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  1. Great shots indeed Jack. Good looking 747.
  2. Beautiful shots Jack. I'm in p3d 4.5 and love it still. MS still has a way to go with planes for my liking.
  3. Here is another one that's probably new to you Down Under. Canadian late summer BBQ Yep we don't need a cooler for our beer nor ice for the Whiskey
  4. Howdy OZ. I bet y'all you'd never seen a Canadian Dolphin. Amirite? Y'all got them beautiful but deadly biting thingies but none of this
  5. Wow greats shots indeed Adam. Hold on to your Whiskey glass and ride her out.
  6. Ah man John that is just awesome. Looks like she was babied by T-Bone and Billy-Bob our Mule Team mechanic.
  7. Great shots OND. Blue is the new envy.
  8. Good point Adam, but we're way too scared to say that to Hilda.
  9. Great advise ond but actually we have thought of that. However, due to Hilda's large bossum she could never get the yoke back far enough for take off. Almost ran oudda runway to stop in time. I guess it's called aborted take off, or something and the FAA guy said he would never, ever come back. Scared the crap oudda all of us and the Px
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