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  1. Hmm, for some reason I am not getting this order in Orbx Central. It's insisting on placing the CVX entry above the APT entry (and Africa between the APT and EXX entries). FWIW, I installed Vector into the Prepar3D directory and not into the Library.
  2. Hi Ben, I'm not seeing any other issues. I was just concerned since the Africa entry was in the middle, and then I saw the post describing a different order of Vector entries. Thanks for confirming that my order is fine.
  3. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Prepar3D v4.5HF2 Screenshot: Issue: Vector is ordered incorrectly in scenery library I just installed Orbx Central and am in the processing of installing all of my Orbx scenery. I have not installed any 3rd party airports or regions besides the Orbx Global packages. My vector entries do not appear to be ordered correctly when I compare them to this post: I tried to uninstall Vector and then reinstall it, but I get the same incorrect ordering. I have tried to manually move the Vector entries in the Scene
  4. Thank you for the suggestion, but I am getting poor performance at KIDA with dynamic lighting turned off.
  5. I agree with Alessandro. While I don't get bad stutters at KIDA, the low frame rate is unpleasant and definitely noticeable. Something is off at KIDA. I didn't have KIDA prior to P3D v4.4, so I can't comment on how it performed under previous versions of P3D v4. Someone in the FSX forum had inquired about poor performance at KIDA in February. Not sure if Greg's suggestions ever resolved that user's issue, but unfortunately, the suggestions wouldn't work for me as I never owned KIDA until it was ported over to Orbx. Any chance @Greg Jones or someone from Turbulent Designs or Orbx ca
  6. This does look pretty cool, and I like the dimension it could add to flight simming. I fly both commercial and GA, and I really like the idea of adding missions and a purpose to these flights for greater immersion. I also like that you can prefer custom scenery. Seems like a great way to explore many of my add-on airports and scenery.
  7. I have this same low FPS issue at KIDA in P3D v4.4. It seems to be a problem unique to KIDA where I can't maintain 30 fps, but it instead hangs around in the mid to upper 20s. I too tried turning everything off in the control panel, reinstalling, using different aircraft, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I am running an i7-7700K at 4.5 GHz and a GTX 1080Ti GPU.
  8. ENVTEX can also change your water. They have different wave settings and water textures for different water classes. Not sure how it compares to REX Texture Direct.
  9. Wonderful Iain! I can’t wait to experience these airports!
  10. PAGY Skagway to PAJN Juneau makes for a very nice and relaxing flight down the Lynn Canal. PAGS Gustavus is nearby, too.
  11. Great stuff fabs79! I'll definitely keep this in mind. I'm excited to finally get some decent AI traffic and look forward to what UTL will add to the sim experience.
  12. Hi all. I see a lot of recommendations here for UTL. Just a couple of questions for those who are using it: Do you get pretty good performance using UTL? Do you find yourself fiddling a lot with the airline/general aviation density sliders to get smooth performance and FPS?
  13. I have openLC South America, and I am planning to tour South America's photoreal volcanoes. However, the names of the photoreal volcanoes do not appear to be documented on the product page or the User's Guide. Has anyone compiled a list and would be willing to share? Thanks, blackbird7
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