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  1. Hello, I'm also still waiting for Sekiu airfield (11S) to be adapted to P3DV4. Is there a list available where I can check which FSXtoP3DV4 conversions are already done? I have so many airports, but only a few show up in my FTX_Central3_v3.2.1.1 . Or is my FTX_Central_3 corrupted? I have also read in another thread that LOWI ist out for P3DV4, but when I search for it in the store there is only mentioned P3DV3? :-( Would have bought it, but only for P3DV4. I've also looked into my account and can see there all my bought FSX/P3D items listed. What can I do now?
  2. Where can I download Kiruna and Sundsvall, can't find them at ORBX site? Are they compatible with version 4 of P3D?
  3. Hello, I've already read a lot of similar problems, but none of the read solutions inside (and outside) this forum helped me. I bought ORBX Airfield Diamond Point (2WA1). It all worked very well on my old PC. Now I reinstalled (past uninstalled ervery SW on my old machine) all FSX 3rd party SW on my new machine. I noticed that ORBX has a new version of FTX Central, ORBX FTX Central version 3. So I ported all my ORBX SW via the FTX Central 3 option. All licenses were transferred correctly. next I ensured that all updates via this new fine service were installed in all categorie
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