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  1. Video by Monostripe Zebra who likes his daredevil stunts :-)
  2. I've spent a good portion of my life in dread of becoming one
  3. Plus (finally) there are quite a bunch of planes being released for it to give users more flying options.
  4. In the aerofly location menu, you need to use the map to scroll over to where the scenery should be located. Once there Zoom downwards until you find a small blue circle. Clicking on that Circle, should open the Innsbrook scenery
  5. So 3Dmark adds a raytracing demo, and drops to 85% off the normal price due to the new Steam super sale. Finally something to test and show off those 2080 cards with! https://store.steampowered.com/app/223850/3DMark/ 
  6. Part 2 of an Aerofly TE Netherlands Travelogue by progrmr
  7. That's the method I use. In fact when I saw people asking questions about updating to 4.4 I began linking people to those instructions. Shortly thereafter I think they were moved so that only registered users could see the information........ It made me wonder if a lot of people were going to end up doing it the hard way, which of course is to redownload everything.
  8. I myself don't care about the seasons. If people want the slightly lower quality for the pleasure of having them its fine, but I kinda wonder if this whole thing is causing a controversy where perhaps all that's really needed is a bit of patience. I wonder if Orbx will invest a lot in this only to find that the tech for a practical shader solution and the willingness of customers to wait a bit for that to arrive was all that was ever needed..... Tempest in a teapot?
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