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  1. Hi Carlos It was the remains after uninstall of TVSA Argyle Saint Vincent with a still active add-on.xml This scenery has an integrated AutogenConfigurationMerger.exe I still don't quite understand the working of this merger; I understand the problem and the approach, but not the working itself. Thanks again to you and to the other members for supporting my case! Cheers Ernst Btw: Just some days ago we were discussing the beauty of your country, with friends who were travelling it some time ago by a rented car
  2. Hi Nick That did the trick!!! Deactivating your above mentioned entry brought all the autogen back and 11S Sekiu is a joy again! Thank you for your decisive tip! Best wishes Ernst
  3. Hi Nick Yes, this scenery was deleted, but months ago and without consequences regarding autogen in PNW area. I'll remove this entry there. I didnt check this log file before, but now I found an entry "Skipping Orbx add-on E:\Orbx Lib\p3dv4\Global TerraFlora v2" . today I played with the settings of TerraFlora v2 in the hope to fix my autogen problem (without success) and now I find this entry. Any possible relation to my case? Ernst
  4. Hi Nick Attached is your requested central.log file @smudger: thanks for showing me central.log access @Carlos: I am running P3Dv4.5 HF3 actually (4.1.14 is Orbx Central version), but I don't intend to move fast ti v5, too many problems and too much I have to buy again Best regards Ernst central.log
  5. Thanks Nick! I am running 4.1.14 of of june 26. Where to find this Orbx central log file? Ernst
  6. Hi Nick I did as you suggested and again I get this Error message with Sync Simulator. Scenery.cfg contains 001-131 entries. The 131 entry caused an error message in P3D when starting, since there is no such scenery (Local=Scenery\Cities\Sharurah). Deactivated. There seems to be another cause than scenery.cfg fault for this message. Ernst
  7. Uuhhh, lot of work ahead! Thanks for your replies and instructions! But I think I have to follow Carlos' detailed describtion. Thanks a lot! @Ulrich: I've tried several times @Nick: re those faults in scenery.cfg: 1. do they relate to Orbx entries only or possibly also to 3d party sceneries? 2. What could possibly be wrong in scenery.cfg (I am using SimstarterNG for scenery.cfg organisiation) This undertaking will take a couple of hours/days! Ernst
  8. Hi Ulrich Thank you for your suggestions! I did exactly as you suggested, but no joy. Activating Sync Simulator will produce an Error Message: "An error occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator" This might well be the reason for my autogen problem, but how to solve this!!?? Ulrich, perhaps you know, most probably I need an Orbx expert. Hope there is one looking into that. Ernst Btw: I never get any notifications of replies in this forums, despite its activated and email address in account is correct I also never get any notifcations on updates, despite its configured But I get lots of News publications...
  9. Hello All Thanks for all your contributions! I have followed Carlos' suggestions (removed Kos, ran files verification for all Orbx sceneries involved, including PNW etc) but all without any effect regarding improved autogen. Mainly missing are trees, buildings seem to be ok. I tested an number of Orbx sceneries and found, that the most severly hurt airfields seem to be within PNW. E.g 11S Sekiu (important to me) is typical: the comlete area around the airport is toally bald, not a single tree. Similar with 0S9 Jeffersen, Vashon island, Vernonia, CYSE Squamish, and other places in BC. Europe and the parts northern of PNW seem to be unaffected. I have searched in the AutogenConfigurationMerger folder. The latest entry in P3Dv4 of default.xml is of 03.04.2020 and contains a number of TE_US_xxxx entries. But I am not having any TE scenery! Well I am not expert at all with this AutogenConfigurationMerger, frankly I don't understand anything bout it. But if the probable reason for my problem can be found there, I am willed to learn. Orbx some time ago has started this new autogen merge. Isn't it possible to use their default.xml without any TE-entries? 2 or 3 days before the Orbx update I was at 11S Sekiu and all was fine, no new install after that. Btw: Vector was upgraded yesterday, even I had set Central to not upgrade automatically !? hope there is an easy and quick solution! Thanks for all help Ernst
  10. Hi Carlos KBUR is showing ok now and in fact was a different process of purchase etc. Out of your listing I have Kos through Gaya. I installed this end of May by the add-on.xml method and had no autogen problems since. No, unfortunately I am not familiar with the Auto Configuration Merger, but I remember, quite some time ago, that Orbx forced us to a sort of Autogen Merge. This worked without any problems to me. Maybe there is a problem with this merge? Can you give me advises? Re your elevation probs: have you updated Vector? I saved a profile as suggested by Nick, but I am still hesitating to update... Ernst
  11. Hi Carlos Thank you for looking into my problem! Yes, I do have third party add-ons. I was not aware of any autogen problem before this update. What was special: I became aware of these updates because I intended to purchase new KBUR. I first made all these updates and the purchase at the end. KBUR was installed properly, except for the scenery.cfg entry and the KBUR user guide.pdf, which were missing and which I added myself, manually. So, this install was not as usual, perhaps a sign for any other update mishaps? Autogen slider is set a high, I am using P3Dv4.5 HF3 Ernst
  12. Hi Nick Thanks for your Vector reply, I'll do that! Do you have a solution for my missing autogen problem? Ernst
  13. Hi Orbx Central showed me numerous airport updates today which I all executed, except for Vector. All updates worked fine. But now I am missing Autogen in the surroundings of the airports and in other places of the Orbx landscapes. How can I get back the Autogen? Further question: When updating Vector do I loose my manual elevation settings? Auto-Configuration prouced a mess in the past. Thanks for any helpful answers Ernst
  14. Problem solved, culprit found: Removed "StMoritzersee.bgl" from Swiss_Seaplane_Basis_Winter directory of the Swiss Seaplane Pilot Addon. However, I am still on its FSX version, the P3Dv4 version might not show this effect. Nick, thanks for your hint! Ernst
  15. Hi Nick Thank you for taking care of my problem! Love the situation of your screeny... I have none of your mentioned addons but numerous other ones, exclusively for Europe, North America and in the Caribbean. I am going to try to systematically deactivate those regions and will report any findings (or none). Thanks again Nick and best regards Ernst
  16. Nobody? Is my situation with these blank areas normal? Thanks for any comments Ernst
  17. Hi I love this new Samedan scenery and know the reality very well from various vacations I spent in this area! What I am missing is some autogen forests in the approach and more buildings in St. Moritz town. as shown in the below pictures: Before St. Moritz: At St. Moritz: Approach to LSZS: Perhaps my settings in P3Dv4.5HF2? Objectflow 2 is active. Thanks for any hints on how to improve Ernst
  18. Hi Nick That helped my problem! Thank you! Interesting is, that in the FTX central panel the Simulator menue is active and correct, whereas in the FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.exe this menue is inactive... Best regards Ernst
  19. My problem with Vector has not been dealed with anymore... Where do I get support to resolve the problem of an inactive Simulator drop-down menue in Vector AEC? I am installing a big number of sceneries into new P3Dv4.4 and have some elevation problems. Thanks for any help!!! Ernst
  20. Hi Nick I have reinstalled the P3D client but there is still no active Simulator drop-down menue for Vector AEC. I have no idea how to remove and reinstall Vector if need be as next step... Ernst
  21. Thank you Nick for your prompt answer! Never done this before! I am quite new to this simulator. Will try and inform. Ernst
  22. Hi About a week agon I newly installed Vector 1.60 together with all my Orbx sceneries into P3Dv4.4 on a completely new PC and it ran perfectly. Now Vector AEC doesn't recognize my P3Dv4.4 anymore and generates a validation message that the simulator must be selected first from the dropdown first. However this drop-down menue is blank, inactive! What to do in order to get this dropdown menue active again? Thanks for your help. Ernst
  23. Rudder pedal adjustment handle. This as per the PIM_02211_R10.pdf (Pilot's Information Manual for PC-12 Series 10 and 10A page 563)
  24. Hi Holger You made my day! I found the 3 missing files in SAK in a backup of late 2017 and now PAVD is back to its full beauty! I have no idea how and for what reason these 3 files disappeared from SAK. Thank you for your help. Best regards Ernst
  25. Hi Holger This is a very surprising finding, these 3 files are really missing in my SAK05/scenery folder. But PAVD worked fine say 3 months ago. I hope to find these files in one of my backups and shall report. I do have this ADE_FTX_SAK_PAVD_elevation_adjustment.BGL but in E:\FSX\scenery\world\scenery, the only PAVD file in FSX. I run a dedicated SSD E:\FSX plus a SSD F:\ with FSX Sceneries of all kind plus the Orbx folder for the symbolic link from E:\FSX\Orbx Yes, RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings) files ar part of their BWEP Alaska Pipieline Project which require SAK and offer special files if Orbx PAVD is installed. This is a great free addon for SAK! Thans for your findings, I'll inform. Cheers Ernst
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