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  1. Beautiful shots T. Well done indeed Ken. Beautiful detail. Gonna get it right now. Thank you for a great job .
  2. Great shots ond. Welcome Home to Canada.
  3. Great shots T. Show that plane who is Boss. Pedal to the metal.
  4. No I don't think so Rodger. Good for you to start this thread. Stay safe and keep this going.
  5. Thank you Jean Marc. Hmmm your good beers and chocolate sound great and my favorite beer happens to be Stella. Cheers k
  6. Very nice Dario. You made good points regarding the sims with the pros and cons.
  7. Thanks Roger. Them Po-leese guys did catch us. Cost me my Ding Dongs and half of my beers. Thought about what you said in regards to Hilda. Naw ain't gonna go there.. Cheers k
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