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  1. Orbx Aerofly FS2 Netherlands with the R22. Seems the author, VR flight sim guy forgot to turn on his mic, so we get a music video this time! A nice look at the sims smoothness and beauty in the HP Reverb.
  2. I'm still on the fence about the Reverb, mostly because i've become so fond of the Oculus software, which just works. At the same time i have gotten wary of Steam vr...... (Not the games: The software) Still, the Reverb does seem to get nice reviews from users who have made the jump. Hmmmmmmmmm. Meanwhile, another video from VR flight sim guy this time over the Netherlands.
  3. I'm not sure about Ansel, but image sharpening and upscaling already works in P3D, and Nvidia is has promised OpenGL and Vulkan support soon. I know there are many reshade filters already working with X-plane for instance, and Nvidia says it would be fairly easy to add them to the nvidia folder..... IOne thought is that Filou seems to use reshade often in his pictures, and it would probably be cool to add those shaders as an option within Nvidia....
  4. One wonders what might be created for our sims, using some of these new functionalities.
  5. Well, this should be interesting. (if true) https://www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-rumored-to-add-reshade-filters-to-geforce-experience-next-week/? Next week is shaping up to be a busy one for Nvidia, according to various leaks and rumors making the rounds. That's when Nvidia will supposedly launch a new GeForce GTX 1660 Super graphics card, though on the software side, a fresh rumor also points to the company integrating support for Reshade filters into GeForce Experience. Reshade is a popular modding tool used to dress up games with post processing effects. It has the potential to dramatically improve how a game looks, sometimes by adding visual features the developer may have left out, such as SMAA antialiasing and screen space ambient occlusion. As its name implies, it effectively re-shades a game. According to Videocardz, Nvidia will allow users to "tap into hundreds of filters" through this integration. It's not clear if users will also be able to manually import filters, only that this will be supported through GeForce Experience using Nvidia's Freestyle and Ansel technologies. One interesting twist to this is some users have previously claimed they were banned in certain games for using Reshade. Assuming Nvidia does end up adding support, this leads me to believe it probably will not support manually importing filters, but we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Well, at least we have one Interesting development. Previously in Aerofly at least, data/osm-based autogen (Called "Cultivation" by Ipacs) was restricted to square or rectangular shaped buildings except in the case of custom objects. Orbx broke this rule apparently using in-house techniques for its Netherlands scenery, but otherwise breaking the rectangle/square rule was generally inaccessible. Now, using Arnos Scenproc Scenproc 2.0.0 and script, the capability for easier creation of more complex buildings becomes available for developers. I wonder if this might make certain conversions easier... GTX 1070, 1920x1200, ultra settings. 1.6 million buildings 137 fps.
  7. Sorry I missed liking some of you guys comments, I went to the hospital on my birthday and was in there for a week!
  8. I was one of the first contributors to the Kickstarter. It's been so long I actually forgot about it!
  9. The Turbo arrow was just released, and the obvious thing was to put it through its paces over an Orbx scenery. Video by Virtual Pilot
  10. In the video, things fly by a bit fast to see just what's going on in there. I wanted some hi-res pics so grabbed some screens: taking a good look at the pictures reveal a bit about the underlying tech, and reveal some the strengths, as well as potential flaws.
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