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  1. flyingleaf

    Orbx freeware - British Columbia

    Great shots Rodger nice trip. And those airports are beautiful too.
  2. flyingleaf

    Get By with a little Help from our Friends

    Truly a great gesture.
  3. flyingleaf

    Happy day Ken!

    Happy Birthday Ken and all the very best.
  4. flyingleaf

    Radial rules.

    Great shot Martyn. I think the Mule Team should get one of these. Hilda would be more comfortable
  5. flyingleaf

    Just four.

    Beautiful shots Iain. Yes indeed long live the Queen.
  6. flyingleaf

    Avro 621 Trainer at Elstree

    Beautiful Tiger.
  7. flyingleaf

    C-47 West of Berlin

    Beautiful shot Tiger.
  8. flyingleaf

    My dentist said I needed a bridge

    Goodness Jack. Sorry I should have known better. My bad. There is of course only one yellow Bandit flying under bridges or upside down when their should be right side up. Flying machines who's wings are travelling faster than the fuselage which makes it a helicopter and there fore unsafe.. Well done Jack.
  9. flyingleaf

    The Charles de Gaulle in Pago Pago

    Great shots. Great ship. But I thought Charles was in Heaven.
  10. flyingleaf

    My dentist said I needed a bridge

    Great shots great stuff Martyn you devil. Well done
  11. flyingleaf

    Prepar3d v4.4 and OZx 3.3

    Beautiful shot Andreas. I love 4.4.
  12. Great shots Martyn. If you don't like the smell of burning plastic don't extinguish your z-gar on the glare shield. Great flight my man.
  13. flyingleaf

    Hunting ducks

    Great shots. Amazing plane.
  14. flyingleaf

    AinĀ“t no mountain high enough

    Great shots Gerold. What a super trip and narrative. Thank you.
  15. flyingleaf

    Kelowna CYLW to Spokane KSFF

    Thank you Gerold.