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  1. Hi, Yes patch will still be made. Have you installed the latest SCO patch 1 http://www.fullterrain.com/support.html (about halfway down) I'm sure i fixed it in that patch, if not let me know and ill fix it. Paul
  2. Glad its sorted and thanks for letting us know what it was.
  3. Hi, If putting Traffic 360 below the Orbx entries doesn't work you will need to locate the files for that airport and disable them by renaming the file extension to .OFF Paul
  4. All regions are built the same way and the airports are all done by the same people its just comes down to another addon interfering.
  5. Hi, From your picture you still have something interfering as i can see both summer and hard winter trees. Here is what the airport looks like to me (EGPE - flight date 7 jan 2014 time 13:00) I would start by disabling all other addons in the scenery library then once it looks normal start enabling them 1 at a time until you find what is breaking it. Paul
  6. Hi, First re-install the latest Orbx Libs will fix the 2 FTX Global problem, always do this after an install. I would install SCO and set FTX Central to Europe and go check an airport (EGPO for example), if you still have trees then do a search on you fsx folder for that airports - EGPO and see if any files show up other than in the SCO folders, if they do they will need to be disabled. My guess is its Traffic 360 which is causing the problem. Paul
  7. For disc 2 errors see here https://flightsimstore.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/691618-orbx-why-am-i-asked-to-insert-another-disk-
  8. Hi, Can you post a screenshot of one of the airports please. What other addons do you have? Global replaces Default so you wont have a default. Paul
  9. Hi, The error is saying it can't write the file so i would make sure you have at least 10-12GB of free space on the C drive, failing that run the installer as admin. Paul
  10. Hi, Please see this post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/69637-egae-covered-in-trees-irl/?p=640281 Paul
  11. Hi, No that looks like a common bug in P3Dv2 at the minute, simple change your texture resolution to the lowest setting and apply then change it back and all will be good. Paul
  12. Hi, I have added the bridge to the fix list, now to see if we can sort out the rest. 1. what is FTX Central set to? (Europe or global) 2. Is there anything else listed in your scenery library apart from orbx and default? 3. Can you try unticking all Orbx entries apart from IRL and Orbx libs and test Paul
  13. Hi, Just install over the top and you will be fine. Paul
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