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  1. F........., this true earth for xplane is like the second coming of jesus,,,it’s like this we all been waiting for..
  2. Please realease soon, im stuck at vagar airport, not wanting to fly over default terrain back to newcastle....
  3. Nice, thank you. Hope there will be some scottish payware airports coming one day for these northern parts:) May i suggest, Hotstart TBM 900, excellent aicraft, one of the most immersive aicrafts I ever flown in any simulator:)
  4. i used 11.26 stable and had this problem since shoreham came out. When I ugraded yesterday too 11.30, the problem remained...
  5. hmm. theres something fishy going on, not sure its my end. I have this problem also on all payware Orbx aiports that have paved runway, e.g, shoreham, Cardiff,,, have to check southhamton too. What happening is that i have to use flight range on my throttle in the hotstart TBM 900 too get even moving, im supposed to use taxi range atleast when on a asphalt runway/taxiway... Not sure if I should open a support thread, beacuse this aint happening on the default paved xplane runways/taxiways Also noticed dust coming out from the tires when taxiing,,,not sure if its supposed too? Like, its so bad that i would call all my Orbx payware for britain useless:(
  6. Well, i struggled like hell with prepered, add a complex plane, bad weather and decent autogen settings and prepared gets too a crowl in a area like london. In xplane i can max almost everything and still have buttersmooth flight with a complex addon plane over london in bad weather. I owned all orbx england airports around london in prepared, i never flew there even with a GA plane because it was a stuttery mess, without turning settings down to an unaccaptable level. now with xplane i can finally enjoy all those detailed payware aiports in truearth south without a hitch with xplane even in the most complex airliner in bad weather with max autogen. Dream come true for me, fantasized about it for years when i was on the ESP platform, just wasnt possible
  7. For me the first one look like a painting, the second look like a air photo,,,
  8. If you have a feeling that you might want too switch, sometings tell me your not 100 percent satisfied with P3D... Id would just save you the trouble, its a no brainer if eyecandy is important for you. I was in your shoes 1.5 year ago, p3d was just geting to expensive for me, eg paying pro ugrades to my whole a2a fleet, and also i didnt see any imrovments with each iteration of p3d, and i could never get it too run without stutters. I decided to give xplane a try, damn, it was like going from 2006 and into the modern age of computing. Everhing was smooth, even with high settings, and it looks more like the real thing compared too the cartoonosh look of p3d, and the night ligtning, light years ahead of p3d,,,road traffic, train traffic, omg, no more blurries just instant sharpness of textures as long as the eye can see. Also xplane can handle alot more objects than p3d and it really makes things more detailed. Nah, dont even think about it, JUST DO IT!!. p3d may have it advantages somewhere, but i cant seem to find any purpose goin back anymore.. And offcpurse not meaning to start a sim war here just telling my own expirience. Like too add, even if orbx use xenvision in their screenshoots, i can just say Trueerth looks just as good with stock xplane too, me personaly prefer laminars stock hazy world.
  9. Okay then, im not a pilot, but it feels like im stuck in mud, feels unrealistic from a simmer perspective:p. Using 1000m runway too takeoff with a cessna 172 feels weird too, but not a pilot anyway so ill just have to take your word for it:) ps: the default grass runways in xplane doesnt have this issue...
  10. Is there anything I can do about the insane friction on the orbx grass strips(e.g EGHR). Taxing around is a nightmare and it feels wrong to use full power just to get the plane moving. Not sure it is anything orbx can do about it, but if anyone know if there is something i can do too fix it it would be higly appriciated...
  11. Zl 18 around London, best christmas present ever. Just bough all TE GB south airports, this is the best experience I ever had in flightsim. Great work Orbx, I willl buy all your uk stuff. Was worried about zoomlevel at first, but things look superb around 1000 feet, and with detailed payware airports with higher zoomlevel during aproach it cant get any better.
  12. Ok, thanks for replying, makes sense, anyway im all in. These true earth regions with payware orbx airports has been something I dreamed of for a long time.
  13. Hmmmm, makes me wonder if there is a chance in h... that orbx would give us the DEM files to use with ortho4xp for for each tile so we can make crisper ortho by ourself and just use the orbx overlays....
  14. kaboki

    X Plane

    Things i loved about xplane when i ditched p3d and fsx 1.5years ago is: - the night lightning, nothing out there beats xplane when it comes to lightning.. - no blurries on ground textures(not sure they fixed it in p3dv4) - the feel of flying is much better I think, for me FSX feels more like flying on rails... - the look is less cartoonish than FSX/p3d - the road traffic is also much better than FSX/p3d, + moving trains by default.. - the performance is also superior What i didnt like: - I cant fly my A2A planes in xplane - ATC - lack of orbx scenery(not a problem anymore) - the look of the default water,,,, I will never go back too the old ESP platform, even if held by gunpoint...i rather get shot...