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  1. Just an FYI: that if you had the freeware Kos and uninstalled it, then took advantage of the offer to upgrade to the v5 version in OrbxDirect, you could get SODE errors when starting P3Dv5. I had SODE errors for duplicate names: windsock_still, windsock_medium, and windsock_fast. This was due to an old folder from the freeware Kos still in my SODE installation. The path was: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\LGSA_sode. Deleted the old "LGSA_sode" folder, errors fixed. The new folder you want to keep is "Gaya_Simulations_Kos".
  2. That's actually not the Fastlane option, the opt-in button for Fastlane is under "My Account".
  3. I can tell you about SEQU to SEQM. SEQM: Old Mariscal Sucre Intl. AP in Quito, Ecuador, IATA code: UIO. Now closed, and replaced by a park. In P3Dv5, it is not in the ICAO database, but is still shown on the P3Dv5 map view labeled as SEQM, and they have a park correctly replacing it in the scenery. SEQU: New Mariscal Sucre Intl. AP in Quito, Ecuador, same IATA code: UIO, but is 11 miles away from the old SEQM, and now a new airport in the scenery for v5.
  4. O31 - KHES Healdsburg Municipal Airport - in the Northern California Region.
  5. I just had the same problem - it was due to having Orbx KSTS installed, but disabled in the scenery library. Having KSTS installed deactivates 2 files in the CVX folder for NCA, as they are duplicated in the KSTS folder. Here's the thread with the details: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/180760-land-instead-of-ocean/ Best Regards, Steven
  6. So I wonder if that is the reason that, after having registered for the contest via the email I received, the page reported I have “0 entries”. I only have FTXC3 installed.
  7. I just upgraded my 8 year old X58 motherboard to the latest Z390 with an i7 9700K processor. Windows 10 fortunately installed the required drivers for the new hardware on the first boot without having to do a full reinstall of Windows. Windows required a reactivation after the hardware change, even though it was tied to my Microsoft account as a full "retail" version (not OEM which would be tied to a specific PC). All I had was my retail Windows 7 copy, having gotten the original free upgrade to Win10, so I used my Windows 7 product key - that worked! From what I read, Microsoft wants everyone on Windows 10, they don't care if you bought 7, 8, or 10.
  8. oi oi oi !! FYI: CBD = Central Business District for us non - aussies.
  9. Waiting for PNW, but this is very tempting! Since this is the Netherlands, I wonder if there will be visible differences in water levels on each side of the dikes?
  10. Wow, long flight from Catalina to Sonoma County! Fantastic shots. Just bought that Mooney this morning, can't wait to go for a test flight, from KSTS of course!
  11. I just noticed I'm seeing the exact same problem in P3Dv4 while flying over any forest that has that same global ground texture containing the black. Near any water, the black is replaced with water, as seen from a distance. Most of it turns black as I get close, but not all of it.
  12. Winter nights are cold out in that desert, could be a Three Dog Night.
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