the time I got to the 16th! Just come back from having an echocardiogram on my heart. It's quite strange hearing your own heart beat and a bit worrying when the sound stops. Momentarily you wonder if your bloody heart has stopped!
  4. Are you joking Doug? I went round to the pro's shop the other day and borrowed a driver just to swing it outside. I swung it once and the bloody thing nearly pulled me over! Luckily the young assistant Pro' was watching, burst out laughing and helped me back into the shop and sat me down. He got a glass of water for me. As I got my breath back and recovered I thanked him he said; 'You need more practice!'
  5. I should have mentioned that when he was much younger every Sunday morning I played golf with Justin Rose. He was a member of out regular fourball. Smashing young chap.
  6. Thanks Nick. I'll never get the hang of bloody computers!
  7. It won't bloody EDIT!! So you've got it twice I'm afraid.
  8. Thanks. We've got a smiths but where I live its got to be the smallest in the country! Never mind. I'm getting it on subscription.
  9. Cheeky sod Lawrence. But I can't tell you what I was doing because if I did I would have to kill you!
  10. Well, just to drop a few more names. While working for Wella (the hair cosmetic people) I accompanied and had conversations with; Lulu, Vidal Sassoon, Raymond (Mr.Teezee weezy), and several other actors, actresses and celebrities who's names escape me now. In the army, while serving Malaya , I also met, err, briefly and standing stiffly to attention, General GeraldTempler He asked me for directions to my unit while sitting in his car. Didn't offer me a lift though!
  11. Thanks Ken I had a look in our local Tesco this morning and they don't have PCPilot which I used to have on subscription but they almost went bust and |I didn't get any more. Glad to hear they've revived it. I've had a look and it looks as if I can get it posted to me on subscription. If that is indeed the case, I'll have another go. Although I read avidly using my Paperwhite I don't like reading from a computer. I think I'm a bit strange!! Anyway, nice to hear from you again. All the best. John
  12. 'Broads. Although in my case I'm not fussy!! I don't mind 'em from anywhere!' Is that from memory Fizelle?
  13. Wish I knew what your were talking about. Anyway, congratulations seem the order of the day, so I wish you all the best with your BAUD stuff Fizelle whatever it is.
  14. Can anyone please recommend one please. Needs to be available in UK.
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