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  1. This is great news. I have both airports. I'm particularly excited about Bilbao as I rally did not enjoy the general quality of ground textures in the existing version. Haven't gone there much because of it. So thrilled to see that you are working these improvements.
  2. Just spent some glorious time in the Scottish highlands near Oban, isle of Mull and Fort William. It's a great place for an amphibian or float plane ... plenty of lochs and castles to explore!
  3. 41 666 views of this post and counting! Staggering. Hope the servers are well prepared (no doubt the download will be >> 1 GB) . . . . it looks awesome and even better than what we have come to expect for Jarrad the Master (if that is even possible).
  4. Looks stunning - and should be a popular choice due its location and suitability for NGX simmers etc. Also looking forward to seeing the airport - but will surely be good looking.
  5. That's a classy set of shots!
  6. Great bush flying area! Cheers.
  7. Very interesting. I seem to recall that P3D by default uses a LOD of 6.5. FSX-SE is still 4.5 but you can increase it in the cfg file which I only do for scenic short flights in GA. For me, going above 4.5 in complex aircraft and ORBX full fat regions is problematic with OOM's. Similarly going above 'dense' for autogen. Cheers.
  8. I fully agree with all the comments. Iain is a legend. Would you mind sharing what autogen level you fly with for your bush flights? The tree densities look beautiful. Actually, everything looks beautiful. What are the names of the 3 airports?
  9. Fabulous stuff! The Default beaver is an enjoyable floatplane to fly. Perfect 'lite' aircraft that allows you to crank up the scenery sliders for the scenic 'low and slow' flights. Cheers.
  10. Stunning stuff. Awesome clarity and contrast. Cheers.
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