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  1. I had the same problem and tried the fix. Can confirm it works just fine now. @Appie: thanks for the fix. Rein
  2. Hi Nick, Yes I know that the Orbx team is aware of this and that they are working on it. I understand that it will take quite some time. No problem Rein
  3. I have enabled CRM and started a flight from 6S8. I can confirm what you found. The same elevation issues. I have verified CRM, Libraries and did a re-sync. But the problem is still there. I think it's an issue for the team reviewing the Orbx-regions. Rein
  4. The global lights configurator was adapted for use with Prepared V5. Rein
  5. Hi there, I tried to replicate it. I took off from RWY 35L and climbed in a straight line to 1500 ft. Waited for a few minutes. I don't see this sinkhole. Everything looks good Is CYYC the default airport or is it an addon? Do you have the latest version of Orbx libraries installed? And the latest version of Orbx object flow? Rein
  6. Hi there. I choose the A2A Piper Cub and placed it at halfway RWY 36. As you can see no floating plane, so I think the problem is in your configuration. I placed all Orbx addons in a separate library, even at a separate SSD. And I only use addons which are approved for P3Dv5. Hope this helps you a little. Rein
  7. Yes. Thanks for looking at this problem. I have the same issues as Landon described. Rein
  8. Hi Landon, I have exactly the same problem. I own 0S9, not 11S. Furthermore PNW, Global trees and houses, fsuipc. This morning I thought I had fixed the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling objectflow. The scenery was fine after that. Now I started up again and the problem is back. Don't know yet what it is. I did the clean install as described by Nick. The order in the scenery seems right. 0S9 on top above PNW. Tomorrow I'll try to find out more. I let you know if I make progress. Rein From the Netherlands
  9. Sorry for bothering you with this. I solved the problem by myself. I found out that I had not followed all the instructions for a fresh install of P3D V5 hotfix 1. I found that in appdata/roaming/xxx there were still a lot of old files from the first installment 2 weeks ago. Deleted a this and started the simulator again. Now all is fine with 0S9. You can mark this item as resolved. Thank you. Rein
  10. Hi there. Installed P3Dv5 + hotfix and must say really enjoy it. But there certainly are a number of issues to be solved. Will take some time but that's okay for me. Just want to let you know something about 0S9 (Jefferson County). I have it installed together with region PNW, Open LC NA, Gobal Base and a large number of other Orbx addons. I noticed that the 0S9 scenery is really very, very nice in P3D V5 when PNW is enabled (of course that's a prerequisite) but with global base and open LC NA disabled. When global base and/or LC NA are enabled then 0S9 becomes a mess, I mean no bu
  11. I did one more little test. Airportrt: EDLV (default aipport) and Germany North Orbx. When I activate enhanced atmosphere (beta) the edges around the trees are gone and everything looks fine. Rein
  12. No Acronis. Nothing special. Sorry for you. Perhaps give it another try. Rein
  13. Hi there. Yes the same problem here. Kind of blue color around the edges of the trees. Only in v5. I never have seen this in V4.5. I activated Orbx global trees and deactivated it, but that doesn't make any difference. I think LM had the key for the solution. So for the moment we have to live with it. But I'm confident that the developers will find a solution. Just give them some time. Rein
  14. No problems here with TE Netherlands. But it can take a while before loading continues after the 5%. Using a 1080Ti (11 GB)
  15. Hi Michael, The same here. Started P3Dv5 with the default Mooney. I have England EU installed (not True Earth). Indeed no aiport buildings. Rein
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