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  1. Great shots Jack. Love that city and miss it except for the weather.
  2. Thanks Jack. XP is pretty hard on my graphics card. I really like it but it "stutters".
  3. Thanks Roger. That would be something: "The headless Mule Team". ( I'm not too wild about that one. Would be pretty hard doing beers) T-Bone did the Royal wave alright
  4. Happy Birthday OND. All the very best have a super day my Friend.
  5. Hey, did you see that T-Bone? They just raised that bridge. Let's do it "Jack style"Wow, what a beautiful bridge. Hey, T-Bone quick turn on the night vision mebby the won't know it's us.Then outta da blue came this deep booming voice. Hey you up there, if you morons do this once more you'll get to spend some time in the Tower of London. In chains that is.
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