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  1. Great shots Jack. A spot of rain can't hurt neither
  2. Sorry to hear that John. My sincere condolences to you. Glad you are better. Stay safe and it's great to have you back.
  3. Beautiful shots Jack. What beautiful country scenery. Crisp and clear.
  4. Ha. Almost enough for T-Bone. Great shots. I love that "cute" little animal. We could use that guy to disembark our pxs way faster by chasing him down the
  5. Free dinner flight with the Mule Team. Be in Gulkana, AK by 19:00 hrs tonight and receive one free appetizer and an icy cold can o' beerand will fly y'all to Valdez. Man what a deal.
  6. Great shots. About the landing; the Mules have been known for similar problems. But it ain't you or us, it's always the topography or the airport. That ground comes up way to fast
  7. Great shots Gerold. Y'all gave us the "Straight" goods.
  8. Beautiful Dario. Love that container tower. Beautiful scenery indeed.
  9. Great shots Rodger. Wonderful rugged area. I, however can't take off from that airport. My plane doesn't have enough power, for whatever reason.
  10. Great shots of the Emerald city.
  11. Wow Magnum what great shots. So crisp and clear. Stay safe.
  12. Wow. Nice shots. Beautiful plane Iain.
  13. Great shots Jack. Lovely Scottish weather. When y'all land lets have slice of Haggis(but not your Fish Haggis) and a large single Malt.
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