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  1. I see it now Nick. Thanks. I must have had another brain fart.........Doug
  2. Just bought it from the link in the Announcements forum. Problem is it doesn't show in either Orbx Central or the store. Gone missing? Not available for download yet?..........Doug Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  3. Problem easily solved. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to geo-spoof your location. This is a common practice in many parts of the world and is perfectly legal. A quick Google search will give many such solutions. Here's one site to get you started: https://www.top10.com/vpn/geo-spoofing-how-to-fake-your-location-using-a-vpn . My personal choice is iPVanish but there are, of course, many others..........Doug
  4. Just one more comment.............. This is some info I posted in an earlier thread. The only thing I'd add is to say that all of the external drives were mounted in a USB3 docking station. All mileage is, of course, variable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my admittedly-unscientific look at FSX load times with varying drive configurations. These times are the average of three executions of FSX for each scenario. I see no reason why the results for P3D wouldn't trend the same.The only add-on is a complete set of Orbx scenery. I saw NO difference in in-game performance no matter which drive was being used. My bottom-line? You can run FSX/P3D from any drive you chose and the only penalty is going to be the initial load time. But, you may already know that......... Internal SSD Reference External SSD + 54 seconds Internal HDD - 7200 RPM +112 seconds External HDD - 10000 RPM +157 seconds External HDD - 7200 RPM +201 seconds External HDD - 5400 RPM +236 seconds
  5. Shouldn't be too difficult if the skies are clear: https://www.newspostleader.co.uk/read-this/heres-how-spot-comet-neowise-night-sky-during-july-2910606
  6. Many thanks Carlos. That helps me understand. I guess I haven't run into the issue because I have no add-ons installed, other than Orbx, in P3D. All my add-on stuff is still installed in FSX.
  7. Carlos - Help me learn something here. Are there any insertion point issues if the Orbx products are installed first on a complete sim reinstall? I've reinstalled many times in random order with no problems. But, I always install the Orbx stuff first and the other add-ons later....Doug
  8. The order of the Orbx installs doesn't matter. Orbx Central will sort it all out regardless of the order.............Doug
  9. I don't have an answer but I just wanted to let you know you're right. I see the same thing and I have no other scenery or mesh installed that could cause the problem. Thanks for finding it. The guys will probably have a fix in the next patch, or two, now that you've identified this..........Doug
  10. I see the same thing(s). Something's just not quite right...........Doug
  11. You can delete it. No problem..........Doug
  12. You can leave them installed if you wish. The choice is yours.
  13. Nick - You might to also ask them to look at the ground textures around the S.F. Bay Area hills and the Sierra Nevada mountains. I grew up there and am very familiar with this terrain. I don't ever remember seeing the redish-orangeish tinted ground which I see in both those places. An example is a flight from Mariposa up into the Yosemite valley. The textures have (to me) that "strange" tint until you reach El Capitan. From there on everything looks fine. Half Dome is spectacular. I love this scenery. My thanks to all the crew for giving me a chance to go home again.........Doug PS: I just installed TE Washington and all those ground textures look just as I remember them. Another outstanding job.
  14. Oops.....I just realized I had all aviation traffic turned off. Doesn't change my conclusion but with it on (maxxed) the FPS are 20-25% lower. Sorry 'bout that...my bad.....Doug
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