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  1. Thanks for sharing this. A true part of aviation history................Doug
  2. OK...maybe I read more into your post than was actually there. One thing we agree on, though, is the perceived need to use SSD's for scenery. Given the price difference it's a no-brainer for me...the HDD wins every time. Actually I'm running TE GBS on an old WD Velociraptor plugged into a USB3 docking station. The load times are a bit long but once loaded everything looks and works just as it should. Peace..........Doug
  3. Thanks FalconAF. Now I realize that I'm just an old, dumb, and lazy cheapskate who spent 30+ years in the IT business thinking he knew what he was doing..........Doug
  4. Great news John. I have said many times that I won't be buying any more TE because of the size. You just changed everything! Now I'll buy everything you make. Thank you, thank you, thank you.........Doug
  5. I have all the current products installed in P3Dv4.5 except LEAS and the total disk space without TE is 421GB...........Doug
  6. There is a high probability that the system won't boot. Be sure to install the chipset drivers for the new mobo...............Doug
  7. +1. Take the sides off of the case and let the external fan blow air across the mobo. What are you using to measure the temps? It may not be running as hot as you think. My recommendation is https://www.argusmonitor.com/en/index.php but I'm sure someone else will come up with a freeware option..............Doug
  8. When I was in college (way back then) I roomed for a while with Glenn Miller's nephew, Ritchie. I knew Glenn's brother, Herb, well and I still correspond occasionally with John Miller (Ritchie's brother) who now leads the John Miller Orchestra (they are the only Big Band still performing Glenn's music). That said, I can tell you that the music in that video is not what we Americans would call "jive". Does that matter? Probably not. But I really enjoyed seeing those folks on the dance floor. Especially the older gentleman who reminds me of me ..........Doug
  9. Good on ya Jack. I have a lot of interests too, especially quantum physics and astrophysics, but I just don't have your stamina..............Doug
  10. I'd rather take my chances with the other one..........
  11. Welcome to the forums Freddie. If you still have FSX installed FTX Central will use about 90% of the files there when installing P3D. It will only download the files that are P3D specific. That really saves bandwidth and makes the P3D install go much faster.................Doug
  12. I'm still vertical and breathing John. Except for my wife, five of the six most important people in my life have died now. And I haven't seen the sixth in over 50 years. Tomorrow is a special day for me. July the 4th. I remember it so well way back in 1959. They say you never forget your first..........Doug
  13. You're probably right. I think the third glass of wine may have clouded my perception of the "question".....
  14. ORBX or no ORBX, I have no interest in DCS. Maybe I didn't understand the question..............
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