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  1. Hey Almedin, Great shots man! Thanks for taking the Vega out for a spin.
  2. Orbx Germany North, Rex SkyForce, Wing42 Lockheed Vega
  3. Hi Adam, Wow, those are some pretty shot of the old lady!
  4. Hahaha, those are some great shots. The aircraft doesn't really convey confidence in safety though, does it?
  5. My vote is for #7. The lighting and contrast is excellent!
  6. If the little 12 V generator is struggling supplying enough current to charge the battery, just fly through the thunderstorm.
  7. Thanks guys! Full disclosure: I'm the one developing this aircraft, it's in early access right now. Here's the cockpit (I think my pitot tube was clogged up that day):
  8. Lockheed Vega 5 flying over the jaw-dropping beautiful California scenery from Orbx.
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