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  1. in https://orbxdirect.com/product/ges According to the "compatibility" forum It seems that GES is out but I cannot find how to purchase. It also was not mentioned in the "release announcement" forum neither does it appear in FTX Central (
  2. Brisbane and Melbourne

    I am happy that YMML is out now. Thank you. But for YBBN I am a little sceptical. It is one of those airports which never reached P3Dv2 level. As far as I can see none of the latter made it to P3Dv3 until now. Seems that they are coming latest.
  3. Windows 10 Installation

    Just upgraded to windows 10. All seems to work fine. Flew from YMML to YSSY (FlyTampa) with PMDG NGX and FS2Crew (newest) support. Happy camper here. Cheers, Harry
  4. New Fullterrain website launching

    Fantastic! Personally I am very happy with the support part of the new homepage - Now updates show up with the release date, a feature what I was long waiting for. Cheers, Harry.
  5. Happy Birthday, John! And as a 'present' from me, I assure that I will purchase OpenLC EU as soon as it comes out. Cheers, Harry
  6. This is even more confusing: http://www.fly2pilots.com/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=ac9d35be-a23d-4c7c-a31c-14de98976a5a Harry
  7. Just saw that there are some related threads in the general forum. And maybe I should have posted over there. But anyway, we would need some clarifying words from the officials (ORBX and FS Pilots) Harry
  8. Sorry Jeroen, you are not completely right ... from FS Pilots: "Due to the high demand, we have decided to run a new edition. The coverage for FSX has been increased. All parts of Canada are now included. There also will be an installer for Prepar3D V1.4 and 2.0 on the new edition. ..." For sure I know that don't have to have mesh but I like to have mesh and I already have it. I simply don't like to pay again for it if I would like to have it Harry
  9. Could someone please enlighten me. How do those products fit together? I have both FSGlobal2010 (1 DVD Package) and FSGlobalUltimate (3 DVD Packages). Now I have seen an upgraded FSGlobal2010 version for FSX and P3Dv2 which is probably that one which will be used with FTX Vector (FS Global Vector?). I strongly hope that I don't have to pay again for mesh which I have already paid for. Unfortunatley FSGlobal has no support forum (though announced since years ...). Cheers, Harry [Mod edit: moved to general discussion, topic not an issue with an Orbx product]
  10. DX10 / DX11 compatibility and Orbx

    Thank you John, for making this clear statement. I was hoping for s.th. like this for longer time. Cheers, Harry
  11. PAJN not very DX10 friendly :(

    No offense, but isn't it also true that in democratic systems minorities are (allowed to be) louder than the mainstream 'majority'? Harry