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  1. Well, at least we have one Interesting development. Previously in Aerofly at least, data/osm-based autogen (Called "Cultivation" by Ipacs) was restricted to square or rectangular shaped buildings except in the case of custom objects. Orbx broke this rule apparently using in-house techniques for its Netherlands scenery, but otherwise breaking the rectangle/square rule was generally inaccessible. Now, using Arnos Scenproc Scenproc 2.0.0 and script, the capability for easier creation of more complex buildings becomes available for developers. I wonder if this might make certain conversions easier... GTX 1070, 1920x1200, ultra settings. 1.6 million buildings 137 fps.
  2. Sorry I missed liking some of you guys comments, I went to the hospital on my birthday and was in there for a week!
  3. Thanks all! I really appreciate it!
  4. I was one of the first contributors to the Kickstarter. It's been so long I actually forgot about it!
  5. The latest Release for Aerofly FS2
  6. The Turbo arrow was just released, and the obvious thing was to put it through its paces over an Orbx scenery. Video by Virtual Pilot
  7. In the video, things fly by a bit fast to see just what's going on in there. I wanted some hi-res pics so grabbed some screens: taking a good look at the pictures reveal a bit about the underlying tech, and reveal some the strengths, as well as potential flaws.
  8. Just as a further heads up on this: via cooperation with Ipacs, the theoretical has now become the practical with the introduction of a first in Aerofly, a working GNS430 GPS unit for both the Just Flight Beechcraft Duchess and the upcoming Turbo Arrow. Coming very soon to your Orbx and Aerofly skies!
  9. Another great video showcase from The Flight Sim Deck
  10. I do post things that don't conflict however, like aircraft repaints. In the flight community, I believe the more options available, the more attractive a sim becomes, and there are more and more options (like freeware planes) that I hope over time more and more people become aware of, and of course that can drive sales, which in turn might drive scenery purchases...... A hopefully virtuous circle.
  11. Well now, that's tha' thing! The LA lights, for instance, also include cultivation (buildings) for the entire Ipacs California area, which I believe Orbx may want to cover some day. So would me posting a link count as pointing to a potentially competing area of scenery? I'm not sure, so for safety I would probably suggest asking about this on the Ipacs forum.
  12. Nice look at the Freeware Aerofly Piper over Orbx Scenery by Bel Geode
  13. I tend to think regular drives are a much better economic bet for storing huge Ortho-sceneries...
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