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  1. I must admit I have not been inclined to buy too much ORBX stuff these days since Oceania/Australia seems to be well and truly in the background now.
  2. That maybe so, but lots of people don't have the luxury of ultra high speed downloads that could do 2.5 Gb in a matter of minutes if not seconds. It takes me about an hour to download 1Gb on my state of the art internet connection here in Melbourne. In fact, I purchased Pilots FTX Global and despite taking almost 24 hrs to download the whole lot, all files were corrupted and failed integrity checking. I tried a different download manager (one of the recommended ones) and comtinued to get corrupted downloads. So on that occasion I was glad that I took the precaution of purchasing the DVD's as well. So, sometimes digital downloads are not the best solution.
  3. Hi Ian, Certainly have, two emails via the Support Centre. At this stage it would not appear to be too effective.
  4. Sorry to post this here, I understand Orbx can't offer any help... Has anyone been able to contact the Flightsim Store? I've sent two emails over the last week and had no reply, I've checked my spam folders and nothing has come in. Apologies again, but this is the only solution I can think of, maybe others have had similar problems lately.
  5. Luckily I ordered the DVD's as well. Downloaded all files as well using Free Download Manager and every one of them came up corrupted with mismatched checksums. Each download was about 4 hrs using Australia's state of the art internet.
  6. Thanks Andrew - think I might have been a long haul pilot in a previous life!
  7. CPL, 740 hrs and Instrument Rating. Twin endorsed, the usual BE76, PA44, PN68 but the highlight was my C340 pressurised flying (too short, only about 12 hours). Own a Mooney M20M Bravo (VH-TLS) and Beech BE24 Sierra (VH-ZYX). Highlights: 5 return trips to YBCS in the Sierra (13 hrs each way!), delivery flight YPJT to YMMB in the Bravo and my first venture into Flight Levels and on oxygen. Darwin to Tasmania and Melbourne/Central Australia/North Queensland/Tasmania in a previous Mooney in the '80's.
  8. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/34184-orbx-and-large-international-airports/
  9. I have also watched the soap opera currently being played out and at the same time the amusing posts on the forum over there. I will certainly buy it when (and if) it comes out, but if there is something going on behind the scenes and it doesn't arrive, then I am sure I will manage! It does have a certain Airliner XP feel about it though. The only issue I have is the cynical way that anticipation is deliberately built up, knowing the fever it would cause within the FSX community, then either not providing any follow up information (as sometimes promised), or else to chastise people or lock threads for daring to ask the inevitable questions once said information has been let out of the bag or promised. If it is going to be another 6 months, year or never, just say it - don't string people on and take the micky out of them, even though many respondents appear to be quite juvenile about it all. David
  10. I think you're jumping the gun a bit, don't you? I haven't made any comparison to anything, however the quote I referred to was far more along the lines of "this vs. that", don't you think??
  11. Click the "Agree" button at the bottom of the copyright page. On the next page you see, look for the "DAH" - "Designated Airspace Handbook". This might have what you are looking for. David
  12. Hi, Aside from the normal en-route charts, have a look for the "Designated Airspace Handbook" (DAH) on Hendo's link above Rgds David
  13. We may love to beat each other on the sporting field, but in the game of life we Aussies will always stand side-by-side with our friends across the Tasman. I have known, and got into quite a lot of mischief with, a lot of fine people from NZ. Good luck and best wishes in your hour of need. David
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