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  1. I have just spent two days of process of elimination to find that the new libraries that include the migration files had screwed up my P3D V3.3.5. I figured this out by installing the only pre-migration libaries which I had on my computer which was Version 151213. I don't use download manager, so I rely on the back-ups of my downloads (where I found version 151213. I can't help but wonder why ORBX cannot provide the latest pre-migration libraries - as it seems 10% could be quite a number of people (depending on the customer base size!)
  2. After hours of process of elimination I have found the culprit of my problem! I re-installed P3D once again and this time instead of installing the new as per requested by central. I installed the latest pre-migration libaries that I could find in my own archives which turns out to be Version 152113 . Now! All seems to be well. EGSG works great - no loss of objects there. Fairoaks, now much better I do expect that there is is some grass missing at Fairoaks still, I'll bet the latest pre-migration libaries would sort that out though! So could it be th
  3. Legacy Lights is in Central V2 Under the settings --> tools --> 'Switch Legacy Lights On' - 'Switch Legacy Lights Off' It doesn't seem to make any difference to the issue though which appears to be an elevation issue. Here you can see that the grass - is just starting to pop out of the incorrectly elevated mesh
  4. Continuing with the process of elimination Another total reinstall - this time with all installers running as admin - and this time I didn't install FTX Global, just the following : - FTX EU - England FTX EU - EGSG Does this happen to be something gone badly wrong with the new Merged FTX Central See updated screen shot of EGSG.
  5. I think I'm getting the same issues as you're describing - only I have nothing - just ground textures.
  6. I didn't do - but just ran all installers again (including libraries at the end) and the problem is still there.
  7. Yes - Download and installed although the symptoms I'm facing does look ORBX libraries are not installed. But they sure are
  8. Please See the following thread - I have created a new thread because the issue is now not only affecting Fairoaks, but every single Orbx Airport. After several re-installs this issue is now affecting ALL FTX airports despite a clean install of P3D V3.3. To try and help with process of elimination my most recent install has only the following installed - Nothing Else! FTX Global FTX England FTX EGSG It's quite frustrating as I do have quite a lot of ORBX payware which is now rendered unusable, I hope someone can help out with the is
  9. Another update as I'm trying to solve this issue: - I have uninstalled P3DV3.3 Professional again - I have deleted registry files and reinstalled P3D V3.3. This time I have installed only the following:- ORBX Global Orbx EU England ORBX EGSG ORBX Libraries and there appears to be nothing but a couple of buildings / static aircraft and ground textures at EGSG.
  10. 1- Yes I have installed latest library files 2- Yes I opened FTX Central and let it sync the scenery. 3- All config settings in Fairoaks are set to high. I have also reinstalled P3D and installed only ORBX Scenery - I did not install Global Ultimate Europe and now all of the orbx sceneries are showing no objects / vegetation or anything - just ground textures and a few buildings and static planes. Please Help I have no idea what is going on! Please See attached file - this is now what EGSG looks like after a complete re-install of P3D V3. Does this
  11. I have just installed Fairoaks onto P3D and the screen shots show that there is a complete lack of detail (grass) - the ground textures also do not look anything like 7CM. All other ORBX airports are working superbly. I'm running P3D V3 with FSX Global Ultimate Europe. I have tried disabling FSX Global Ultimate + Vector in the scenery libary - but still the issue persists. BTW . . . Just out of interest? Are there only 4 parking areas available for Fairoaks? as this is all I am seeing plus a whole bunch of what seem to be runway numbers. Look forward this being re
  12. Hi folks, Sorry I have not been able to get on here and respond, as you can imagine I've been a bit giddy and busy with all the excitement of a new rig. On Friday the components started arriving through the front door, and yesterday I finished building her up. At about 1600 hours, the moment of truth arrived! It was time to reach for the power button to see if I had done everything right and for the very first time, turn on what I have been waiting for, for so, so long! And then, there she was. My own custom designed rig built and dedicated to accommodate flight simulation. I haven't s
  13. Thanks folks for the replies I think I'm gong to stick with Home Premium 64bit just now and save a little as i've just spent quite a sum on new hardware. In the future I can always upgrade the Windows version. I imagine it'll be a pain uninstalling and re-installing, but normally my FSX only lasts 6 months or so without the pain of needing to re-install anyway
  14. I have actually just thought about it and to save some £ I'm going to stick with the windows 7 home 64bit as i've already got it and will uninstalling bootcamp now so it won't be needed on mac and I can just deactivate the registration and activate it on the new rig. I've just gone back into my order and added a little samsung 120gb SSD just for the OS. Eventually in a year or so I may upgrade the HDD and go SSD all the way for FSX. Although I'll not be watercooling the rig just yet, I've seen the watercooling capablilties of the graphite 780t case and I was blown away by the
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