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  1. Very nice shots, thank you. Cheers Uwe
  2. Hi, Very sad. PayPal has not solved the matter well. I can understand JV. I can understand that he is angry. I can not understand that he completely removes PayPal as a payment. It is a bitter end for us customers in parts of Europe. In many countries of Europe a credit card is not required to pay. After my credit card was hacked in Amazon Marketplace, I canceled it. A credit card only for purchases in ORBXDirect store, costs me 40 euros extra per year. I have been shopping on the Internet for years with PayPal. To my opinion a safe and fast thing. May be Stripe seems to be a good alternative. My job has to do with security aspects on the internet. Perhaps I have become a bit paranoid. Who of you knows a good rechargeable credit card in Europe with which I can pay in the ORBXDirect store? Cheers Uwe
  3. +1 Thats the situation here. My creditcard was hacked in the past. So now I only have a EC-Maestro card. I am used to pay with PayPal online esp. Steam, FLightsimstore, Simmarket, FSPilotshop etc. My hope is, that PayPal is coming back. Cheers Uwe
  4. Merry Christmas to you Iain, and to the rest of your team Uwe
  5. Hi Gerold Outstanding pics and post! Love pic no 11 ;-) Cheers Uwe
  6. Yes, cancer sucks. I lost my father to it. Good to read that SeanĀ“s wife beat the cancer. Now he can focus on what is realy important in life. Life itsself.
  7. Very sad news. Cancer is a beast. I lost my father to it. My sincere condolences to Mr. Vlad Maly's Family. Rest in peace and have always blue skies.
  8. Outstanding! The last one seems to be the mountain called "Brocken". I was there years ago. Thanks Uwe
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