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  1. Part 1: Hawaiian Islands Kauai and Niihau are now uploaded and available Total download is in the neighborhood of 1.8 GB for these two Islands. Work is continuing on the overall package, with announcement of the 2nd package very soon. This will either be Maui County (4 islands) or the Big Island of Hawaii. Announcement Thread Download The Mesh Download the Scenery
  2. VR Flight Sim Guy takes another flight around one of Orbx's finest regions to date. However this time, we get close and personal with this scenery.
  3. If you want to see how things look from close up, it might be instructive to take a look at google earth or the bing equivalent. As a general rule, from a certain distance it looks great. But can quickly fall apart at very short distances.
  4. You could also ask here: https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/
  5. Looking at system overhead and FPs throughout departure and leveling out over Orbx Ksea. Symaxx Vulcan update Active, all settings/sliders maxxed, fully to the right
  6. Joel Albrecht Were You Still Talking? Takes a look at the awesome new freeware Lynx from larrylynx For Aerofly FS2
  7. Orbx Aerofly FS2 Netherlands with the R22. Seems the author, VR flight sim guy forgot to turn on his mic, so we get a music video this time! A nice look at the sims smoothness and beauty in the HP Reverb.
  8. Have you had Orbx Central verify your files? Have you had Steam verify Aerofly file integrity?
  9. I'm still on the fence about the Reverb, mostly because i've become so fond of the Oculus software, which just works. At the same time i have gotten wary of Steam vr...... (Not the games: The software) Still, the Reverb does seem to get nice reviews from users who have made the jump. Hmmmmmmmmm. Meanwhile, another video from VR flight sim guy this time over the Netherlands.
  10. You know..... Just before the release of this, the developer asked me my opinion on it, and we discussed a certain person who was very likely to run everywhere he could to yell how horrible it was....... Some things are simply outside of a developers control.
  11. I would too. However, there are always..... possabilities...... Stay tuned.
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