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  1. Thank you Benny for starting the topic and thank you John for Orbx. I am a customer since 2008 and had/having so much fun with Orbx Products. FSX, P3D V1-4.5, X-Plane and now MSFS. I spend so much time and have so much fun with your addons. That was and is every penny worth. Take the time and relax. I hope that we all have a lot of years together with you and your team. Kind regards
  2. Very good looking presets. Fantastic. Looking forward to the release. Cheers
  3. Shure it is... I cal it Plane Art. This is really good. Impressive. Thank you for that.
  4. Wonderful shots. Love the last one. Cheers Uwe
  5. Very scenic looking beautiful shots. Is that the new Islander for XP11? It is a beauty. Cheers Uwe
  6. Very beautiful shots. Thanks
  7. Very nice shots. Thank you. Cheers
  8. Great set of shots. Thank you. Cheers
  9. Man, your pictures (the complete series) are the reason why I bought the complete pack True Earth US XP11 today Thanks for that I think I had to download some GB´s... Time to look some nice shots here By the way: awesome shots! Cheers
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