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  1. Nick - Please delete my account. I've tried to be helpful over the years but having another post deleted with no explanation has brought me to the conclusion it's time to move on. I'm sorry it had to come to this there is a time for everything.....Doug
  2. My son tells me his wife has both her first and last (maiden) names assigned to waypoints. Her father worked for many years at the FAA and someone did him a favor many years ago. I wonder how many other waypoints are named after someone who is not famous or well known?
  3. My heart was captured by Sondra Lee when I was 15 years old. No pet can ever take that away.
  4. Yes, it will be out of action for a while. Maybe quite a while .
  5. In the United States they are assigned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The best one(s) I've heard of is a series on the instrument approach to KPSM rwy16. All the Tweety Bird/Sylvester The Cat fans will recognize this... ITAWT, ITAWA, PUDYE, TTATT, IDEED.
  6. "...detected non-sequential layer ordering within the Scenery Library list." V5.1 keeps saying this asking me if I want it to try and fix it, I say yes , and nothing gets fixed. The Library ordering looks fine to me. Been using every version of P3D since day one and I never saw this one before (didn't have it in V5.0).
  7. That's really sad to hear. I saw a documentary years ago about what it takes to become the driver of a black cab. It's simply unbelievable. If the drivers in New York had to do even half of that there wouldn't be any taxis there. I wish them well.
  8. Rome. Out to dinner with an Italian babe. Sipping Scotch whiskey before dinner , drinking French wine with dinner (I know its's sacrilegious to drink that stuff in Italy but, what the heck, they served it), wearing shoes made in America, slacks made in England, and a shirt from Hong Kong. Funny I remember what I was wearing that night but I remember everything about that evening. That was the night I asked her to marry me. We've been together for 55 years now and the memories have never faded.
  9. I've only been there once, but I remember there were three of London's famous black taxis parked outside the terminal building. Are you ever going to add those?
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