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  1. Hi Doug, Using latest version P3D and have tried various positions around AP. Specifically Gate 2 (int) which has me to the rear and left by about 25mtr on the grass. Cheers, Mike
  2. I'm finding my aircraft on the grass about 25mtrs away from the gate I choose, have reinstalled and run Vector config but still the same. First time using this airport.
  3. Thanks John, I do have PFPX, FS9, EFB etc for planning, but just wanted an airport overview to help me make a decision as to where to go today, if you know what I mean - too many choices... Thanks Scott, Just what I was after, this'll do nicely... Cheers, Mike
  4. Ed, A dot and a code would be all that was needed - just enough to get a quick idea of where to fly from and to. Cheers, Mike
  5. Ed, Not for actual planning - just to be able to open the map for an overview whilst in FTX Central. As FTX Central is the main viewer for all things Orbx, seems odd to have to open the main website for an overview of airport location when a link inside FTX Central would surely be a simple thing to implement - maybe in the tools menu? Or maybe I'm over simplifying, not being technical. Cheers, Mike
  6. Ed, Any chance that this could be linked into FTX Central. Could make things a lot easier to plan flights between Orbx Airports. Cheers, Mike
  7. Thanks Philip, Is this in going to be updated with the latest releases? Cheers, Mike
  8. Where can I find an up-to-date map of all the airports? Thought there might have been a link in FTX Central but can't see one... Cheers, Mike
  9. Yes I did have it enabled . Can't remember having this problem before. I've only recently reinstalled with the P3D v3 installer. Can't understand why all is okay at NZMF but not NZQN, but then I'm not technical. Pity though that it can't be fixed... I'd rather have the collision enabled. Thanks for your response Adam. Cheers, Mike
  10. I have recently been trying to depart NZQN but when over the water just off RW 23 I get problems - also other direction the same. Firstly tried A2A Texan and it keeps dropping the undercarriage then resets scenario. Then with A2A Cub and Realair Lancair it just resets scenario. I have no issues taking off from NZMF or indeed anywhere else. Has anyone been having the same problems. This happens in both Global and Oceania. Running Win10 64/P3D v3.2/Global Base/Global Vector/FS_Global. Cheers, Mike
  11. This sounds great, just what I've been waiting for, an app to update all my Orbx info, and hopefully, as someone has already suggested, the ability to purchase from also. In addition, would it be possible to link into area maps of OrbxWorld, and maybe, if I selected an airport and then another, I would be told the distance between, plus other relevant info. For me, it would be extremely helpful and quick in planning sightseeing trips etc... Or am I being unrealistic? Cheers, Mike
  12. Well I Guess I thought my original post was quite clear... but no response from ORBX. As to CptMatt - do you REALLY know the meaning of the word t*** I guess not, or you wouldn't have used it in the forum... Advanced member - has to be questioned doesn't it...
  13. But before they change the banner can I have my discount please...
  14. Thanks for the quick responses but ... That is the NIR offer - which gives discount on the NIR price - even if that discount is applied to EU IRL. If I want to purchase EU IRL by itself I should get a 44% discount - that is what the offer states - all areas... this offer only mentions NIR as a separate offer. Mike
  15. Hi, I have just purchased some of the Holiday Season offers but failed to purchase EU IRL Ireland because the price has not been discounted as advertised. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 44% Off all FTX Regions! During the sale all FTX regions are a CRAZY 44% off including SAK * Excludes FTX Global and Cityscape Canberra, and NIR which has a separate offer" ---------------------------------------------------------------- So how do I get my 44% discount on EU IRL Ireland??? Cheers, Mike .
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