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  1. Looking at system overhead and FPs throughout departure and leveling out over Orbx Ksea. Symaxx Vulcan update Active, all settings/sliders maxxed, fully to the right
  2. Joel Albrecht Were You Still Talking? Takes a look at the awesome new freeware Lynx from larrylynx For Aerofly FS2
  3. Orbx Aerofly FS2 Netherlands with the R22. Seems the author, VR flight sim guy forgot to turn on his mic, so we get a music video this time! A nice look at the sims smoothness and beauty in the HP Reverb.
  4. Have you had Orbx Central verify your files? Have you had Steam verify Aerofly file integrity?
  5. I'm still on the fence about the Reverb, mostly because i've become so fond of the Oculus software, which just works. At the same time i have gotten wary of Steam vr...... (Not the games: The software) Still, the Reverb does seem to get nice reviews from users who have made the jump. Hmmmmmmmmm. Meanwhile, another video from VR flight sim guy this time over the Netherlands.
  6. You know..... Just before the release of this, the developer asked me my opinion on it, and we discussed a certain person who was very likely to run everywhere he could to yell how horrible it was....... Some things are simply outside of a developers control.
  7. I would too. However, there are always..... possabilities...... Stay tuned.
  8. There's actually a lot of scenery (freeware) being created slowly, covering parts of europe. It only requires one to look for and install it, if you find it interesting....... Or not.
  9. Sorry you guys won't be downloading it then, but I'm not sure of the logic of saying nothing's happening, then complaining when something does. It seems to be a recurring theme. The helicopter is never coming! Oh, it's here? Well we need ATC! Oh, a third party guy has done some, well I don't like it! Plus, where are the third party planes!! Oh, Just flight is creating some? Well I don't like the choices! Oh, there is a guy creating lots of free ones? Well I don't like those because..... Besides, there are no systems! Oh, well there's an FMC now? Well how about a GP.... Oh, there's a GPS now? but...... Hmmmm.....
  10. I'm not sure about Ansel, but image sharpening and upscaling already works in P3D, and Nvidia is has promised OpenGL and Vulkan support soon. I know there are many reshade filters already working with X-plane for instance, and Nvidia says it would be fairly easy to add them to the nvidia folder..... IOne thought is that Filou seems to use reshade often in his pictures, and it would probably be cool to add those shaders as an option within Nvidia....
  11. One wonders what might be created for our sims, using some of these new functionalities.
  12. It's why I keep going back. It's the only civilian aviation sim besides Flyinside in which I find what I consider acceptable performance without turning things down more than I want. You'll notice in the picture I posted (2D flying) the FPS was above 200 with max settings. That gives me more than enough horsepower to maintain the 80fps my Rift S demands, and that was with supersampling at 180% Nothing else out there can do that yet, and because of that, for Vr I will always have a place for the sim. I have no idea. They've gotta start somewhere though, and ATC seems to be a hard nut to crack. Decades of effort by the various sims creators and I still rarely turn on ATC because I feel it's generally garbage..... I think that makes it less important to me than to some because I kind of hate it....... If you read the developer posts very closely you will notice they are extremely wary of third party programs reaching into the sim and possibly mucking things up, so they don't make doing so very easy, and when just starting out a developer will almost certainly have to ask for help. (Which usually means Jan) Zillions of separate addons sometimes working at cross-purposes is a major cause of CTD/Stutters and whatnot in our current sims, and Ipacs has stated its hopes to avoid that as much as possible. Instead, they have asked developers to describe the functionality they are looking for, and let Ipacs create internal hooks that won't adversely affect one of the sims main claims to fame. Its speed. Just like X-plane, they came up with their own universal GPS almost specifically so somebody else would not throw some sort of fps draining kludge in there. Or, they could allow developers to shoehorn laudable things in at will, that might possibly lead to us complaining about the sim acting up and assuming its Ipacs fault. Remember, just recently one of the testers of the new ATC had his sim crashing at startup and was very confused as to the cause, until he realized it apparently had to do with a dll from the new ATC......
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