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  1. Just installed last update 1.1.2. and take off from rwy 6. No crash!! So it works fine. Thanks for the the quick solution. rein
  2. Hi, This morning I downloaded the update. Now I have version 1.1.1. But the problem still exists although it's slightly different. I can make my turn from taxiway to runway and accelerate the plane. Just before rotate the plane crashes. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Nick and Charlie, I got the same problem. When I select ignore crashes then everything works fine. But with crashes selected there is a crash when turning from taxiway to runway. Is for both runways 06 and 24. Aircraft I used is Carenado Piper Seneca II Rein
  4. Hi Nick, Thanks for your quick response. I don't want any problems. I saw that PNW is now 50% off during this leap day. Just bought it and installed it. All works fine. Rein
  5. Hi there, A few years ago (October2017) I made use of the crossgrade DVD possibility. Many airports from Australia and a few regions. I have one region (PNW) on DVD which I couldn't use for the crossgrade because I dont't have the invoice anymore. But I still got the original DVD (FTX PNW 1.0) for FSX. In August 2019 I migrated to P3D v4.5. Last week I tried to install PNW from DVD but I got an error (missing registry entry for FSX). I hoped it would be possible to install it for P3D. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Rein
  6. Congratulations from me too. The new Orbx Central looks very good. Many new features. Especially the new map feature and location of POI's looks very promising. Thank you and the rest of the staff for you hard work. I love the virtual world Orbx creates for me and other flightsim enthousiasts. Rein
  7. Okay, so now EGTH also works for you Keith. That's fine. Happy flying. Rein
  8. Hi, I can confirm that everything is working fine now for EGTH. Thanks Nick. Rein
  9. I'd like to reply to this. As said I got the same problem, but I made some progress. I try to replicate what I did. First I installed EGTH in my main library (another SSD drive than P3d is installed). In the Select Airport Menu I only could choose EGTH Hatfield just like Keith. And I had the same cockpit and external view. Then I uninstalled EGTH and reinstalled in the P3D folder. No success. Uninstalled it again and tried again installing in my main library. Now EGTH Old Warden appears in the ' Select Airport' menu and I can choose several starting locations including parking spots. All fine. When the simulator starts up I can see the people (static and animated), so people flow works fine. But I can't see any buildings, static planes, etc. Only people. I' ll try later (tomorrow) again. Rein
  10. Hi there. I got the same problem as the OP. Few months I bought 5 UK airfields for 50 Euros. 4 of them no problem except EGTH. I can find the egth-config.json file in my main library; another drive then where my sim is installed. I use P3D 4.5 Any solutions for this problem? Rein
  11. It looks really very good. Next thing I buy from Orbx. At this specific moment downloading EGPH, another superb airport. What really counts is immersion, but that's more then just good graphics of course. Airplanes, ATC, weather, etc. And today I made my first steps in AI by installing AIG AI manager and downloading some flightplans of Lufthansa, Easyjet, Aer Lingus, Ryanair. And the I went to EGNX (another excellent ORBX product). I watched the Ryanair planes landing and taking off. Great to see. Just as in real life (timetable Ryanair 2019). If you don't have any experience yet with AI then I can really recommendate AIG to you. Very easy to install and to use with the OCI (One click Installer). And it's free! Why am I writing this. Well this all counts to the total immersion and I'm just not sure if that all will be implemented in the new MSFS. In the long term yes; but maybe in 3 years or longer op perhaps. Just enjoy P3D or Xplane and maximize the immersion. By the way; AIG had not much impact on FPS on my system (GTX1080TI, dual core processor at 4,8 GHz, 16 MB RAM, SSD).
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