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  1. All of Orbx regions should be redone the TrueEarth method with discounts to us current region owners. Just saying.
  2. Thank you for the great work at Orbx and no upgrade fee! Bought almost all the sceneries during the May sale, and looking forward for future releases with the added benefit of 64bit! Yay! And please, please, please, Caribbean scenery, split, north and south, or, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, however is best for you. Charge whatever you want! I will give you the last few sheckles in my bank account. I am pleading and begging for you to do it!
  3. Default water class throughout the Caribbean and the Bahamas in particular is a travesty. In fact there is nothing more immersion killing than heading south east out of KMIA and approaching the Bahamas. Its like Avatar threw up down there.
  4. I am finally enjoying the NGX, and although seemingly daunting at first, it has turned out not so difficult after the fact. Probably the most involved simulation to date for me. Q400 comes next as far as complexity and involvement. As far as difficulty hand flying, I must say that Aerosoft out did themselves with the F-14X, and hand flying this old bird is far more involved than I ever imagined.
  5. ...with countless screenshot and video postings across the interwebs.
  6. I definitely think the Caribbean with Orbx treatment would be a super hot seller, with the added bonus of great performance since, it will be detailed islands simply surrounded by water. This incredibly beautiful part of the world has been neglected for far too long, particularly on the Leeward end like the US and British Virgin Islands. Their is no worthwhile payware scenery for St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, only some photo scenery available. At minimum and OpenLC product for the Caribbean would be great. Please John Venema, consider and we will buy!
  7. South Florida and the Keys would certainly be nice additions. Especially if it also stretched down the Caribbean chain. I would pay double or triple for that.
  8. Running Asus GTX970 and no complaints with P3Dv2.5. At this point, its more an issue whether Nvidia releases worthwhile drivers that actually optimize the experience instead of breaking the sim.
  9. Can't wait for North America OpenLC, couldn't come soon enough!
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