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  1. Hey Jack, it's the Just Flight PA-28-181 Archer III and out of the box Reality XP 750 compatible.. An absolute fantastic GA plane for X-Plane
  2. Thank you John for this update. The changes are immediately noticeable. I've never seen a developer take an already beautiful and acceptable piece of software for the price and essentially offer "version 2.0" of it for free. Yet here we are.. You did just that.. Thank you..
  3. Can't go wrong with Spitfire shots.. They never get old.. Very nice!
  4. It was an ironic reply (joke).. ie: I knew that's exactly what you'd be doing..
  5. A completely legal and safe "pass" over the bridges in a normal flying manner that doesn't consist of inverted flight, excessively large planes, or attempting to fly under any of them?
  6. I don't care if I parrot this a million times.. I'll parrot it 1,00,000,001 times right now. This kind of candor is unheard of from the owner of a development company. John, you know it, I know it, everyone else knows it.. Heck at one time I got sucked into the blackhole of "Orbx is evil" hogwash from a place which will remain nameless.. You have your detractors for the way you run YOUR business.. But... Success speaks for itself, product speaks for itself and I challenge anyone to find me an owner of a development company that is this candid in public, and not in some private "cool kids club".
  7. It's scenery like this that reminds me why I sim... The separation from sim and reality. ]
  8. Good day Nick hope all is well. From a tech standpoint can you elaborate a bit why P3D versions will be so much smaller? I have my suspicions why but the tech geek in me is curious for an approximate answer here for no other reason except self education.
  9. This is strange me and you picked the same airport area first. lol.. American here too, I just went to the North to pick a spot and saw "Aberdeen" because I'm so familiar with that name.
  10. Thanks.. So far so good.. Have noticed some sporadic bad tree placement. You can see in the bottom shot trees growing through the train tracks on the left. Could be nitpicking but one of those things, once you see it you can't un-see it.. Enjoying it.. Off to Edinburgh!
  11. Just got the email on my phone. Purchased instantly and downloading now.. Looks wonderful! What a fabulous trilogy of scenery.. On X-Plane!!!
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