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  1. Wowser Jack. Beautiful scenery that Florida. Cool plane too. Well done my friend. By the by Jack. I got my rudder pedals back to work. Thanks to aeronatic's video. Turns out a prob. with my ezca. Weeks of frustrations one second fix
  2. Beautiful trip Rodger. Great narrative. Lovely lady in reder.. I meant scenery awe shucks you know what I mean. And yes thank you ORBX Team.
  3. Wonderful Henk. Thank you for your reply. She is pretty one the only plane I fly.Great shot of TE Netherlands.
  4. Wow how great is that. All the best to Arnold. Wonderful thanks for sharing this. Best plane "ever" built
  5. Great shot. That's one way of lighting the Light House lamp.
  6. Truly amazing shots Jack. Crisp and clear.
  7. Awe shucks John I just love that video. My kind of music.Rodger good question. I like flying mostly Alaska with real time AS weather settings in the FTX ORBX scenery.
  8. Well there you go again showing off with that up side down ceiling fan that I can't flyGreat shots indeed.
  9. Wow very nice shots Jack. Well done indeed.
  10. Great shots. Scary lightning.
  11. Well good morning to you Stewart. Great shots. Well done.
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