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  1. Great shot Martyn. I thought you said "wrinkle Bird" but you referred to the plane I guess
  2. Great shot indeed Martyn. We had a Premier named WAC ("Wacky" as he was known) Bennett in the sixties and when people complained about the horrific smell he simply told them: "That my friends is the smell of money". Lol.
  3. Another shot from Canada for my Aussie friends. The great Canadian Car Wash.
  4. Great to hear from you again John. Take it easy. Cheers k.
  5. Doppel sided upside-down ceiling fan in fashionable Banana yellow? Other than that I have to give up. Great shot though OND.
  6. Great "forgotten" shot though Martyn. I forgot what else I was going to say. Oh yeah beers.
  7. My wife said I spoiled her Birthday. The confusing part is: "I didn't even know it was her Birthday"
  8. Great shots Martyn. Never mind the landing sequel.... Although I look forward seeing them
  9. Good lord is it really you Martyn? How nice to hear and see from y'all again. Welcome back. Up here in Canada we hibernate in winter and come out in spring but you wonderful people down under do it the other way around. So happy to see your posts again. Beers and cheers.
  10. Me too John. Think of all the beer you can haul in that thing
  11. Great shot Graeme. But I do prefer a beer over Orange Crush.
  12. Beautiful shots Gerold. Nice little tour. We'll get over this one day soon. Cheers stay safe.
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