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  1. Hi Smudger, Nick Thanks ! I have finally found the reason for this Guernsey island issue . . . . after about 8 hours of trial and error . . . Unless you actually have the Earth Simulations scenery (which I don't), don't untick the "Earth Simulations Channel Islands - Guernsey and Sark" tickbox for compatibility with UK2000's EGJB (Guernsey) scenery. Rather manually disable the *EGJB* airport elevation correction file from FTX England as well as the FTX England mesh for Channel Islands (North). (I have FSGlobal Mesh installed.) There a
  2. Hi Nick, I'm not sure. What kind of file should I look for? I did uninstall the UK2000 Guernsey airport completely (compete uninstall and delete) and the problem is there. It seem to be a problem with the island and not the airport specifically ? Regards,
  3. I have the identical problem. Uninstalling FTX England solves the problem. However reinstalling FTX England brings it back again. I have this problem in P3Dv5 and did not have it in P3dv4. Strange. please help. Rhett.
  4. Hi Orbx developers. Please could you take a look at this. I have tried all the proposed solutions for black night textures during the day and only when FTX England is disabled does the problem go away. Bringing FTX England back reintroduces the problem. Tried rebuilding lclookup.bgl and terrain.cfg as per Orbx guide in forums (Nick). only seems to be at guernsey. please assist!
  5. Did you find a solution to this problem? I also have black textures at EGJB (Guernsey island). I have UK2000 EGJB installed.
  6. The lighting is horrendous. I highly recommend downloading the freeware inibuilds EGPH UK2000 dynamic lighting upgrade. It works perfectly with EGPH. Just copy the EGPH_DL.BGL file from inibuilds into EGPH Edinburgh Airport\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGPH\scenery folder. Disable the Orbx ORBX_EGPH_Lights.BGL in the same folder. Don't forget to install the effects files from the inibuilds website as well. Looks awesome.
  7. Hi there, For some time I have been wanting to make a request and finally, after the addition of OpenLC Africa (which is really great), I think the time is now right. Please could the river, coastlines and beach Vector details be improved and corrected throughout Africa, particularly South Africa, which is becoming more and more popular for flying in P3D etc. Here is an example of the more correct looking beaches in the Durban area - using freeware Aeroworx Vector scenery. The 2nd photo below shows the Orbx Vector detail and the missing bea
  8. Hi there @Doug Sawatzky. You might be on to something. Thank you so much for thinking about this. I do have the SORS Navaid data installed. So does my friend who has the same problem. Are you able to indicate which default scenery .bgl file to re-enable that was updated by the SORS Navaid update (I.e. the one containing airport data for EGLC)? There are one or two others that I have re-enabled in Southern Africa to go back to the original airport ICAO code and get AI traffic working again etc. Regards, Rhett.
  9. @Greg Jones I hope you are well. I’m just wondering whether you are going to provide a fix for EGLC or are we to live with these elevation problems when using FTX England. Furthermore, will you be fixing the missing Thames Barrier that was confirmed missing when EGLC is installed with FTX England in a separate post? Thanks Rhett
  10. Hi there. I think this issue is raised in the following topic: Regards
  11. Hi Greg, Many thanks for the reply and suggestions. I have tried as you have recommended and still have elevation problems (i.e. set 5 m mesh resolution in P3D settings and check the config tool settings again to be set to FTX England.) I have also checked for additional GSX files for EGLC and there are none. Looked in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX. Here are the latest screen shots showing the problem still existing. The only way I can get rid of the problem is to disable all three EGLC files in p3dv4\EU England\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_EN
  12. Has @Greg Jones been able to take a look at this yet ?
  13. Hi Doug, Your support is always appreciated. Any response from @Greg Jones? There is also a less obvious elevation issue at EGLC due, as confirmed by a number of users, to some additional BGL files that a re supplied with FTX England (not True earth) and/or ORBX Global Vector. There are a few other posts on this issue and there seems to be no response yet from @Greg Jones. Thanks and regards,
  14. Hi Doug, I would like to report back that I solved my black texture problem by doing everything you said except moving all the global packages back to the P3Dv4 root folder. You help is really appreciated. Regards,
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