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  1. No, please, no, please, this was the number one thing i was looking forward too since november.
  2. Though, i love this, but i think I read somehwere that night lightning in london is gonna be fixed, but maybe i dreamt. I see no mentioning of it. Like most of the buildings in the center of london doesnt have night lightning, is this gonna be fixed? Its the only thing that bothers me with TE south... Also, this post didnt mention better zoomlevel around london as previously announced, is that dropped from this SP?
  3. where? coz I aint seen 'em. Wasnt looking for something big, but if I have flaws in my product it would be nice too know:)
  4. What issues? I have true earth and its the best expirience ever had in flightsim, had all landclass regions in ESP platform, for me they are obsolete, in my own little museum.... And its like,,,,,money,,,,pay double when something better comes in maybe 6months, well i dont reccomend people waste money
  5. If you want the most realistic, why not wait for true earth pnw?
  6. Unless there is real proof that this monster exist, i want them too remove it. I like realism in my scenery, and this one really kills my immersion
  7. CPU bound or not, the performance you can get from xplane is miles ahead of prepared. When i switched its was like jumping from year 2006 straight into the future...
  8. I once had telepathic connection with these enteties, they said i should get the hell out of their realm. I didnt belong there. I got scared so i tried to make them go away, infortunently i still had 4 hours left of my shroom trip...
  9. Are you sure you didnt accidently put some shoots from real life? Can hardly see the difference beetwen these shoots and real photos..
  10. Its you that is paranoid to read such things... But ban me as much as you like, why not ban your own tonywob too, he was pretty sparkling in hes critique of p3d in a thread you deleted yesterday..
  11. I didnt compare anything in that post, nada nothing and wasnt even going fown that route. So no its illegal to say that i personally prefer xplane, jezzzuzzb christ
  12. Jeeez Nick, what did i do know, i didnt do anything agaisnt the rules. Do you have a complete lack of sense of humour? We all know that FSX is dying now, was that offensive? What was the problem with my post. I feel like im walking on glass in this place...
  13. Yes, i was kinda wishing sumburgh would be next before popham and the other. You made my day:)
  14. I fly alot on vatsim in ga these days, so its not only because of eyecandy i appriciate te, its because its so easy to study the chart and when i fly, that chart corresponds 100% with what i see in the sim. Find it invaluable for my situational awareness. No way in hell i could do this with landclass. And when on vatsim things can be hectic so not much time for just looking at scenery, but comes really handy when the controller want too know my exact position, i just look out the window and i know exactly where i am. Like with lanclass, i had no idea wether the village i just flew over was the same i saw twenty mintes ago on the other side of the Mountain...
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