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  1. mp1852


    Thank you John! I think this 262 is wearing almost the same livery as Nessie Thanks! Thanks Iain! Thank you Jack!
  2. Hi all, a little bit Warbird flying over the great TEGB
  3. Hi all, here some shots from flying over TE GB South. I have to say, I never enjoyed flying over London that much, as in XP11 in VR over TE GB South. And I was "playing" more or less every flightsim since 1985 Sorry for the low resolution, I'm flying VR and if anybody has a tip how to make higher resolution screenshots while flying VR, please notify me.
  4. Very nice, the Hurricane is just perfect to explore this scenery!
  5. Very nice set of Hawkers here, the Hurricane is one of my all time favorites!
  6. Sometimes one is enough, great shot Iain!
  7. Thanks Mark! Thank you Jack! Thanks Iain!
  8. Thanks Greg, next time I'll even have a yellow paint Thanks EMM! I bet Jack will Thanks! Thank you Karoly
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