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  1. I just upgraded my 8 year old X58 motherboard to the latest Z390 with an i7 9700K processor. Windows 10 fortunately installed the required drivers for the new hardware on the first boot without having to do a full reinstall of Windows. Windows required a reactivation after the hardware change, even though it was tied to my Microsoft account as a full "retail" version (not OEM which would be tied to a specific PC). All I had was my retail Windows 7 copy, having gotten the original free upgrade to Win10, so I used my Windows 7 product key - that worked! From what I read, Microsoft wants everyone on Windows 10, they don't care if you bought 7, 8, or 10.
  2. oi oi oi !! FYI: CBD = Central Business District for us non - aussies.
  3. Waiting for PNW, but this is very tempting! Since this is the Netherlands, I wonder if there will be visible differences in water levels on each side of the dikes?
  4. Wow, long flight from Catalina to Sonoma County! Fantastic shots. Just bought that Mooney this morning, can't wait to go for a test flight, from KSTS of course!
  5. Winter nights are cold out in that desert, could be a Three Dog Night.
  6. "Sky King" was a TV show in the late 50s, they flew Cessna T50s and 310s - with that actual "Songbird" livery you have on your 310. The song I quoted was from "Jocko Homo" by DEVO (referencing the human genus) - I guess it's a line from a song originally written in the 20s or 30s for Broadway, and it's sung by the Ohio State marching band, too. Ya, I know about the GTNs, so glad the GTN Complete package just came out, the one add-on I can't live without. Just can't go back to older GPS after using GTNs!
  7. Fantastic shots - I was just a bit young to see "Sky King". You're even flying over yellow scenery on the GTNs - now that's color coordination! Reminds me of another band from Akron, Ohio, who sang: "What's round on the ends and high in the middle? O-HI-O!"
  8. 58 today?- you beat me by 2, 'll be 56 next week! Can't be a coincidence Orbx released all the v4 gifts today. You need to have more birthdays soon! Happy Birthday Jack!
  9. Have you added them to your account for each one on the orbxdirect.com page? Even though they are free, you have to "buy" them.
  10. I don't mind using all the airports without ObjectFlow - I did this many times when new P3D versions came out before ObjectFlow was updated. With the exceptions of Devils Tower and Yosemite, they're still an upgrade over default!
  11. LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! -for us old people that know their Monty Python. What's great is this does not have to wait for ObjectFlow! Installing my S.A. airports into P3Dv4 right now!
  12. Well I've heard a rumor that an unnamed developer is going to announce Martha's Vineyard - sure hope it's you, Alex! It would be a great addition to all the islands released in that area over the last year. I'm hoping for Oak Island with a treasure Easter Egg to find. No runway, though, have to take a floatplane.
  13. Well I sure hope the missing files are just corrupted downloads. Got Pt.4 OK, but Pt.1-3 from CDN3 ground to a halt at about 50%, could not get it to give me any more bits. Had to start over on CDN1, looks like 3.5 hours and climbing. On my 90Mb connection, I could get the whole thing in 12 minutes if the servers were fast enough!
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