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  1. Great shot Martyn. That looks like a huge power plant.
  2. Great shot Martyn. However I don't like needles.
  3. Beautiful Jack. Love them shotzes.
  4. Holy cow super shots. Like OND says that first one is a knock out.
  5. Awright Martyn that does it. As I write this I told Hilda to change our operation and we'll prove to y'all that the Mule Team can operate a first class air line. We'll offer a seven course gourmet dinner flight with "candles" and first class wine. So y'all stand by and watch our new scheduled first class flight from PAYA to Homer. Y'all shall be speechless.
  6. Great shots. Nothing fishy it all came out awash. And it's not nice to make fun of poor Charley with his Tuna Chicken of the sea.
  7. Great stuff Martyn. Nice about them big cones.
  8. Beautiful shots indeed Jack. Super night shots of L.A.
  9. Thanks Martyn. Yep that boy sure has a lot to learn but he means well . On a serious note I am so saddened by the wild fires and I hope to God that it will stop soon. God speed Australia.
  10. Thanks Jack. We've got so much snow in Vancouver it ain't even funny. None of us here on the coast can drive in that crap if it weren't that sad it would be hilarious. I'd love to send you some of that white stuff but I'll trade you anytime. Cheers k
  11. So we're trying to take off from Fort Nelson, B.C. but Hilda is late. Ah here she comes and walks up to T-Bone and says: "Sorry for the wait" and I'm looking at old T-Bone and think: T-Bone don't say what I'm thinking you're gonna say. But this is what he says anyhow: "That's OK Hilda y'all ain't that big and y'all could lose that "weight" anytime y'all wanted to". Aw man now were gonna be even more late. But it's OK guys. I saw T-Bone last night at the Hospital he's getting much betterWell we're finally ready for departure when I heard a nasty sound from my rudder pedals. Oh boy the left spring broke. So I asked my friend "Google" what I can do and a couple of solutions came about. Since I didn't have what they showed I took a heavy duty paperclip and made a loop and a few twists (after drilling a hole) and low and behold it's working. Don't know how long it's gonna last, but the cost was zero and just a half hrs. of fiddling. If women don't find you handsome, y'all gotta be at least handy. Cheers happy flying y'all. k
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