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  1. Nice set of shots The 3rd one could be a contest winner...
  2. I agree and if I had the $$ to spend, I would have purchased NZSI and NZQN because of it. Can you tell from the video what time of year this is? I see it is sunrise...
  3. awesome effects there Andy
  4. These are some absolutely wonderful shots.
  5. Definitely awesome and a good song to go with it. Definitely brave to descend through the clouds in mountains like that.
  6. Thanks for looking guys posted for the appreciation rather than being breathtaking shots Sorry it took me a bit to reply 1mt0, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. Nice flight from KJAC past KWYS.
  7. Great shots of Tipella and a great paint on that bird too!
  8. Very nice and I agree with the others about #3
  9. Very nice! Love the time of day and the weather. Best time to go flying!
  10. For making the small strips more enjoyable to fly to and for the unexpected little extras like this:
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